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Sep 22, 2014 03:44PM

51445 If you are thinking of Pre ordering a shiny new kindle here is the link that helps towards my private jet....

Or if I don't get enough it will pay for sandwiches at the next group meeting
Sep 21, 2014 01:01PM

51445 Only prawn cocktail flavour
Sep 21, 2014 12:55PM

51445 Who would think three cats could produce so much poo and vomit in a thirty minutes drive?
Faye, tilly and dotty (named after no ears) are now looking slightly bemused but none the worse for wear
Sep 21, 2014 12:52PM

51445 People switch off wifi?


Geeky interlude then.. Routers tend to break after a power cut because components cool down and reheat.
Sep 21, 2014 07:31AM

51445 Yep, good book. There is another thread around here somewhere too.
Sep 21, 2014 07:26AM

51445 The optician took them. I was a bit embarrassed. Superglued lens complete with missed squirt right on the lens. No nose pieces.
Sep 21, 2014 07:17AM

51445 Didn't go for 3g this time. The world has moved on. Everywhere has free WiFi
Sep 21, 2014 07:13AM

51445 I have just Pre ordered the voyage. My kk gave up a couple of weeks ago and I have been using a Nook. I would have kept my kk until it fell to pieces.

I just got new glasses and they wouldn't take my old one for poor Africans. Probably because they were mainly superglue and scratches
Sep 21, 2014 07:07AM

51445 I have three cats coming to stay for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to the patter of feline paws in the house again. Cookie the cockatiel may not agree, she lived with them for years.....
51445 "there is also a “Lucia Joyce chapter, which is completely incomprehensible … all written in a completely invented sub-Joycean text”,

So, I suppose we could all get to a million on that basis
Sep 15, 2014 06:13AM

51445 Hmmm. Fermenting fruit. What could possibly go wrong
Sep 15, 2014 06:12AM

51445 Perhaps they are very large pigeons but they look like seagulls.
Sep 15, 2014 06:10AM

51445 Oh god. I forgot about the cat halter. I erased it from my memory.
Sep 15, 2014 02:40AM

51445 But 4 out of five are flat and there is no way to tell which ones except try them.
Sep 15, 2014 02:36AM

51445 Kath wrote: "That's a lovely story, Simon. We had cockatiels, years ago, and they are great little characters. I sometimes, literally, had nightmares about them getting out."

She doesn't seem any worse for the adventure. She has a little mark on her head probably where she crash landed on the gravel.
Sep 15, 2014 02:23AM

51445 Its a funny old world though. I have been looking for the ASDA customer services email address so I can thank them. It seems to be impossible to email ASDA.
Sep 15, 2014 02:04AM

51445 Marc wrote: "apart from when they fondle their female patients who they have put under anaesthetic


Hmm, I never thought about a career as a dentist.
Sep 15, 2014 02:02AM

51445 A funny thing happened to me at the weekend and it made me wonder if anyone had any stories where customer service went just that bit beyond the call of duty........

I have a little cockatiel. Due to a genetic defect she has no tail feathers and looks like a hamster with wings. Generally she sits on the shelf outside her cage and chatters. Occasionally she will fly on to the top of the cage and rarely she topples off the shelf and ends up flying around the room a bit and then crash lands on the carpet.

On Sunday I heard a bit of flapping (precedes the ungainly toppling off the cage usually). She flew around the living room and instead of spiralling down inelegantly to the floor she went up.... and out of a partly opened skylight.

I dashed out of the house and round to the window expecting to see her in a heap on the floor but she wasn't. Then I listened and I could hear her squarking. Next I noticed some seagulls and crows going a bit bonkers a short way away. Now, I live in a Victorian school. It has a high wall and on the other side is an ASDA superstore. My flying hamster had flown into the ASDA yard.

I went to ASDA and saw a lady in customer services. When I asked her if I could go in the yard and look for a cockatiel she calmly led me through the store, gave me a hi-vis vest and proceeded to call out for my lost bird. It seemed that this was the most natural request in the world. We spent fifteen minutes looking around to no avail so she put posters up in the yard for the ASDA drivers telling them to call me if they saw a hamster with wings.

Eventually I left with an image of my little bird being grabbed and flown to some crows nest as chick food.

As I walked into the school grounds (obviously not a school anymore you understand) I decided to call out a bit more just in case. I was a bit embarrassed as I passed a lady with her grandson out for a walk so I shut up. After I passed I did that squarky, kissy noise and the lady called out to me "Are you looking for a bird". "yes" I said rather like the village idiot caught talking to himself.
"It's here" she said.
And there was Cookie sitting on the road swearing at her grandson. She was just a couple of feet from a drain and for a minute I thought she was going to run away and drop down it.

Anyway, happy ending - she is now chattering on her shelf and the skylight is closed.

Nice of ASDA to help though. I expected to be told a million regulations prevented me from going in their loading yard :)
Sep 15, 2014 01:43AM

51445 I have just started reading Joyland.

It is quite good so far.
Sep 15, 2014 01:41AM

51445 And of course if an actor, comedian or politician have mental health problems it gets on the news. The local dentist is unlikely to attract the attention of the media.

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