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Feb book..... (5 new)
Feb 10, 2012 12:01PM

50x66 Dork.
Jan 26, 2012 11:26PM

50x66 This book hurt.
New book for Jan (14 new)
Jan 06, 2012 05:27AM

50x66 Darn, I want my book!!
New book for Jan (14 new)
Jan 06, 2012 02:17AM

50x66 I'm still waiting for my copy from Amazon!
New book for Jan (14 new)
Jan 02, 2012 07:41PM

50x66 Steph..ha, you missed your could have chosen PALS as your book...but I'm glad you didn't! (does it really have a hedgehog in it?? know how much I like animals in my stories!!)
50x66 I agree with some of your comments Brian, the book got off to a slow start for me...Enzo was a bit unbelieveable until his knowledge was explained by his love of t.v. I did like the ending, that was done well. I loved the Zebra! His initial confrontation, and subsequent exchanges...that seemed like "dog logic" and very funny...he could have used more of that.
50x66 oh, and if I were a fly, I'd keep ya company Brian...ride buckshot and bite your rhine ears! (i just hope I wasn't the bug in the monkey butt!!!)
50x66 Oh, I guess I'd be a fly. How many times do we catch ourselves saying..."oh, if I were a fly on the wall" I could go everywhere, see on someone that annoys me..and I could puke on them! O.k., now there is down side, for all my brass behavior, I risk a grisley death..certainly....and if I live to a ripe old age and live to September...then I start to go all stupid...and fly all cockeyed..until I just get caught in a screen somewhere and expire...ya, that's the way I want to go!
New book for Jan (14 new)
Dec 18, 2011 12:37PM

50x66 Hi guys...i don't mind if we read Steph's choice next...i just don't know what it is...maybe I'm not seeing hhe entire post?

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