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Season 5 Cast (19 new)
Jul 30, 2014 08:15PM

52431 wut? oh God.
Season 5 Cast (19 new)
Jul 28, 2014 12:38PM

52431 I'll defend this show forever but just the idea that Arianne could be left out, or even worse that Trystane could now be the heir... that just drives me crazy. far worse than no Lady Stoneheart (and I thought that was a strange decision). and worse than the poor direction that led to a scene that was needlessly misconstrued as rape (Jaime & Cersei).

Arianne (and Dorne) exists as a real and workable alternative to the Westeros patriarchy. she shows that there can be a reality that a woman can be an heir. the books have a host of strong women but they are often strong 'despite being a woman' (and are disrespected by the male characters because they are strong women). Arianne and the whole Dorne deal illustrate that that is not the only path that can be taken when it comes to gender and expectations of who can be a leader. taking Arianne out not just disrespects a key part of what GRRM was trying to say, it shows an ignorance around why these things even need to be said. it would just such a frustrating and thoughtless decision on the part of the show-runners.

so I am really, really hoping that everyone is wrong and Arianne will appear. but if not... ugh.
Season 5 Cast (19 new)
Jul 27, 2014 08:41PM

52431 I'm sure she'll be in it if they are going to feature Dorne. probably yet to be cast.

I wonder who they'll get to play that buffoon Darkstar.

I'm excited to see Pryce joining the cast, and in a quasi-villainous role.

I love Siddig but he seems way too young for Doran. ah well. I'm sure he'll be great.
52431 I just don't see how they can leave her out. honestly, I'm perplexed. it terms of action and actual time in the book, LS is minor. but she is the current endpoint for both Brienne & Jaime (and Pod). well not endpoint as far as death goes, but she's key to their current narrative. how are they going to get around that? that seems huge.
52431 I also have doubts about YG

isn't there some theory that (view spoiler)
52431 but now that I think of it, greenseer-to-be Bran doesn't fit with fiery demigod Bran. hmm. maybe Jon.
52431 for some reason I've always thought Bran would be whatshisname reborn and that Jon would be one of the 3 dragonriders.
52431 The Onion is a comedy news website. the articles there are hilarious. just as popular nowadays is an Onion offshoot: The AV Club. The AV Club still has the sarcastic humor of The Onion, but has actual reviews of films, tv, books, pop culture etc. overall it is pretty good but it can also be hit or miss. for example there are two reviews (by two different reviewers) of Game of Thrones - one for people who have read the books and one for people who have not - and in my opinion, both reviewers are often quite stupid, pretentious even. but the comment sections for both reviews are gold mines. usually pretty intelligent and often very funny - because the commenters are usually people who come from The Onion's tradition of smart, sarcastic commentary.
52431 from The Onion:

Cersei: "Hey dad I gotta go bone my brother now"
Tywin: "Ughh, somebody shoot me"
Tyrion: "You rang?"
52431 I think I teared up at Dany chaining up her dragons. that was so sad.

Happy Father's Day, Tywin!

I like how ugly and brutal the show makes its fight scenes. no nobility, no glorification either. Brienne vs. Hound, yikes. great scene

actually, all great scenes. fighting skeletons were fun. Varys: well shit, looks like a good time to take a trip. enjoyed the scene with Mance, that actor is great. enjoyed it all! plus no Thramsay, yahoo. but alas, no Stoneheart. wonder why they left that out? would have been an awesome final scene. still, no complaints. probably the best finale of the series.
Jun 10, 2014 01:36PM

52431 I get a very Mereen vibe from Dr. Doom.

wait - The Doom of Valyria! isn't that some mythical thing in the books, some catastrophe? well now we know the origin story of Dr. Doom.
Jun 10, 2014 01:31PM

52431 ha!
Jun 10, 2014 01:27PM

52431 that just reminded me that (view spoiler)

I wonder if he will even continue appearing in the show. there seemed to be closure with that character the last time we saw him.
Jun 10, 2014 01:21PM

52431 or they can just go on their own way with a new narrative, (view spoiler)
Jun 10, 2014 01:02PM

52431 but just the very beginning (Moat Callin). there's still plenty more so they haven't put themselves in a corner with Theon's narrative like they would with Brienne's if they have her meet up with Stoneheart so soon.
Jun 10, 2014 12:29PM

52431 but then we'll be skipping out on all of Brienne's adventure in AFFC and be in a holding pattern of sorts.

although by "adventures" I mean "depressing tour of the smoking, blackened, soul-deadening ruins of a post-war countryside and various gutted towns & cities."

(view spoiler)
Jun 09, 2014 11:59AM

52431 time to spoilerize then!
Jun 09, 2014 11:11AM

52431 in the book, Stannis (view spoiler)

now I wonder if it will be the penultimate scene - (view spoiler)

and then BOOM, Stoneheart as the last scene!

well that is what I am hoping for at least. although Tyrion Gone Wild would also make for a logical and thrilling penultimate scene. hmmm, maybe the Stannis will be the first scene? I dunno.

wait, should I have spoilerized all of that? I forget the rules in this group. are we marking as spoilers everything after this book, or everything after what appears each episode?
Jun 08, 2014 10:35PM

52431 loved the giants & mammoths. loved the giant swinging scythe-anchor thing. love the long panning shot of all of the fighting when Jon joins the fray. loved his hammertime.

liked that Ser Asshole got a couple speeches out and a good fight with Tormund - nice to see a usually one-dimensional character be interesting for once. liked that Ser Asshole #2 was hiding with Gilly! snarf

didn't like all of that with Sam & Gilly. I've realized that I really can't stand Gilly. I had a lot of goodwill for her character - I love that actress because of Skins. but man she's so annoying and boring, just like she is in the books.

very sad at both Pyp & Grenn! geez

really liked the scene with Maester Aemon and Sam. back in the day, Young Aemon got plenty of tail, yo. plus he coulda been King of the Realm but was all Nah, I don't think so. Maester I-Do-What-I-Wanna-Do.
Jun 04, 2014 05:47PM

52431 LOVE. especially that 'simply the best' song as Oberyn & Ellaria kiss at the end. if only!
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