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4607 WOW this book just totally sucked me in and kept me compulsively reading until I finished it. I absolutely loved FBI agent Scott Forrester. He was stuck with Titus Griffin, a boss with crap for brains and was a jerk to boot but Forrester knew what was going on with his case and he stuck to his guns no matter what Griffin threw at him. I liked that Forrester's friends and allies stuck with him to the end and provided much needed support which he couldn't get from the FBI.

"At the far end of the approach road leading into the estate, a dark shadow wound through the woods like a giant sleeping serpent - a thirteen foot high wall that ran around the entire one hundred acre property."

From this statement, I immediately envisioned something like the Great Wall of China encircling a huge fortress-like estate. The entire book was written with such great imagery that you found yourself inside the action - seeing, feeling, knowing everything that was going on first hand.

Basically this story was about using Wall Street and uninformed stock traders to fill the pockets and portfolios of billionaires with ill-gotten gains. The corruption of said billionaires is what got them killed. Forrester's investigation into various deaths lead him from Wall Street to Hindu mysticism to religious fanaticism to flat-out evil. I enjoyed the twists and turns and mostly the many surprises. Usually when you read a thriller, you can easily suspect who the culprit is but with Tiger Paw, that wasn't the case. There were just too many plots, some important and others red herrings. There were too many shady characters and too many perfect characters. I figured out who one of the baddies was (though I didn't get the reasoning correct) but totally missed on the other.

I look forward to reading more from this indie author.
Jun 12, 2010 05:03PM

4607 I agree Penny. It definitely wasn't his normal output. It was a good story but lacked that panache he usually puts in. You know the thing that makes you stay up late to finish it cause you just gotta know what happens. This book was predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.
J. Rollins (17 new)
Feb 12, 2010 03:26PM

4607 John, I haven't read them in any particular order and enjoyed them just fine.

Your book sounds interesting and I've added it to my huge TBR pile.
Steve Berry (4 new)
Feb 06, 2010 10:22AM

4607 I've read two of his books The Templar Legacy: A Novel which I liked and The Venetian Betrayal: A Novel which I loved.

I own and hope to read soon The Alexandria Link: A Novel, The Amber Room: A Novel and The Third Secret: A Novel of Suspense.
J. Rollins (17 new)
Feb 06, 2010 10:17AM

4607 I agree with everyone else. Rollins is a fantastic writer. I've read and greatly enjoyed Subterranean, Excavation, Amazonia, Deep Fathom, Map of Bones, Black Order. And I currently own but haven't gotten to yet The Judas Strain, Sandstorm and Ice Hunt.

I love his intricate plots, minute details, his inventive characters and just the situation behind each story. Simply brilliant!
Wilbur Smith (5 new)
Jul 23, 2009 03:33PM

4607 Andrew,
I guess I wasn't clear. I love Wilbur Smith and have read many of his books. The ones I haven't read are on my TBR list and hopefully I will get to them someday. I most definitely start with the first in a series as it drives me nuts to read them out of sequence. Unfortunately, when I recently read Men of Men, I did not realize it was part of a series and since I loved it, I now have to find the first book.

I'm fascinated with ancient Egypt and particularly enjoyed that series.

I haven't read any of the other books you've listed but have added them. Thanks for the recommendations.

Wilbur Smith (5 new)
Jul 22, 2009 05:35PM

4607 Has anyone read any of his books? He's been writing for years but I don't think he's really mainstream.

Not sure the order but I really enjoyed his Courtney series:
Birds of Prey
Blue Horizon

If you enjoy Ancient Egypt, these are terrific:
River God A Novel of Ancient Egypt
The Seventh Scroll
Warlock A Novel of Ancient Egypt
The Quest
Adventure Books (65 new)
Jul 04, 2009 02:07PM

4607 Sean, that looks like a great site and a good reference tool. thanks for sharing.
Jun 02, 2009 02:33PM

4607 This is one of my favorite author(s). They write amazing books with unbelievable twists and turns. I really like the Pendergast character. I have Tyrannosaur Canyon and hopefully will get to it soon.

Matthew Reilly (20 new)
Apr 17, 2009 02:20PM

4607 hey Donna, welcome. Not much discussion on this group but what there is is worth waiting for.
Adventure Books (65 new)
Apr 04, 2009 12:36PM

4607 Thanks Betty that book sounds wonderful and I just added it to my TBR shelf.
Adventure Books (65 new)
Mar 17, 2009 02:05PM

4607 As does Nelson Demille.
Adventure Books (65 new)
Mar 15, 2009 08:06PM

4607 After I read Blood and Ice, if I liked it, I'll have to check out Vigil and Bestiary.

1/20 UPDATE: I haven't read either of these books but I bought them both so someday.
Adventure Books (65 new)
Mar 15, 2009 09:42AM

4607 I just picked up Blood and Ice by Robert Masello. Haven't started it yet so I can't tell you if it's any good but the reviews are terrific and it sounds a lot like a Matt Reilly or James Rollins book.

After a great tragedy in his life, journalist Michael Wilde hopes a month long assignment on the South Pole will give him a new lease on life. On a routine dive he finds a young man and woman, bound with chains and sealed forever in a block of ice. Besides them is a chest filled with a strange and sinsiter cargo. Wilde must unravel the mystery of this doomed couple.

3/31 - Just finished Blood and Ice and it was terrific. Definitely akin to a Matt Reilly adventure with a little paranormal twist. Good stuff.
Matthew Reilly (20 new)
Mar 05, 2009 04:17PM

4607 I can't wait. I love Matthew Reilly's books.
Adventure Books (65 new)
Feb 08, 2009 01:32PM

4607 Thanks. I'm hoping to get some great book ideas as I've been kinda stuck on paranormal romance (which I love) but looking for something a little different to break up the vampires. :)
Matthew Reilly (20 new)
Feb 08, 2009 08:21AM

4607 I've read both Ice Station and Area 7 and enjoyed them tremendously. 7 Deadly Wonders and 6 Sacred Stones sound good. I'll have to check them out.

And you guys gave Contest such good reviews, I'll try that one too.
Adventure Books (65 new)
Feb 08, 2009 08:07AM

4607 Hi everyone, I'm Barbara from New Jersey. New to the group. Jeremy Robinson sounds like my kind of author. I love Matt Reilly and James Rollins both so I'll give JR a try. Both books sounds excellent. Thanks for the recommendation.

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