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Apr 03, 2012 08:20AM

48160 Marsha wrote: "Wow, Darian, saw your pictures and your book looks a lot better than what I saw, which had all of the pages in the right hand corner, regardless of which side of the book it was on. (Although maybe..."

The formatting isn't all that bad. I just put my first novella-length print book on sale thanks to CreateSpace.

If you've got some patience and know how to format, say, term papers with Word, then you should be able to sort out how to format a .doc file to upload to CreateSpace. If you've got access to Word/Office 2003, though, instead of Word 2010, I'd suggest using the former over the latter. The built-in style sheets in Word 2010 gave me fits!

The hardest part of the whole enterprise was actually getting some pages to be completely blank (instead of having headers and footers on those pages)--section breaks were a little tricky.

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