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Dragons name (163 new)
Apr 28, 2012 07:39AM

4170 Maybe Lord Swaser is his title... like how you have Lord Blah of Placename you just call them Lord Placename sometimes...
Apr 27, 2012 02:10PM

4170 RE: Paul: << Record directly to YouTube via WebCam... I'm not gonna call it "good" but it works fine... also most Digital Cameras these days record video which can be uploaded to YouTube... you just need a friend, a tripod or a stack of books.
Dragons name (163 new)
Apr 18, 2012 10:33AM

4170 Matilda was a book first... which makes it an even better suggestion. Perhaps "Mat" for short.

Or, "a chaotic sensation which only fancy could transmute into sound, but we call him Bob" (or Spike, Pig, or similar...).
Or Staples, after Clive staples Lewis who wrote both Fantasy and Sci-Fi... and also because Staples is a funny.
Marmite book? (16 new)
Apr 18, 2012 10:18AM

4170 Children of Dune... or really any of the Dune books... it seems that as the series progresses peoples opinions of them become increasingly polarized.

I found that it wasn't so much that one "loved or hated" the Baroque Cycle so much as "had or lacked the patience" for them. I've never me anyone who actually managed to FINISH them and still hated them.
Apr 18, 2012 07:09AM

4170 I was coming to goodreads to log having finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and noticed more people posting in this thread and it triggered a thought.

"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" is hard to follow and has multiple threads without feeling disjointed. It has a depressed protagonist and a parade despicable characters that I was actually interested in reading about. It rambles on about incidental aspects of the world and characters while following a nominally predictable "main story" but managed to engage me with the world and the characters enough to keep reading.

It's not that it's impossible to write a good book with despicable characters, a convoluted plot, and threads that end up going nowhere leaving the reader guessing... it's just that the author of The Magicians failed to do so.
Apr 13, 2012 11:00AM

4170 I felt the same way but had different reasons for feeling that way which probably ties in to the whole "disjointed" thing Barry mentioned. Great story, great world, hard to read book.

We are past the point of spoilers so I'll assume you've finished the book if you are reading this but... SPOILERS!!!

I feel two things, first, there was a "Tune in Next Week" feel to the last few chapters of the book which I think might explain why so many things were left unexplained (leaving stuff for the sequel) and second I think there was meant to be an undercurrent of "Jane manipulating events such that things all ended up the right way at the right time."

The mirror (hinted to be showing Filiory) kept Penny from syncing with Alice and Q and kept him back a year so he'd be left adrift as a guy who specialized in dimension hopping somewhere that he could find the button... Alice's brother dying due to someone "maybe in another universe" manipulating her brother's girlfriend and resulting in his death which made her know what she needed to do in the final moments while also keeping her back a year thus ensuring she would meet Q and be there to follow him to Filory despite her natural inclinations to stay home... Jane showing up whenever needed to ensure Q went the right way... and the Faculty's acceptance of Jane's presence in the first place... but I feel like the author failed to draw this picture well enough for it to shape itself into the mystery/conspiracy he meant it too. This meant that Jane revealing herself in what should have been a second climax just feels like an afterthought.

We were therefore left with a cast of seemingly aimless hateable (or flat) characters hopping from one thing to the next and discovering answers to questions the reader hadn't been given the chance to ask.
Apr 13, 2012 10:45AM

4170 Hello, I'm just a guy who occasionally reads voraciously... I found this group via the whole Geek&Sundry thing but I was on Good Reads prior.

I like reading sci-fi and fantasy, but usually any fantasy is modern fantasy or fantasy with a sci-fi feel or whatever it is Terry Pratchett writes. I'm ambivalent on the whole "Swords and Sorcery" thing... I like swords and magic and Dungeons & Dragons style games well enough but just seem to get bored when I read books about them.

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