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51445 D.D. wrote: "Ellie wrote: "lol girls I am too old to be dancing with pompoms :-)"

There is no such thing as being to old to pompom dance!!!"

lol ok then you will have to give me lessons

am thinking of buying a skipping rope to try to get rid of the tummy before the hols
51445 Emma (Emz) wrote: "Well done Ellie!!"

Thanks very much Emma :-)

I notified most of these sites listed here www.theebookguide.com and it kinda took off from there.
51445 lol girls I am too old to be dancing with pompoms :-)
Jun 09, 2012 12:17AM

51445 Well done on an amazing review DD. I didnt know you and Amy were sisters (is that Amy of the Gentian fame?) if so your mum and Dad must be very proud to have two such talented kids.

You make me very jealous with the descriptions of where you live - I would love to live by the Sea :-)
51445 woohoo - nearly hit 10,000 downloads of my book. I am 330 short so have decided to go free today too. I am really hoping all this exposure will result in sales :-)
51445 Thanks Amy :-)
51445 Thanks DD :-)
51445 oh wow thank you so much you guys - you are wonderful. I would have been in earlier but for some reason I am getting delayed messages lol

Thanks Jud, Emma and Patti (again - you are turning into my knight in shining armour!).

Woohoo - still on cloud 9 lol
51445 Hi guys

Need some help again :-)

I got my first goodreads review :-) but how do I put my book cover on the image? http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

I see the other books all have covers I feel a bit of a numpty lol

Also got my first review from a book blogger - you can read it here :-)


I am doing the happy dance this morning :-)
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Jun 04, 2012 11:41PM

51445 Thanks Amy:-) Got my first review in from a book blogger on the wedding dress too - so exciting - made me cry (but in a good way:-) )
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Jun 03, 2012 08:28AM

51445 @Amy - Thank you :-)
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Jun 03, 2012 05:06AM

51445 The trailer is great Amy, thank you so much - I love the music but the book name is

"The Wedding Dress"

Also mentioning Tyler dying is giving away the story lol. Could you change it to Tyler is gone or something? Would that be ok or is it a load of work?
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Jun 01, 2012 11:24AM

51445 thank you Amy for an awesome job :-)
51445 D.D. wrote: "Hey Ellie I have totally just seen your trailer (my professional opinion was sought!!!)and I can report that it is awesome!!!"

Not sure why I missed this DD but thank you so much. Yes I think it is awesome too :-) I am so so happy
51445 wow wow wow wow - thats fantastic - well done. You are so talented. Sent you email :-)

Thank you so much and sorry for being such a numpty that I couldnt get it to work on my pc.
51445 Oh thank you for that. But honestly if it is not your thing its cool. Just let me know and I will get the synopsis sorted.

I have decided to go free on the 8th of June - my wedding anniversary so I would love the video by then but I am not in a rush lol

I am too grateful that you have decided to do it for me :-)
51445 No problem Gentian - if you dont want to read the book just let me know and I will send you the synopsis. I dont want to put you under pressure :-)
51445 @Gentian sorry I wasnt on earlier - now putting kids to bed (fun lol). I sent you the book by email earlier in the week - did you get it? I will write the synopsis for you too but if you plan on reading the story I dont want to ruin the twist. :-(
51445 Totally agree -I would say maybe he was just having a bad day but he seems to make a habit of it. But then I have worked with people whose idea of managing people is to see how loud they shout :-(

Maybe he does really believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity.
51445 Pat (Scorpio) wrote: "No one is above being polite to their fellows, no one!"

That is so true

But I wonder how many books he has sold since this storm hit. Fantasy isnt my thing at all but even I am tempted to see what his writing is like lol

Sad I know but not as sad as watching the Eurovision (in particular those twins representing Ireland!"
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