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Oct 05, 2015 09:00AM

51445 Kath wrote: "Morning each. The weather's turned here too.

Emma, you're a star. My admin assistant at work was the school's first-aider and she assisted in a serious accident on a local bypass. She was brillia..."

Thanks Kath, and all! I was proud of myself and my brother particularly but did struggle driving home due to the shakey knees lol!!
Not had the chance to have a relax today due to the enormous amount of homework given to us for tomorrow. Plus I gave my Mum some sanity earlier and joined her at my Nans for lunch (it must be bad if I am the sanity right???)
I did however have to have a nap this afternoon as i have not slept for 2 nights now due to a stupid cold which has decided to rear its ugly head and make me feel like shit!!

I do sound like doom and gloom at the moment huh? I apologise and really it is not all as bad as it sounds!

I am reading a good book at the moment! is called 'A Monster Calls'. Has anyone read it? I am having to read it for my course but it is really good
Oct 05, 2015 08:55AM

51445 The best toasted sandwiches are corned beef and cheese!!!! So calorific (and something I would definitely not be allowed at the moment but heaven all the same)
Oct 05, 2015 12:57AM

51445 It was terrifying Patti!!
Oct 05, 2015 12:44AM

51445 Morning all!
Very frustrating weekend! Ended up missing out on 2 nights out due to having to look after Nan. Bawled my eyes out over it all on my way home from hers on Saturday evening. Am just struggling with it all to be honest!
Ages ago I bought tickets for last night for a show for my Brothers birthday so we made a pact that we would still go (it was in Southend so wasn't any where near Nan). We had a lovely time, was great to switch off (and switch our phones off!!). We did both get a phone call from her as she was feeling depressed and wanted one of us to go down there.
Despite feeling guilty we did both enjoy the show!
Then on the way home we came across a motorbike rider on the floor on the slow lane of the M25. A few people had stopped already but it was chaos as there were people in the road trying to slow down traffic!!
Anyway, we had to stop (me being a Nurse and Dan (brother) used to work for the Highways Agency so had some contacts).
He got everyone as safe as possible and had his old colleagues put on a warning on the signs near us!
The cyclist was ok although in a lot of pain and in shock. Myself and another Nurse looked after him (kept him talking really and kept him still). Then a Dr turned up, and a Policeman.
So ended up a very late night by the time we got home!
I have to say I am sure it wasn't a particularly long time but it felt like forever for the blue lights to turn up! I was very glad when they did!

Anyway, I am studying today as I have a load of homework for uni tomorrow! I feel like I just wanna sleep lol!!
Have a great day all xx
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Oct 05, 2015 12:34AM

51445 Sorry about your Mother in Law Sarah, that is so hard on you all.
But congratulations on the new arrival! such an exciting time.
Oct 03, 2015 06:46AM

51445 Pat (Scorpio) wrote: "Aww Ems so sorry you are suffering so much. Hope you get your op real soon. Sorry too you are missing GLs bash.
Travel safely all who are out there.
Me? I'm getting bogged down in paper work"

Thanks Pat, you have been through it yourself recently. Massive hugs coming your way from me xxx(((0)))
Oct 03, 2015 05:02AM

51445 Morning all! Not a great night last night with pain.
Yesterday evening I had to go and spend the evening with my Nan (4th time this week) so had to forego a meal with some friends front work. Due to pain and Nan I am now having to miss out on the Nuneaton bash. I could not be more pissed off right now
Oct 01, 2015 10:10AM

51445 Hmm...... I just sent a text telling my friend that I have to start a cat free diet. f and c are too near each other for my fat fingers!!
Oct 01, 2015 09:59AM

51445 DD!!!!
Not sure if Jud answered but I LOVE Once Upon a Time :-)
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Oct 01, 2015 09:55AM

51445 Thanks for all of your good wishes guys. Hoping it wont take too long to sort Nan out.
Got to get myself sorted out first! Need an op so have got the ball rolling today by contacting my GP! Am hoping it wont be too long to wait
Oct 01, 2015 09:50AM

51445 Elle warned me about this very same thing this morning, so have changed that setting on my new 6s that I got yesterday (is my new shiny!!!)
Oct 01, 2015 09:48AM

51445 Damn!! I missed the Disney sing along!
Ridiculously busy day yesterday which included going for an ultrasound scan in the middle of the working day (hate that as I get out of sync and had to go to one of our other sites so couldn't even have it done at work!!).
Picking up new phone and running around after my Nan filled the early evening and then to my besties for Dinner and much needed rest!
Today I have contacted the GP who is going to refer me to my surgeons (I say my as they are the ones I work with) and then need to get set up to have my gall bladder removed (I have a massive stone sitting in it, hence the pain!). Got to start a fat free diet in the mean time (which proper sucks!!).
Anyway, choir tonight so just a flying visit. Love to all xx
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Oct 01, 2015 08:48AM

51445 Aww! Massive congratulations Andrew. You both look fab xx
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Sep 29, 2015 08:37AM

51445 Thanks guys. Hugs to you too Jud (((0)))
Remember I said I had to have my cat rehomed? The 'new' owner text me the other day to say that they are having to re home him now. He has started to attack them and spits and hisses at visitors!! Is so sad, he actually is a lovely cat!,
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Sep 29, 2015 06:56AM

51445 Sorry to hear that Eastwood!! Must be really tough

Need a hug! I know a lot of you are aware of the problems we have been having with my 91 year old Nan recently. She has got to the point now where she is no longer safe to live on her own.
Yesterday was the tipping point of her admitting that actually she probably needs a home, two of her neighbours have told us in the last two days that she is becoming too much for them too. She constantly rings them asking to come and make her tea or breakfast!!
We have all been doing so much for her (well, my side of the family has, my aunts side........ Not so much) but Sunday she had a fall. Yesterday my mum had to go down to hers as she had 'messed herself'. She got in her walk in bath (with mums help). Mum then went in to the bedroom and Nan tried to stand up and managed to open the door on the bath and the bath full of water emptied onto the floor, through the ceiling and in to the kitchen!!
It breaks my heart to admit she can no longer manage and to see her in a home will be very difficult.
My Aunt has been very anti getting her to go in a home (we think because she wants to preserve the money in my Nans home) but even she can't deny it now!!

Sorry guys, that was an essay!!
Sep 29, 2015 06:46AM

51445 Hi Fi :-)
Sep 29, 2015 06:11AM

51445 Hi all!!
Been to uni today for a great discussion. Got the afternoon off to do some 'reading' so I am catching up on some TV and cross stitching!!! Hmmmm not sure that is what our afternoon off was for but I am certainly enjoying it. Brain is a bit fried from this morning.
Have my scan booked for tomorrow so may have some answers soon!!
Hope everyone is ok xx
Sep 27, 2015 02:21AM

51445 Patti (baconater) wrote: "Good morning Emz!

Pj day ahead?"

I wish!! Is my brothers birthday tomorrow so am off to my Dads a bit later for dinner before my sister heads back to uni in Nottingham (she was feeling homesick for family so came home for the weekend).

Did I say how proud I am of all of my siblings at the moment? Let me bore you!!!

Dan - is my full brother (same parents). He is starting a new job tomorrow (on his birthday) at TFL but also has passed an interview to join the retained firefighters in Epping, just has to go through medical etc.

Ben - is my half brother (same Dad). He is 22 and been really unhappy in his job and stuff recently. He has just been offered the opportunity to go and play cricket in Australia for 6 months. Sometimes these opportunities just come along when you need them!! But he leaves in like 2 weeks so is actually shitting himself lol!

Andrew - is my half brother (same Mum). He is nearly all the way through the rounds of interviews, courses and stuff for joining the Police. He is already a special but wants to do it full time.

And lastly my lil sister Holly (half sister, same Dad). Who is at stage school up in Nottingham doing what she loves

I know I have said half brother or sister but we all call each other brother and sister not halves!!

Anyway, sorry for the essay but I am very proud big sister to them all
Sep 27, 2015 01:42AM

51445 Morning all!
Sep 26, 2015 03:39AM

51445 Darren wrote: "Emma (Queen of the weirdo's) wrote: "Morning all!
I slept like a baby last night"

You cried a lot and filled you nappy three times?"

Doesn't everyone??

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