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Feb 16, 2015 03:28PM

45884 Bran




Feb 16, 2015 12:47PM

45884 Debra wrote: "Started today. The prologue was chilling and I was sorry to see Will die, or worst yet become one of those cold beings. .."

I started this a while ago but had to interrupt my reading for other commitments. I started over.

I liked the Prologue and the two characters, Will and Gared. I liked that we start out right away with some creepy action. Waymar Royce needed to die, he was too arrogant!

So thinking Will was to be a main character, having escaped by climbing a tree, imagine my surprise when Royce becomes an "Other" and puts the freeze on Will. Is Will to become an "Other" s well?

Bran Stark
Guess what? Gared is beheaded for desertion of the Night Watch! There goes my two heroes!☺

Now I must look to Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark of Winterfell and his brood, some of whom we meet on the road back from the execution. Will he regret not listening to Gared's Mad story" of the "Others"?

The Dire Wolf, who hasn't been seen in 200 years AND was killed by an antler in the throat..turns out to be part of the Coat of Arms for the Winterfell clan. A Stag is a symbol of the House of Baratheon. This has got to be some sort of bad omen.

Catelyn(Cat) Tully
Like the idea of the Godswood with Heart Trees carved with faces whose red eyes seem to follow a person. My Grandmother had a cat statue that did that, creepy!☺

So company's coming. Once Ned and Cat discussed, King of Westeros Robert's entourage, I started to wonder how they were going to fed so many. Soon after I though it, it occurred to Ned!

Dany (Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen)
She seems terribly meek and frightened. Her brother, Viserys is vile! I wonder if Khal Drogo will turn out to be okay as her husband?

Eddard Stark
King Robert sure laughs a lot. "And a jolly old soul was he". He sure has put Ned in a touchy position.

Jon Snow
Gotta love him as soon as he persuades Ned to spare the Dire Wolf litter. Benjen Stark, his uncle, objects to Jon joining the Night Watch. It seems that Jon is thwarted at every turn, in finding his place in the world. I like how, after giving Jon advice, Tyrion the Dwarf, casts a shadow stands as tall as a king. Id this a portent of things to come?

Catelyn (Cat) Tully
It is Catelyn who convinces her husband that Jon will not be accepted in their circles, and should be allowed to join the Night Watch. Is that wisdom on her part or a way to be rid of a son who is not hers?

Arya Stark
I sympathize with Arya's jealousy and insecurity over her sister Sansa's beauty charm and talents. I would want to ride horses and swordplay as well at her age!

Bran Stark
The description of the castle's construction was very picturesque. I was as fascinated, as Bran was, how the second floor of one part could connect to the third floor of another, because of its construction on hills and valleys without bothering to level the ground.

Obviously siblings Ser Jaime (The Kingslayer) Lannister and Cersei Lannister can not be trusted. Must keep an eye on them.

Can't believe that Bran was pushed out of the window after having been rescued!

Tyrion (The Imp) Lannister
He declares his love of his family, but I think not. His behavior doesn't indicate that he likes them very much. Well perhaps Jamie.

Jon Snow

Dany (Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen)

Eddard Stark

Tyrion (The Imp) Lannister

Catelyn (Cat) Tully

Sansa Stark

Eddard Stark
Jan 16, 2015 09:57AM

45884 Joseph wrote: "The book was amazing. Loved not only the story, but the different voices for each of the characters. I've never seen the movie, but I'd definitely recommend the novel to anyone who reads, regardles..."

Yeah Joseph, this is definitely a book for everyone.
45884 Travis of NNY wrote: "His long winded nature doesn't really kick in until book 3 Storm of Swords my opinion.this first installment he keeps on track the best of all the books. While I gave all 5 books 5 stars this first is probably my favorite. I'll reread the first 5 as soon as I see book 6 available for pre order ..."

Another ray of hope!☺
45884 Janice wrote: "You know I was laughing with you, right? "

lol I know :)

I hope everyone knows I'm just joking around as well!

(I notice that Debra is keeping quiet, you think she's angry with me?o☺☺)
45884 Linda wrote: "He is long winded Almeta, but I was totally sucked in with this book, now I didn't listen to the audio - I read it - and I loved it!!!

So hopefully there will be little to no pain! LOL!!!"

Linda, you darling, you bring me hope!☺
45884 Just so we're clear here....

I'm sure that George R.R. Martin is a very nice man, long winded but nice...

No really, all kidding aside...I'm the one that nominated this book. It is all going to be wonderful.

Just knowing that those of you who voted for this book are going to be right by my side in the discussion, as we read together, will dull the pain!☻
45884 Janice wrote: "Dang that other group! Game of Thrones is book one of a series.... I just thought I would point that out." one of series of 200 volumes, each with over 2000 pages! ;P

No, no. I'm fine, I'm fine!
45884 Whose idea was this anyway? I must be suffering from Chunskter Madness residual from another reading group! :D
45884 Janice wrote: "You have the physical book or audiobook on order, Almeta?..."

Just the audio.

Your plan sounded like a good one...until the price change!
45884 Going for audio as well. Book's on order.
Dec 13, 2014 05:55AM

45884 I nominate A Game of Thrones.
Oct 27, 2014 04:59AM

45884 Almeta wrote: "Here a different one:

IKEA Shining Ad"

By-the-way...I meant to say that Sarah is the one who pointed out the IKEA ad. I only posted the link.
Oct 25, 2014 02:49PM

45884 Didn't stop reading for Part Two, Chapter 7 through 12.

Boy things are really heating up now. Seniors, underclassman,'s the trickle-down effect! Practically everyone picking on everyone else. Hard to tell who the "good guys" are.

(view spoiler)
Oct 25, 2014 11:26AM

45884 I started this book a while back and then got interrupted with other things.
I'm back to it now and will read all the way through without further interruption.

I really liked the entire Prologue episode. Although not a happy situation, the action packed incident is a great set-up for the continuing story of the characters. We, quickly, already know who they are.

Part One, Chapter 1 (view spoiler)

Part One, Chapter 2 (view spoiler)

Part One, Chapter 3 (view spoiler)

Part One, Chapter 4 (view spoiler)

Part One, Chapter 5 (view spoiler)
Oct 22, 2014 05:17AM

45884 Here a different one:

IKEA Shining Ad
Oct 06, 2014 04:53PM

45884 In the book Triple Witch, while searching the bedroom of a murder victim, a copy of Christine was found on the bedside table.
Sep 29, 2014 12:45PM

45884 Had to share this
Kings Characters photo stephenking_zpsc9cce9bb.png
Sep 24, 2014 07:38AM

45884 Amber wrote: "I picked up my copy from the library! Now to find time between work and assignments. . ."

Just at the beginning myself. "See" you over in the Brutal Youth Entire Book Discussion!
Sep 22, 2014 06:59PM

45884 Do not read until you have finished the Prologue.

We certainly start out with a bang! St. Michael the Archangel High School (view spoiler)

Although this scene is sparked by tragic circumstances (view spoiler)
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