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Jun 16, 2010 07:56PM

53 Hi! :) I'm a SAHM too :)

Haven't read Karen's books (yet) but am obsessed with Beverly Lewis' books. I really enjoy them and I feel I'm rather picky with books.
53 I'm not going to tell you how to raise your children, but I would not have problems handing the Harry Potter or Twilight series over to my kids. Twilight, however, is for the "older" teens. There's some light sexuality towards the end (though, granted, it's when the two main characters marry) but nothing graphic.

Anything in these novels are not things our children haven't heard about in school -- and certainly aren't WORSE than what they hear in school either.

As long as the child has firm and grounded beliefs in Christ, I think they're intelligent and mature enough to decipher that magic and vampires are fake.

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