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Dec 22, 2014 02:54PM

596 Yes, that type of stuff.
Dec 22, 2014 02:10PM

596 If you haven't done so already, you should check out genre-specific groups with promotions areas, in addition to here, Martin.
Dec 21, 2014 10:50AM

596 I read the nuns book in print; I had listened to her previous book on touring Italy with her mother as an Overdrive download.
Dec 19, 2014 08:06PM

596 Yes, they do.
Dec 19, 2014 09:36AM

596 Okay ... the last time I returned a book was five minutes in chat mode.
Dec 19, 2014 09:23AM

596 Half an hour? Really?
Dec 19, 2014 07:31AM

596 I just used a couple of credits, and am now down to four, so I think I'll pass, too.
Dec 16, 2014 05:11PM

596 Would the wiki page list of titles help?
December 2014 (249 new)
Dec 15, 2014 07:29PM

596 I think the Marlowe novels are all pretty much the same in that regard.
Dec 15, 2014 06:37PM

596 Wanted to add that my library has it via Overdrive
December 2014 (249 new)
Dec 15, 2014 03:05PM

596 I seem to recall that one of the Nero Wolfe audios had a disclaimer that it was being read "as is" with potentially offense language left intact for authenticity.

I've seen folks jump all over the sexism, etc. in Chandler's Philip Marlowe stories .... HEL-LO, that's how the world WAS at the time! Speaking of which, Audible, Inc. has made available new Unabridged versions; previously, they'd only had Elliot Gould's terrific Abridged readings.
December 2014 (249 new)
Dec 14, 2014 05:46PM

596 I tried reading an Ellery Queen book recently, and couldn't get into it at all. On the other hand, I'm thinking about getting the TV series via Amazon Prime.
Dec 12, 2014 03:08PM

596 Mark wrote: "Hey guys,

My first post here, I hope I'm doing it right.

Yes - this kind of offer is exactly what this forum was intended for.
Dec 11, 2014 12:14PM

596 My library has Life After Life as an Overdrive book, I believe. I've been on the fence about it for a while.

Very few books on my Audible wishlist are ones that I'm that hell bent on, but more for Buy 4 sales or when my credits start backing up a bit.
Dec 11, 2014 10:09AM

596 Even though it's technically less, unless it's something I'm wildly interested in I find reduced prices in the $10 - $11 range still not worth splashing out on. One book on my wishlist (Playback) did actually go down from $15 to $7.95 - woo hoo!
Dec 08, 2014 08:07PM

596 I suppose we should start a new member introductions area, Angela, but in the meantime ... welcome!
Dec 02, 2014 06:49PM

596 Promotion period over. Thread locked.
December 2014 (249 new)
Dec 01, 2014 05:57PM

596 Janice wrote: "I'll start The Obituary Writer tomorrow."

Been on my TBR pile for a while.
Dec 01, 2014 09:24AM

596 I know some folks prefer to post their late November stuff there, so will keep that thread open another day or so, but wanted to start the final one while I remembered to do so.
Nov 30, 2014 09:11PM

596 Thread closed - report last minute November stuff under December - thanks.
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