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Jan 08, 2012 10:11AM

5989 Squeaky Clean Reads! :) They have ALL genres, and all are rated for profanity, violence, sexual content, mature themes and age appropriateness.
Oct 26, 2011 04:01AM

5989 I just posted a review of that very book on Squeaky Clean Reads with an overview of the content (along with the second book, and the third book will be up in a few days). If you're interested in seeing it, it's right Here: The Hourglass Door! :)
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Sep 15, 2011 10:13AM

5989 Here is a review on the first of the Holmes/Russell series: http://www.squeakycleanreads.com/2/po...

I loved it! I've heard they start to get formulaic as you read on in the series, but that the latest ones have begun to be exciting again. Hope this is helpful!
Hunger Games (17 new)
Jul 20, 2011 09:54AM

5989 I agree about the movie. I have no interest in seeing it. The books drew me in because of the writing, not because of the violence. :) And who knows what kind of spin Hollywood will put on them?
Hunger Games (17 new)
Jul 20, 2011 07:18AM

5989 I would give them a PG-13 (-ish) rating, at least... There is a LOT of violence. There isn't really any profanity or sex (unless you count some contestants in the nude, but there's no sexual intent there). It's just really violent. But, I have to admit, I liked them.
Jul 18, 2011 02:46AM

5989 I remember it being fine...but I also remember that starting with #4, it starts to throw in some 'stuff'. (I just remember being shocked.)
Sep 17, 2010 04:30AM

5989 The Pippi Longstocking books are HILARIOUS! My kids LOVE them! Anything by the author (Astrid Ingren) are fantastic (Klaus on the Roof, The Children of Noisy Village, etc). These books keep my kids laughing!
Jun 21, 2010 03:38AM

5989 I rarely put books down, but Time Traveler's Wife was the first one! YUCK! A fun story--but totally destroyed by all that unnecessary language and sex. Blah.

Another one...The Seventh Son series by Orson Scott Card. I was SOOOOO disappointed! The first one, and even the second one were good. The third one got VERY risque in places and I almost put it down, but wanted to see what happened to characters I loved. The fourth one was fantastic...then I got to the fifth one. I tried and tried to keep reading (probably shouldn't have because it is now stuck in my head), but in the end, it's still sitting on the shelf with the sad bookmark in it. VERY explicit sex--adultery, fornication, rape...and not only does he describe the acts, but worse--he describes what the people are thinking and their reasonings behind it. NASTY!! I felt dirty and disgusted and thoroughly disappointed. It was really too bad, because I liked what he had started.

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