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Apr 26, 2016 02:27AM

51445 ✿Claire✿ wrote: "I have heating!!! :)"


Have a lovely day with your heating, Claire :)
Apr 26, 2016 02:12AM

51445 Morning all :)

Freezing down here in the depths of Romford.

Got a workshop to sort out for tonight - voice and how to write a short story. Have a month between these workshop things, but always end up preparing on the morning of the first one.

Other than that, some more stuff to sort for April Skies, and some reading to do. Reading No Name Lane, by Howard Linskey at the moment. Really enjoying it.

Take care, people.

Have a good'un :)

And all the best with the meeting, Will. Sounds intriguing ...
Apr 25, 2016 01:25AM

51445 Morning all :)

Happy Birthday, Patti. Have yourself a wonderful day.

Hope your heating gets fixed soon, Claire. Will, hope your day goes well. And Lindsay, hope all goes well with the meeting :)

And all you writers and editors, make it a good'un, eh :)

Got a shortlisting meeting this afternoon, trying to decide which ten entrants go through to the mentoring round of the Book Challenge I'm helping with. Can't decide whether I'm a Simon Cowell or a Louis Walsh . . . :)

Have a great day, people :)
Apr 22, 2016 07:01AM

51445 L.A. wrote: "Geoff (G. Robbins) (The noisy passionfruit) wrote: "Jim wrote: "yep, had two teeth out in the morning,"

When I was a kid, I had to have fillings in some of my teeth. As a treat my parents took me..."

Caramac . . . Mmm . . .
Apr 22, 2016 01:22AM

51445 Morning all :)

A little cloudy here in Romford this morning, but the birds are singing and the guinea pigs are stirring - bless em . . .

Was up at half four for an hour reading Nigel Bird's 'The Shallows'. Loving it.

Rest of the day filled with lesson planning the workshops next week and sorting more stuff out for April Skies.

Have lovely day, everyone.

Take care,

Ian :)
Apr 08, 2016 03:58AM

51445 Kath wrote: "Oh, Ian! Couldn't you spit?! I hope the ebook launch goes okay."

Just one of them things, Kath.

Once the initial stock had been sold, it's just been reading 'Temporarily Out of Stock' since at least yesterday afternoon.

Can't imagine there will be any problems with the ebook, what with it being an electronic wotsit. Mind you, on US Amazon, it's still got the paperback as 'This title has not yet been released' - so no idea what's going on there . . . :)
Apr 08, 2016 03:38AM

51445 ✿Claire✿ wrote: "Hallo everyone. Life seems to be throwing me challenges left right and centre at the moment. Every time I think I've solved one another one crops up!"

Hi Claire.

Never forget, every challenge is just another wonderful opportunity to find out about yourself. Each one is a gift. Have fun with it :)

Take care,

Ian :)
Apr 08, 2016 03:24AM

51445 Morning everyone :)

After three days away with girlfriend and kids at the caravan, I come home to Amazon buggering up on the first day of release of April Skies.

Still, each book has it's path.

Busy marking twenty three first chapters as part of the Arts Council project I teach on, then looking forward to a glass of wine or two tonight :)
Feb 23, 2016 02:47AM

51445 Kath wrote: "And I proofed it! Yep, it was totally, terrifically Stu! I'm glad to hear he's on the mend now."

He was a bit rough a couple of weeks back when we popped round, Kath. But he's proper on the mend now :) Will soon be back writing again, I suspect :)
Feb 23, 2016 02:46AM

51445 Patti (baconater) wrote: "Hi Ian! Lovely to see you!"

Thank you, Patti :) [blushes]

Back from a horrendous divorce, having two weeks notice of moving out of my own home, living in two rooms at my mum and dad's with my three lovely kids, my wages cut in half at work . . . but have ended up happier than ever - a lovely house, a lovely girlfriend, the kids all happy, and finally finished the sequel to Abide With Me :)
Feb 22, 2016 04:12PM

51445 Blimey, it's been a while since I've been back here. Great to see so many familiar names :)

Hope everyone is keeping well.

As a first drop in for ages, just wondered if anyone had read Stu's Merzougaville, Baby. I had the pleasure of editing the book, and it is something very special.

Will promise to drop in more frequently. Been through a bit of a time these last couple of years, but things have settled down now.

Don't know what else to say.

Just great to be back :)
May 23, 2013 03:15AM

51445 Just finished Howard Linskey's The Dead and am ploughing my way through Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White Ploughing is probably the wrong word as I'm absolutely loving it. Reading it for the third time. Brilliant stuff.
Ian Ayris (359 new)
May 15, 2013 03:28PM

51445 Got a little blogpost explaining my relative absence of late:


Look after yourselves, one and all :)

Morning! (56326 new)
May 08, 2013 02:17PM

51445 Gingerlily (or Cyberlily..) wrote: "Was a mother with very young child beside me. Not a peep out of him, he slept a lot of the way. 6 rows up there was a kid who screamed non-stop the entire way. Good thing its only a 35 minute fligh..."

Look after yourself, GL. Hope the morning arrives a little brighter.

51445 Will wrote: "It's never been different, has it?

It's not worth getting annoyed over.


I've never laid much store in competitions, Will - especially in the writing of books. Not sure how meaningful such awards are in an arena that is by definition so subjective.

This whole writing lark, for me, is just about writing the best book you can. And when you've done that, you write another one, and another one. Competitions become a distraction for the ego - and that is never a good thing.

Just keep on writing, leave the competitions to those who need that sort of validation. And laying out money to enter, well, leave them to that as well . . .
51445 Will wrote: "I noted this interesting point, but thought I'd better put it here too.

I saw this prize on FB last week, and sent the suggestion to my publishers. They read not just the T & C s but all the smal..."

I hear what you're saying, Will, about the level playing field and all that, but with the major mainstream awards - Costa Coffee, Man Booker, etc - huge sums are required to be paid even to be considered. It can be an elitist old game, this publishing lark, all ways up . . .

Have a great day, mate.

Ian :)
Morning! (56326 new)
May 08, 2013 12:26AM

51445 Rosemary wrote: "Morning all! Hi Lorraine and Ian *waves*
Sounds like a fabby job Elle, well done!

Off to work at 10 so got time to tidy the house first, girls have "study leave" so the place is a tip. Maths used ..."

Morning, Rosemary *waves back"

My last memory of maths was being hit round the head by the maths teacher adjudicating the CSE exam. I'd basically looked at the exam paper, realised I couldn't do any of it, put my name at the top, and the date, then proceeded to read the Roy of the Rovers annual I'd brought with me. The maths teacher, on seeing my lack of effort and implied disrespect for the subject he'd dedicated his whole life to, whipped said annual out of my hands and whacked me on the back of the head with it. He wasn't happy, from what I remember.

So, twenty-eight years later, here I am, looking for a maths course in order to train to be a teacher. Life's funny like that, isn't it . . .

Have a great day, Rosemary :)
Morning! (56326 new)
May 08, 2013 12:18AM

51445 Patti (Fluffy) wrote: "Classroom management is always a challenge. Strategies that work with one group may not work with another.

Sounds like you sussed out what worked with that lot though! Well done you!

Everything ..."

To be honest, Patti, classroom strategy-wise I didn't have one. I just went with whatever happened next. Having a pretty challenging ten year old lad of my own - here's looking at you, Charlie ;) - set me in good stead, I reckon.

I was a little taken aback by the sex-obsessed nature of the modern day all boys school pupil, mind . . . :0

Glad to hear everything's well you're end, Patti. And it's great to be back, even if just for the next few minutes till I take Charlie and Summer to school.

Have a great day, eh :)
Morning! (56326 new)
May 08, 2013 12:13AM

51445 Karen (Kew) wrote: "Welcome back Ian, glad you had such an inspiring day.

Morning. *eyes half open, feels groggy*.

I need more tea, can't get going..."

Morning, Karen.

Hope you're keeping well. I'm on me third coffee and still got a frazzled head, so I know where you're coming from.

Bloody white wine . . .
Morning! (56326 new)
May 08, 2013 12:06AM

51445 Sara wrote: "Morning all! Congrats on your job, Elle! Hi Lorraine!
Good luck with your Maths GCSE, Ian!"

Morning Sara :)

Got to find a course first. And then brace myself for a million sharp-edged flashbacks from maths classes as a kid . . . Not looking forward to it, but to get on a teacher training course, it's a sort of prerequisite. Just got to grit me teeth and get on with it . . . :(
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