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Aug 20, 2016 03:34PM

51445 Well, we watched the last episode of The Secret Agent. I just wished he's stayed secret then I wouldn't have lost 3 hours of my time.
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Aug 20, 2016 05:04AM

51445 Have programmed in The Watchman and One of Us. Both sound interesting.

We watched the second episode of Secret Agent. I really am not sure about this, it seems tedious. We'll see it through, but it seems such a waste of outstanding acting talent.
Aug 20, 2016 04:58AM

51445 Gingerlily - Mistress Lantern wrote: "Was pissing down rain last night. . According to the rain radar the Isle of Man is currently getting well soaked."

I stayed at a B&B in Seascale some years ago. The owner told me that if you looked over to the Isle of Man and couldn't see it, it was raining, if you could see it, it meant rain was on the way.
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Aug 20, 2016 02:00AM

51445 Desley (Cat fosterer) wrote: "Slowly catching up on things I lost. Lots of new things starting next week"

I presume you're adaptor worked?
Aug 20, 2016 02:00AM

51445 Good morning everyone, Mixed weather messages being sent out here. Patches of sun followed by dark clouds.

Not got much planned. Cleared the box from the old car. It's amazing what rubbish collects over the years. I'm sure I'd have got an extra 5 mpg if I'd cleared it out regularly.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Aug 19, 2016 11:25AM

Aug 19, 2016 08:01AM

51445 Perhaps they just found it easier to sell beer than broth.
Aug 19, 2016 12:32AM

51445 Good morning all. Bit dull this morning but the sun is shining in my heart.

Off to the bathroom place to have a final look at everything before placing the order. Not had much time to drive the car as I've been reading the manuals for it. Four of them. There is even a separate manual for the roof rails!

Happy POETS day everyone.
51445 I quite agree, Jim. Corbyn was a back-bencher for a reason. That reason was because he wouldn't follow the whip. Lo and behold, he gets elected leader and though he tries, he cannot compromise, after all he's been defiant all these years.

Whilst this level of stubbornness is admirable for a back bencher, it is a real problem to a leader that should be trying to reach consensus.
Aug 18, 2016 08:50AM

51445 Gingerlily - Mistress Lantern wrote: "Yes I did sleep batter Anita :) I woke up at 10 feeling like I'd had a decent night's sleep! Long may it continue."

Did you sleep with the fishes?
Aug 18, 2016 07:29AM

51445 Kath wrote: "Morning, each. Been sent by a disabled friend to look for an old-style egg-slicer at the shops. My good deed for the day.
Then, I have the editor's suggestions to work on for my next book. I may be..."

There you go, Kath:
51445 Michael Cargill wrote: "Geoff, I don't think it's a conspiracy but you clearly do."

So why use the word conspiracy, then Michael?
51445 Will wrote: "R.M.F wrote: "The economy is crashing. A large proportion of employers say that they are not going to expand
their businesses in the next few years and that they may be contracting with job losses. The UK has lost its triple A credit rating.

Where is the economy crashing, Will? There may be a slowdown in the economy, but we are nowhere near a crash. Talk of a crash is pure hyperbole.

We have a very weak pound. That makes imports more expensive, which leads to inflation. At the same time, we have extremely low interest rates. Anyone on a pension or living on savings will see their income go down and their expenses go up.

Once again, you are painting the negative. The drop in the value of the pound is a good thing for exporters. This gives us a significant advantage as well as a disadvantage. Add into the fact
that the State Pension is "triple locked". Interest rates have been at a low rate for years before Brexit was won.

The costs of running the Government increase as we have to replace all the EU inspired legislation. This leads to increased borrowing from an already too high level of Government debt.
That in turn leads to pressure for higher taxes and lower Government spending.

The costs of changing legislation is temporary. We already spend enormous amounts of time and money translating the raft of EU-inspired legislation that pours out of Brussels. In the same paragraph you say that Government costs will increase and follow it with pressure for lower government spending.

Politically we've just handed power to the right wing of the Tory party. The Labour party was probably going to be in disarray whatever had happened in the referendum, but Brexit has made their position even worse.

How can you possibly blame this on Brexit? The Labour Party already did then when they elected a leader that couldn't win a general election. This occurred months before the referendum.

We are leaving an organisation which championed workers' rights and equality. We've given the racists a boost and increased the entrenched prejudice.

More hypobole. Not even worthy of answer.

We've thrown away membership of a highly profitable trade organisation for vague promises of new trade deals that might be in place in three years or more.

That includes the assumption that the two year period will not be extended to allow completion of negotiations. Your statement itself assumes that the timescales will be extended. Also, the word in that paragraph is "might". We haven't even enacted Article 50 or begun negotiations yet, and you're talking it down and extending the deadline. Also, bearing in mind that our exports to the EU were already in decline and our sales to the rest of the World increasing, because the EU is currently in stagflation and has been for years. By what criteria, excluding Germany, do you believe that Europe is highly profitable, and for whom, apart from the bureaucrats?

In one sense, you have a point. The UK now has a blank canvas (sort of) on which it could create one of several different types of future. We could go in many different directions. We could turn to the left. We could turn to the right. We might become a new global superpower or we might become a third rate economy. We could have a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit. We could stay as Great Britain or we could lose Scotland, Northern Ireland and London.

So we do know that we are in a period of economic downturn. We do know that the Leave campaign was full of lies. We don't what Brexit will look like.

No, we know that both the Brexit and Remain campaigns were exaggerations. Both were peddling their own versions of the truth, whether they be the monthly payment or the doom-laden statements of Remain. If you call one a lie, you must call both lies.

In essence, we are gambling. It's a roll of dice, There is a small chance that life might eventually be better than what we had before the referendum. And a very large chance that it could
be worse.

Again, the doom-laden forecast. Time after time there is the tedious repetition of negativity in your posts. It's getting so ubiquitous in your posts that I'm waiting for the OED to define pessimism with a reference saying see: Will Once.
51445 Michael Cargill wrote: "Ah, it's all a conspiracy along the lines of Global Warming."

Why do you think it's a conspiracy, Michael? Do tell.
51445 Michael Cargill wrote: "What plan?

Who instigated it prior to 1975 and is still pulling the strings here in 2016?"

It is the policy of the EU to become increasingly federalised to allow the Euro to work. This has been discussed since the Rome treaty was signed and was kept very quiet indeed during the build up to the referendum.
51445 T4bsF (Call me Flo) wrote: "Will just doesn't seem to be the budging sort Jim."

I notice that he still hasn't answered my question. I think that speaks volumes.
51445 Michael Cargill wrote: "Proof, if any were needed, that the Leave camp had no idea what they were voting for."

Exactly the same as the joiners in 1975.
51445 Michael Cargill wrote: "It was the generation that saw off Hitler which voted to join the EU in the first place."

No Michael, we didn't. What we voted for was a lie. We voted for a Common Market, not a supra-national political union. If we had been told that was the plan (Which it was) we would never have voted to join.

Some here are accusing the Bexetiers of lying to get us to leave, but that is as nothing compared to the massive lie told us to get us to join.
Aug 17, 2016 12:39AM

51445 Good morning all. Road trip for me today, to go collect the new (to me) car from Lincolnshire. Looks like I'm going to get good weather for it.

Down side is that I won't be able to part exchange the old car as there is still a fault on the computer from the repair work. Bugger!

Hopefully, I should be home in time for Skype this evening. I'll be gutted if I miss it.

Have a great Hump Day, everyone. Will be reading on the train. Three hours of someone else driving - bliss!

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