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Aug 28, 2011 08:49PM

52102 I would say review them honestly but do keep in mind that they are classics and review it for what it is. I mean, you can't compare a classic written 50 or 100 yrs or more to a book written 6 months ago. But IMHO if you don't think it deserves the 5 star rating then don't give it one. Like the person above says review as any other book. Might be helpful to someone if they know that a certain book doesn't translate well to the modern world.
Aug 25, 2011 05:33PM

52102 I think I've used the phrase "it kept my attention" also and for the same reason. It kept my attention and I wanted to keep reading it. That means I really liked it enough to not want to stop reading. Obviously, if it didn't keep my attention then I struggled and had a hard time finishing it.
Aug 09, 2011 08:46PM

52102 I've been known to read only 2 or 3 pages and put down a book and never pick it up again. People have different opinions on how far they should read before giving it up and my opinion is whenever you feel like it.
Aug 08, 2011 07:40PM

52102 I ran across a review recently where someone gave the book 1 star and then in the review stated "I really liked this book.... " Yes, I see how much they liked it with a 1 star rating. lol. Can't remember the book, sorry.
Aug 04, 2011 04:17PM

52102 I'm a librarian but I normally will only do descriptions and book covers. I don't feel comfortable doing anything else.
52102 BunWat wrote: "Maybe a good example would be "I didnt realize this was a mystery and I don't like mysteries." I have actually read that review. I've written something of the sort myself only not about mystery bec..."

I've seen the same said of romances... "I don't normally read romances but...", "I didn't realize this was a romance novel...". I always laugh to myself and think how I used to be ages ago, not willing to admit that I read romances to certain ppl because I didn't want them to look down on me. HA! I don't care anymore. But I agree they need to let us, the reader, know that its not their usual genre so we won't rely on that particular review.
Aug 03, 2011 10:10AM

52102 I enjoy some pictures in a review. Especially pics of locations mentioned in said book. Not keen on videos but links might be helpful depending on what they are.
Aug 03, 2011 08:08AM

52102 95% of the time if I don't finish a book its because it was boring to me or couldn't hold my attention. The other 5% is it had elements I didn't like.
Aug 02, 2011 10:21AM

52102 No but when I attempt a review I always wish I did.
Aug 01, 2011 07:09PM

52102 lol@ Debra. I love the abandon ship shelf. I may just incorporate a similiar shelf to add those did not finish books I wont rate.
Aug 01, 2011 04:07PM

52102 I do it because everyone else is doing it. lol JK.

I think I write mine mostly for me and perhaps a little now for my friends who may be interested in my reading taste. But in truth I don't really write proper reviews and I'm hopeful I can learn from you guys.
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Aug 01, 2011 01:53PM

52102 My reviews if you can call them that are normally extremely short. I rarely discuss the actual plot at all in my attempt to ensure I don't spill any spoilers. But I enjoy reading those that are 2 or 3 paragraphs long and sometimes longer depending on content. Those that seem to recap the plot and go into too much detail are ones I will skim over to get to the pertinent stuff. I also love those ones that take it a step further and offer "extras" like pictures of people or places.
Aug 01, 2011 01:46PM

52102 I, too, won't review a book I didn't finish. I don't feel its fair of me to try to review a book that I couldn't see through to the end. But if I can get at least halfway through it then chances are I will finish it. And I rarely ever give a 1 star because if I can finish a book then I figure it deserves at least a 2 star from me.
Aug 01, 2011 12:04PM

52102 I can't say I love all poetry but I do enjoy it to some degree and even wrote a few corny poems myself once upon a time. lol Many times I compare poetry and song lyrics.
Aug 01, 2011 12:01PM

52102 I'm kind of new to the "like" button but I have started using it as an agreement tool. I like and agree with the review.
Aug 01, 2011 11:57AM

52102 I don't read a lot of non-fiction myself except for an occasional biography or true crime novel. But in a review of a potential read, I'd want to know the general style of the book. Is it a funny, light-hearted, easy read? Or a heavy read with miles of extra info that many could find hard to wade through? Something in between?
Aug 01, 2011 11:51AM

52102 I'm not college educated so I'm not "technically" qualified to review any literature IMHO. But I review the books I read based on my enjoyment level, how it keeps my attention, my desire to keep reading, etc... I would assume the same would go with poetry. Poetry is not to everyone's taste so I would wonder why a person who hated poetry would read it much less review it.
Aug 01, 2011 10:22AM

52102 I read reviews mostly to decide if a certain book is one I'd be interested in reading. I also enjoy reading reviews on books I've read to see how others felt about books I've loved or hated.
Aug 01, 2011 10:07AM

52102 I realize everyone has an opinion and I have no problem with a person expressing them but I've read some reviews that go overboard in my opinion. I've read some books I didn't care for but I try to always add that "it wasn't to my personal taste". Anyway, that's my pet peeve. Overly rude reviews. Gosh, I better go look at my reviews and make sure I haven't said anything rude in them. lol
Aug 01, 2011 10:00AM

52102 If the synopsis is already included with the book description then I prefer not to read it again in a review. However, if the book description doesn't always give me what I want or need having a short synopsis in the review can help at times. Sometimes the synopsis in the book description can be misleading and its nice to have reviews that give a better and more accurate synopsis.
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