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Mar 26, 2015 06:18AM

51445 And to repeat my boring old sound bite... No teenager gets its porn from ebooks. They know exactly where to go for that sort of thing
Mar 26, 2015 06:16AM

51445 Hmm. I do like the idea of a dirty reader app though. Oh hang on, I already have one... It's called predictive text
Mar 25, 2015 12:35PM

51445 It is the slippery slope. Quite apart from having an app changing what the author intended, why do we have to protect everyone from offence?
Mar 21, 2015 03:01AM

51445 Just a normal morning for me.
TPBM still has spots in their eyes after watching the eclipse.
Mar 19, 2015 09:50AM

51445 To match the face that keeps staring back at me in the mirror these days.

TPBM will remember to vote in writing competition #27 today
Mar 17, 2015 04:27AM

51445 So I am stealing this straight out of the radio 4 TODAY programme. They are looking for a happy song to represent International Day of happiness on 20th March!

Can you suggest a happy book to read while listening to your song?

My suggestion is 'Pay it forward' by Catherine Ryan Hyde.
Mar 17, 2015 04:21AM

51445 I call myself the worlds greatest lover. As long as I don't give out customer satisfaction forms there are no statistics to suggest it isn't true.

But seriously, I think you are entitled to call yourself a writer as soon as you believe you are one. Do you think it gives you more confidence or sets a standard for you to attain?
Mar 16, 2015 10:29AM

51445 Patti (baconater) wrote: "So, iPad is sorted, new kindle is registered (I used the apples store's wifi) Dave's iPhone is now fitted with a nano sim, we had a lovely lunch at Wagamama, collected our Amazon stuff from our mat..."

It was so peaceful around here. Who fixed the iPad? I told you all to pretend you didn't know anything about iPads didn't I?
Mar 16, 2015 03:02AM

51445 Yes, please do Andrew. We can't resist a bargain!
Mar 16, 2015 02:54AM

51445 Just giving this a bump.

Remember, if you entered you can and should still vote (for someone else!)
kindle etc. (9 new)
Mar 16, 2015 02:49AM

51445 Julie wrote: ".Luckily,my stories appeal to the older age group and many of them haven't got kindles.

I think you would be surprised Julie. I very much doubt if the average age on this group is much below *ahem* 40!
The Black Echo (17 new)
Mar 14, 2015 09:00AM

51445 I really enjoyed this. Plenty to get in to and an interesting plot line.
Mar 14, 2015 08:57AM

51445 Ummm. Not "fixed" as in... Result a foregone conclusion although I am still open to suggestions. Fixed as in, not doolaly.

Please vote.
Mar 14, 2015 08:55AM

51445 Oops. Sorry. Poll fixed
Mar 13, 2015 10:16AM

51445 Poll is now open.

Sorry for the delay

Perhaps you could edit your top post and put the link in Claire.
Mar 13, 2015 10:11AM

51445 I'm here :)
Mar 05, 2015 06:42AM

51445 Done that.
Mar 02, 2015 08:08AM

51445 No reason why you shouldn't enter Bill.
Mar 01, 2015 04:29AM

51445 Something Nicer - Andrew K Lawston

What happens when ET doesn't phone home, but stays for 30 years? When the evil clown under a child's bed carries on lurking in the shadows through sixth form? When a cat decides catching mice is over-rated, and fixes her ambitions on becoming an art critic? Or when the Internet becomes sentient, and googles the best way to overthrow humanity?

With a cast of ghost zombies, senile witches and cloned Santas, this second volume of short stories from Andrew K Lawston develops the author's unique way of looking at the world, and ensures you'll never look at a stepladder in the same way.

Something Nicer - Andrew K Lawston
Mar 01, 2015 04:14AM

51445 The Lost Empress - Steve Robinson

On a foggy night in 1914, the ocean liner Empress of Ireland sank en route between Canada and England. The disaster saw a loss of life comparable to the Titanic and the Lusitania, and yet her tragedy has been forgotten.

When genealogist Jefferson Tayte is shown a locket belonging to one of the Empress’s victims, a British admiral’s daughter named Alice Stilwell, he must travel to England to understand the course of events that led to her death.

Tayte is expert in tracking killers across centuries. In The Lost Empress, his unique talents draw him to one of the greatest tragedies in maritime history as he unravels the truth behind Alice’s death amidst a backdrop of pre-WWI espionage.

The Lost Empress - Steve Robinson

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