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52431 I wonder how official it is. They interviewed the episode's director and the actress. It could be that D.B. & D.B. haven't revealed plans for it in Season 5. All they knew for sure was that she wasn't in the Season 4 finale.

And Fairley could be under a gag order if she's been contracted to play it....

If it's true, it's messed up. What concerns me is that DB & DB were supposedly given the ending of the series by GRRM, and that since then they're dropping characters they don't feel are important. That tells me that they're not all that important to GRRM either. That's kind of a spoiler by ommission.
Jun 21, 2014 10:40AM

Jun 10, 2014 01:22PM

52431 Jaime would probably rather join Gendry in his boat.
Jun 10, 2014 01:16PM

52431 Yeah, right. Otherwise Brienne would (view spoiler)
Jun 10, 2014 06:24AM

52431 Leandro wrote: "Wait! I have a theory!

What if... [spoilers removed]"

That might be it exactly...
Jun 09, 2014 04:31PM

52431 I have a thought to that, Leandro.

(view spoiler)
Jun 09, 2014 04:26PM

52431 Leandro wrote: "we saw "The Slide of the Giant Scythe", which was unexpected and freaking awesome...."

Yes! I loved that!
Jun 09, 2014 04:22PM

52431 Thanks, Mark....

That may all be true, Leandro and it's a good policy to go by (I do it). That said, there are plenty of groups that throw spoilers around without consideration to those that might not have read the books in question. This group was formed as an answer to that - to make a (somewhat) safe spoiler-free environment. Or at least one that it's fairly marked...
Jun 09, 2014 11:32AM

52431 mark wrote: "wait, should I have spoilerized all of that? I forget the rules in this group. are we marking as spoilers everything after this book, or everything after what appears each episode?..."

Yeah, we really should be. We've gotten lax, both in posting and in moderating. But there are some viewers that haven't actually read the books yet.

I know, hard to imagine ;)
Jun 08, 2014 08:56PM

52431 Well, we knew this was coming. Though perhaps not quite like we saw it tonight...hmmm...

Jon Snow might have seen it coming too, had he not known nothing.

Or something...
Jun 02, 2014 01:52PM

52431 I wouldn't say I get off on the graphic violence stuff like that, but there's a dramatic effect to be had. I mean, nobody is going to be all "I wonder if Oberon will be ok" this week. The shock and suddenness of his death is what slaps you in the face.

Kinda like Ned's execution and the Red Wedding. And the Purple for that matter. How many shows do you see all the time where something "bad" happens and a week later they shake it off somehow?
Jun 02, 2014 05:22AM

52431 Great comments...

I love how Oberon all but called out Tywin, "Who gave the order?!"

And Arya's laughter was priceless.
Jun 01, 2014 07:35PM

52431 Damn, I was so hoping that was a spot where they'd deviate from the books.
Jun 01, 2014 06:59PM

52431 So, what did you think of this one?

(view spoiler)

..that is all.
Jun 01, 2014 06:08AM

52431 That is pretty damn funny...
May 20, 2014 04:14PM

52431 Even if they're able to stall long enough for GRRM to finish the next book, he's got another whole book (at least) to write after that.
May 19, 2014 05:56AM

52431 Christine wrote: "Considering I am still reading book 2, I am not quit sure what is in store for her...."

Great point. Let's keep this in mind when we discuss, folks. Not everyone watching has read all of the books.
May 18, 2014 08:12PM

52431 Here we go....
May 18, 2014 08:10PM

52431 Hi Kayla, and welcome...
May 12, 2014 05:05PM

52431 Anyone notice that this entire episode was aired without a single Stark on screen?
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