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Mar 20, 2012 06:49PM

61281 @Elvin - Kingdom Hearts 2 was a good game, but it's taking forever for 3 to come out! I wasn't a huge fan of FFX so I only played the short demo for X-2 and though I liked the it better, as it minuses Tidus (whom I did not like at all), I had never finished the first game and figured I wouldn't understand most of the story.
Mar 20, 2012 06:41PM

61281 Elvin wrote: "Has anybody ever read the Babylon Hotel? I am wondering if this is a good flight book. I'll be on a plane for 12 hours or so ...

@Chimney, is hunger game a plane/airport book?"

I think the Hunger Games is a good book for a long plane flight or layover as it keeps you rooted to the story. It most certainly has shock value.
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Mar 16, 2012 07:53AM

61281 Started Tales of Graces f on Tuesday and I am loving it! Sure, it starts off slow with a childhood arc, but all the characters were just so adorable I hardly noticed it. The combat is what you would generally expect from a JRPG and can get monotonous feel every now and again. The story is also very linear and very closely resembles the other games in the Tales series. I find the characters though to be the gems, especially Pascal and Hubert.

@Elvin - Yup, another remake. Though I suppose it is better than how many times the remade the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Mar 16, 2012 07:47AM

61281 Do to the fact the Hunger Games movie is coming to theaters soon, I decided to start and hopefully finish the first book by the time it comes out. I am only on chapter 3 at the moment, but so far so good.
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Mar 12, 2012 05:41PM

61281 I read that Marvel is going to do a twelve part, I believe it was, series for Avengers v. X-Men. From the interview they said that it would be a good place for newcomers to start, so I might pick that up.

I am not to surprised that Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution ended as it did. The manga was based of a reverse harem dating sim game and I don't think it was extremely popular. A good number of other things I have read or seen based of those types of games seem to lean towards quick and sometimes abrupt adaptions. I always seem to like them though.
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Mar 11, 2012 08:26AM

61281 Was Downton Abbey canceled? My dad keeps telling me to watch it, but I don't want to start if it has be permanently taken off.
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Mar 10, 2012 08:20PM

61281 Unfortunately, the final volume for Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution is kind of disappointing. It just ends far to quickly. Sailor Moon is a series I really need to read and I want to try some western superhero comics, but have no idea where to start.
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Mar 09, 2012 08:14AM

61281 I am on track with my dusty books, but for how many I want to finish this year, well, it not looking good. I like to log on just to see what books I have already read.
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Mar 09, 2012 08:12AM

61281 Not sure how many other members read comics, but I thought it would be nice to have a place to discuss them. What are you reading now? Which comic book or series is your favorite? Is there a genre or art style that you prefer?

Right now I am reading Classical Medley Vol. 2, which I had bought some time ago on a whim. I wasn't really expecting much from it, but I do find myself enjoying it to some degree. The art is cute, but the story itself is very predictable. Though I suppose that should be expected from a series that is only two volumes long and also shorter than the regular single manga size.

I also need to finish reading Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 1: To Till a series that was recommended to me by a friend. I have only finished volume one so far, out of five I believe, and I have only found it to be all right. I will see how it goes.

I don't really have a genre that I prefer over the other, yet I am very picky about the art style. I tend to lean more towards the Japanese art style than what I have seen for the style of American comic books. I am branching out more now though than what I was.

As far as a favorite series goes, well, it switches frequently. Right now a few would be One Piece, Vol. 1: Romance Dawn (Go Trafalgar Law!), Afterschool Charisma, Vol. 1, Cyborg 009: Volume 1, and Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution, Vol. 1.
Mar 07, 2012 06:12PM

61281 I am a huge graphic novel reader and some dusty books I am planning to read this year are graphic novels and I was just wondering if it would be all right to make a comic thread?
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Mar 07, 2012 02:13PM

61281 Hmmm, I never had much of a problem with the B&N customer service before. I have had two problems with them in the past, one where they sent me the wrong thing which was quickly fixed at my local store and the other time I got a weirdly manufactured book which I decided to keep because it made me laugh. As far where I buy my book, well, mostly I get them from B&N as I have the membership there. I used to Amazon a lot, but not so much anymore (only for ebooks now, really). I also, on occasion, use powell's, book depository, ebay, or the author's site.
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Mar 04, 2012 04:42AM

61281 I won't be able to start until next week, but I am really looking forward to it. :)
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Mar 02, 2012 10:52AM

61281 Spring break is about to start and I plan to spend the week rewatching the anime Ronin Warriors and some of the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. I may watch some other cartoons or live-action movies, but we will see. I have some reading I want to get done too. :)
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Feb 28, 2012 11:26AM

61281 Jessica wrote: "I need some game recs for my PS3. I like playing RPG type games - Zelda for example - that involve a lot of puzzles and strategy. I don't like rated M games. I want just one game to play on my ne..."

You may like the game Eternal Sonata (for the PS3 and the Xbox360) and possibly the remake package they did for PS3 of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.
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Feb 26, 2012 09:16AM

61281 I have the Sims Medieval, but I am not really feeling it. It could be do to the fact I have only played the original Sims, I believe it was, very briefly and never got to attached to the style of game play, but it could also be that I don't really play many computer games at all so I am just not used to the mechanics of it. I'm still in the beginning of the game and have to keep replying it as you can't save until the prologue is finished and it is long! I always seem to have to go do something else before I can complete it. Some of the things you can do are really fun though.

Recently, I bought the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution for my PS3 without realizing it was a first-person shooter type game. I don't normally go for these types of games, but I am finding it to be enjoyable if not a little frustrating. Playing on easy, died like a billion times, and all in the first 'fight.' My battle tactics probably are not that best though as they mainly consists of run, shoot, and hope I hit the target. ^_^;

Still thinking of getting Skyrim.
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Feb 26, 2012 09:05AM

61281 I still need to watch Firefly. It has been on my to-watch list for a while now, but every time I'm about to watch it I end up watching BBC's Sherlock, Torchwood, or Robin Hood again. I just can't resist some of their characters.
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Feb 26, 2012 09:00AM

61281 I was in the bookstore the other night when I saw A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett and had a nagging feeling that I had either seen a movie based off the book or when that was at least had a very similar plot line. It wasn't until a bit later that I recalled a movie I had seen sometime ago had, in fact, been based off the book. I remember really enjoying that movie, so maybe I will search it out and watch it again.
Feb 26, 2012 08:52AM

61281 Thalia, I think March would work great for Shiver. :)
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Feb 24, 2012 06:06AM

61281 My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I heard that there is plans to make a new one and I don't think I am on board with that, but I guess I will see how it is when it comes out. My favorite animated movie at the moment is Millennium Actress, the only part of it I was really iffy on was the ending though I have come to terms with it.

The last movie I saw in theaters was Woman in Black which I thought was an alright movie though nothing spectacular. I did order the book as I was interested to see the differences and what exactly happened to the dog. I do plan to go see the new Studio Ghibli film The Secret World of Arrietty by the end of next week, hopefully.

*Edit - I also really love Vampires Suck which is a parody on Twilight and other vampire books and shows as it made me laugh the first time I watched it and still makes me laugh after having seen it at least four or five times.
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Feb 24, 2012 05:41AM

61281 Unfortunately, I do not have a Kinnect. I have been going back and forth about getting one since I had played a dancing game during video game club last year. I am not the biggest Xbox fan though I do like the 360 a lot more than the original.

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