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Dec 13, 2014 03:09PM

480 Hi people,
Not a bisaya, but I can understand.
I speak Hiligaynon. I'm from Koronadal City.
480 Maria, haha. indecisive yang Eona na yan. magdahandahan ka. Haha. Daming alam ni Goodman sa kwento na yan.
480 Haha. Ang kapal lang talaga ng mga chapters. Pero kung mag 20+ chapters ka na feel mo parang tumatakbo na ang oras. Ang ninipis na kasi eh.
480 Chapters 15-18: Wow, it took me two long hours just to finish four chapters. The pace is slow but faster than Eon and each chapters are too thick for a normal book. So far [yes] the book is awesome and way better than the first one.

They saved Ido and went to this fishing village to meet Eona's Mom and the Master Fisher. Well, unexpected events happened in the middle of the story. In fact Ido healed twice and a fishy thing happened between them. At least, they could control their dragon power now. There are new riddles to solve and few questions to be answered. The story is getting interesting and I can't stop reading. Well, I really have to because I'm currently holding the book with sweaty hands and face. I'm like bathing in a salted water.

I don't like Kygo in the story anymore. I have this feeling that Ido and Eona will be the perfect match in the end. O, this is not a spoiler anymore because you had at least read eighteen chapters. I don't know. I mean the game is just starting to unravel. Everyone is distrusting anyone. Friends become foes and good people become spies. Whatever! I just can't take this too much conspiracy in one book. Ugh!

Ugh, hope everyone is having fun. Well, I did!
480 Haha. Kadiri yung isang katriangle niya.
480 Haha. Kahit si Ryko pakipot rin. Malandi, mahal naman nila isa't isa pero feel ko hindi pa rin kasi sila i-accept ng society katulad nang nangyari sa dibdib ni Dela. Ay kacomplikado na ang kuwento. Baka may mamamatay pa sa kanila para wala nang sagabal sa ending. Haha.
480 Haha. Naiintindihan ko naman si Ryko. Ikaw kaya mawalan ng will? Pero di rin kasalanan ni Eona kasi di niya alam na may kapalit pala ang lahat. Si Dela ang salarin sa lahat! Kung di siya nagbeg kay Eona, at may pasisisisi effect pa siya, di sana nangyari to. LOL! Naiinis ako kay Dela.
480 Haha. Dapat kay Dela tayo nagagalit. Bwisit kasing transgender yun, daming kaemohan sa buhay. Kaw kaya nagsuggest ng six chapters per day. Go, kaya mo yan! Ang kapal nga ng book eh, sumakit na yung thumb ko.
480 Haha. Well, I'm currently staying at home and nothing to lose. Hope I could finish the book by tomorrow. I have to finish the other book I'm currently reading.
480 Chapters 10-14: Eona went to the palace to take Ido back while disguised as a Peony with Vida and Dela. And... Yes, and... Kygo had this special thing to Eona! Yipee for KygoxEona fans but I'm still hoping for Ido.

Again, I want to know the story of Kygo and that Blossom Girl named Orchid. Curious lang.
480 Chapters 6-9: Yikes, the weather is so hot. I can't bare it no longer. I can even feel the hot breeze inside our oven liked home. Hope Sun God is not in danger of making Mindanao a deserted plane.

Eona became Kygo's Nasio, the emperor's conscience, and Ryko did not like the idea. Wala lang. The will less Ryko is becoming rebellious towards Dela and Eona. It wasn't Eona's fault at all anyway. It was Dela's begs. Then they found this crazy Dillon tracked by armies! Voila! Another fighting scene from the gang and I don't know what happened to the other characters. They've been vaguely introduced back after Yuso and Eona drowned from that strong tide of water, mud and debris.

I pity Dillon! For god sake, hope Dillon is fine. I thought Dillon love Eona but he didn't. I don't know. Maybe he'll beg for mercy after? After all he got Ido's power now. Draining from that childish game they played while fighting for their life. Uno, dos, tres...

Few survived and one badly injured. Tsk. Yuso and Eona went to the resistant's camp after they were found soaked from the mud. Oooo. Eona is touching Kygo! Haha. So far, I'm liking this and this is better than the first book.
480 Chapter 3-5: Reading Eona in the airport is not a good idea especially when people are chatting everywhere and children crying for their parents' affections. But so far, I've read three chapters yesterday.

Not bad for me anyway. I like Eona as much as I could remember bullying her in my mind. I think she's getting stronger and courageous in these chapters but now, I hate Dela and the Pearl King this time. I know she must be safe, not to endanger herself but Dela is too possessive and without Eona they soon die from the hands of Haddon! Ugh! I also hate the Pearl Emperor's judgement towards women but I think this is another part of the story and the dying Haddon tore me apart. Ugh, that Captain!

I think I know what happened to Ryko and I expected that part since this kind of myth or whatever usually exists in texts. Wala lang. I super duper love Eona this time! And the action scenes, it was awesome! I need space for now, the weather is killing me here.
480 Prologue: I can't imagine Eon can be summarized into three pages. Hope that librarian did the editing for the first book and I had fun reading his work. Anyway, the usual Eon scenes. I can also feel the danger. Hope the librarian is fine because Eona still needs him!

Chapter 1: Ryko is in grave danger and the healing part, I expected it since I don't want Ryko to be the next victim of Alison's goofy death scenes but I find it corny. Imagine yourself playing RPGs. "Heal," Eona said. Me: Whatever! I don't like Dela's frustration. She's another luggage, Eona need support not a beggar of regrets. I like Ido too. I also read a spoiler from someone's review. As in, I want to tear that user apart!

Chapter 2: ...but I did not expect the number of deaths. I can't imagine killing thirty something civilians just to cure that dying eunuch. Anyways, at least Alison is still in the mood killing innocent bystanders. This time mass murder and unexpected calamity but I can feel the desperation of the mourning dragons. I don't like the head fisherman's daughter at all! Everyone is like dragging Eona back to the first book—weakling, prophecy, fucked up friends etc. I want the new Eona! I'm still waiting for her.

In the end, I find this book faster than the first one. I don't mean to race with Eona but I don't like also to walk like a slug!
480 Hi! I'm back! Sa wakas. Nabasa ko na rin ang thread and forgot to text Ms. V. Haha. Sorry talaga at okay, remind ko na sarili ko. One way lang. Haha. Natawa ako sa thread. Hindi pa ako sure sa Friday, I'll try to decide muna. BWAHAHA. Pahard to get. Basta, basta.
480 Sorry, kakarating ko lang from Lipa. I'll post my thoughts later today.
480 That is sense of an ending mommy.
480 Louize: Akala ko nga ang part 2 ay ibang POV naman. Akala ko POV naman ni Adrian kasi parang maganda na yung pagka-end ng part 1.

Blue: You are done! Haha. Ano masasabi mo?
480 Sorry, I forgot to post it yesterday. So ang book merong 26 (very thick) chapters and a (very thin) preface. If we'll read it for 7 days, we should at least read 3 to 4 chapters per day. Per pages, at least 91 pages per day.
480 What I mean, okay lang ba kung mauna ako sa pace natin. Haha.
480 Haha. Pwede ba hindi sundin ang reading plan? Haha.
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