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Feb 15, 2011 01:15PM

43519 I also though it would be helpful to try to do as often as possible because I imagine someone reading a query and thinking "Eureka! I know the perfect rec!" and then reading through tons of posts only to have their recommendation mentioned on page 4. Talk about squashed dreams:-)
Feb 15, 2011 01:10PM

43519 The easiest way to add books in a thread is to just hit the 'add book/author' option right above the text box when you are commenting. It triggers a pop-up box for you to search whatever book you want to mention and just click 'add.'

How are you writing the html? The easiest way to add books into a thread that way is to use [] and put 'book: whatever the title is' in between the brackets. That will work as well as long as the title is decipherable. Perhaps the problem was a generic title that could be several books? Like there is only one Confederacy of Dunces so I don't have to search but there are several Labyrinth results so when I wrote that html it reverts to a Percy Jackson book instead of the one I wanted (Labyrinth)

(I'm also just checking if my html shows up on the side now because I didn't use 'add book/author (which always shows up)) EDIT: all three of them show up so it doesn't matter if you use the aforementioned brackets or the 'add book/author' option.
Feb 14, 2011 10:20PM

43519 As I was reading a lot of the suggestions, I wished they were clickable links. I'm not sure if everyone knows how to do the html (or how to utilize the 'add book/author' feature) but when the recommended books are presented that way, if you scan to the top of a thread, "books mentioned in this thread" are in a nice list on the side.

I only say this because the "funny but not quirky" RA thread is already 35 posts long and a lot of the recs are just in italics or regular text. If they were all in html links, if you read someone's initial query and agreed you could just look to the right side of your screen and see every recommendation without reading the entire thread.

Then again, maybe I'm just lazy...
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