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55538 Article today about Anne Olivier Bell (editor of Virginia Woolf's letters, married to son of Vanessa (Stephen) Bell) and a group that rescued stolen art from the Nazis after WWII:
May 14, 2012 06:41AM

55538 Joe wrote: "Good Article on Angelica Bell/Grant/Garnett NY Times and he book 'Decieved with KindnessAngelica Garnett"

Very interesting article. Thanks for posting.
55538 Joe wrote: "The Art of Bloomsbury"

That's a great link, Joe! It's nice to see so many of those paintings in the same place.
55538 Joe wrote: "A Walk Around Bloomsbury

From the birthplace of Jonathan Cape and the blitzed home of the Hogarth Press, to the grand Reading Room of the British Museum and the first charitable institution for ..."

Cool link! I wish I had the opportunity to take the walk in real life . . .hopefully some day!
Jan 08, 2012 06:14AM

55538 Thanks, Joe - I will check it out!
Jan 07, 2012 05:01PM

55538 Does anyone have a recommendation for a good biography of Maynard Keynes? Is there a biography that's considered the best (like Holroyd for Lytton Strachey)?
Jan 05, 2012 02:42PM

55538 Joe wrote: "Leonard Woolf talks of the Bloomsbury Group & Virginia Woolf"

Great video - thanks for posting!
Virginia Woolf (15 new)
Dec 02, 2011 05:56AM

55538 Joe wrote: "Interesting Article"

That is interesting. Personally I would like to see them bring back the original cover designs, like Vanessa Bell's for To The Lighthouse.
55538 My favorites:
1. Lytton Strachey - a character in every sense of the word. His work is not as well known these days, probably because the topics he chose seem less relevant now, but his writing was unique, and he was very funny. His letters are great reading.
2. Duncan Grant - I like his work, particularly the earlier stuff. I also admire his ability to stay on everyone's good side despite his very complicated interpersonal relationships.
3. Virginia Woolf - for her brilliant work.
55538 Very interesting - thanks for posting.

You might be interested in this audio interview of Duncan Grant about being a conscientious objector if you haven't heard it before:

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