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41761 Heck no!!! he can't go he is hilarious!! i laughed in all the scenes he was in. He is awesome!
Jan 30, 2011 07:09PM

41761 B. I always read the back blurb and the book caught my interest.
41761 Nathaniel of course!!! he is sooooo my man!!!! i love him! he is so sweet and caring and understanding, but he is jealous and protective when he needs to be. He would have to dial that down with me hahaha.
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Jan 30, 2011 07:06PM

41761 Napolean did it because Jocelyn was freaking out about nathaniel taking the baby away.
41761 Hi my name is Lopez...I love to read when i get an interesting book. I loved this book. It kept me interested until the very end :). She is an amazing writer and i cant wait for the second book to come out.

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