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51118 I had a hard time with the terminology but I adapted to it after a bit and got used to it.
Oct 23, 2014 02:56PM

51118 Christie wrote: "Gremlin wrote: "Stacia (the 2010 club) wrote: "Sandra, if you end up wanting to buddy book 2 of Unwind, let me know. I need a reason to pick it up (not because of anything bad; I loved book 1...I'm..."

This is me too! I've been reading each one individually. I'm going to read the final one next.
GLBT Fiction (73 new)
Oct 23, 2014 02:55PM

51118 I've read it, lmao. If you want to, discuss away. We don't have a folder for it, but either here or in the 'Discussion Worthy thread'.
Oct 23, 2014 08:33AM

51118 Ha! I might anyway, but I'm not sure I could do 12 catch up books in a row! :)
51118 I added you!
Oct 22, 2014 01:02PM

51118 It's only 4 books a month, to shoot for 12.

My problem is that lately I'm only reading about 4 books a month total right now.
51118 Got you! :)
51118 I think if they didn't have such extreme (view spoiler).
51118 Got you!

Also, just a reminder that when it's your turn to mail the book on to the next recipient, you can go to the first page of this thread and each name is a link to the member's Goodreads profile.

Please make sure that you have your profiles set up to accept PM's.
51118 I think it was because (view spoiler).
51118 No problem!

I added you. ;)
51118 hahahaha, I can always put you on at the end, Isa. You'll be returning it to Dee and that way it gives you plenty of time. It's up to you.
51118 Okay, got you all added to the list!
51118 Heads up, new Traveling book! This is Dee's round.

If you're interested, come by the Traveling book thread and read the guidelines and rules, then if you want to join in and qualify please comment with your name!
Oct 20, 2014 06:20PM

51118 Heads up, new Traveling book! This is Dee's round.

If you're interested, come by the Traveling book thread and read the guidelines and rules, then if you want to join in and qualify please comment with your name!
51118 It's round 8 of our Traveling Book Society!

Thanks Dee for offering to host Hate is Such a Strong Word by Sarah Ayoub for this next book tour!

Recap of the rules:

In order to participate you must meet this basic member criteria:
♦ All participating members must provide an external email address as they are added to the list. If you would feel more comfortable, you can PM these to Wendy F.
♦ All participating members have been a part of YA-MA for a minimum of 3 months.
♦ All participating members have a minimum of 25 comments made in the group.
♦ All participating members still take part occasionally in topics.
♦ We prefer that all participating members must meet all criteria. However, if you meet at least one, and would still like to participate, you will be asked to ship the book out via UPS, FedEx or registered mail, with a valid tracking number that will be forwarded both to me and to the person who is next to receive the book.

When it is your turn with the Traveling Book, here are the guidelines. Please note that they don't have to be followed, but they're what adds to the fun of this idea.

1. Feel free to add a few notes on the pages, or highlight favorite lines. It'll add to the next person's read.

2. Sign inside the front cover of the book.

3. Include a local postcard, or use a snapshot where you live. Jot a greeting if you feel so inclined.

4. My favorite part, post a picture or two in this thread of you with our traveling book. (This isn't necessary, just fun. You can get creative with your picture too, if you prefer not to show your face. It's fun to watch the book move in this thread.)

5. This is done on our merit, so everyone will have to pay the shipping to the next person on the list, which means that everyone will pay for shipping once. This may mean that a few of us will pay shipping Internationally.

In addition, this list is not going to be compiled in a first come first serve manner. As people join you will be arranged in terms of optimal shipping. Our goal is to keep each person's shipping costs down by shipping the smallest distance that we can (it doesn't always work with International shipments), and to minimize damage that may be caused by shipping. (thanks for understanding.)

6. Please try to read and mail out the book within 10 days of receiving it so that the book moves steadily. We know this is hard, but just do the best you can.

In the end the traveling book will be returned to it's original owner along with all the goodies to treasure. It is our hope that they will then take a picture of all the postcards and paste that here in the group for all to see.

Taking names now!
51118 I'll message you when I'm ready for it. Sorry for waiting so long to respond!
Oct 20, 2014 08:53AM

51118 Carina wrote: "I am going to try and join in on this Challenge =)

My List to choose from:
Secret (Elemental, #4) by Brigid Kemmerer Deity (Covenant, #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Elixir (Covenant, #3.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout<--Which I know doesn't count cause it'..."

Welcome back to the challenges Carina! Must be weird to just join in, when you used to run them. Hahaha. :)
51118 Hahaha, exactly! Which is why it didn't feel weird to me when they were having sex and whatnot. It wasn't like wild teenagers getting it on. It was (view spoiler). Yeah, he was sixteen, but it made sense that when I was reading his voice he didn't feel sixteen.
51118 Our bookstore has it shelved as adult too.

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