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Aug 10, 2014 03:44AM

4170 Finished Robert McCammon's The Queen of Bedlam on Audible.
My review

Starting the much anticipated Fool's Assassin by Robin Hobb
Aug 04, 2014 02:33AM

4170 Finished China Mieville's The City and the City
My review

Starting Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven
Aug 03, 2014 01:08PM

4170 Tamahome wrote: "What are some good audiobooks where, if your mind drifts for a minute, you don't get completely lost and think "I'd better read this instead"?"

I like Name of the Wind as narrated by Rupert Degas -
Anything Abercrombie as read by Steven Pacey-
Blood Song works well in audio and is probably my favourite book this year.

Anything by Aastair Reynolds that is narrated by John Lee is good.
The Dresden books are good in audio.
Jul 27, 2014 01:42PM

4170 @Rob - Your link for Mr Mercedes loops back to this thread
Jul 25, 2014 08:07PM

4170 Finished China Mieville's The Scar
My review

Continuing my Mieville binge with The City and the City
Jul 25, 2014 03:10AM

4170 Finished the second book of The Raven's Shadow series with Tower Lord on Audible.
My review

Starting The Queen of Bedlam by Robert McCammon, also on Audible
4170 Blood Song is the best fantasy I've read for a while
Jul 17, 2014 04:59PM

4170 Rob wrote: "Yet I know it's called Spaceballs, not Screwballs."

Bah! Whatever it was called - both have balls and waving big sticks around.
Jul 17, 2014 04:25PM

4170 Whatcha talkin bout Rob? You were only like 5yo when that movie came out.

Jul 17, 2014 01:34PM

4170 Tamahome wrote: "Screwballs. Wikipedia used to say it was the book the movie Major League was based on, but it doesn't say that anymore.


I saw the movie...fantastic! - "Use the Schwartz, Lone Starr! Use the Schwartz!"
Jul 15, 2014 12:28PM

4170 kvon wrote: "But I just got through the Y'Ghatan section, and that plus the tentacular horrors of The Laundry combined for some weird nightmares. "

So...Y'Ghatan made you need to do your Laundry with a capital "L"? Can't say I messed my own pants reading that part but it was horrific.
Jul 11, 2014 09:08PM

4170 Rabindranauth wrote: "I hope you enjoyed Tower Lord more than I did, man. Considering you're going in right off the high of Blood Song, you probably will."

I find myself reading two second books straight after two 5 star reads - this one and The Scar by China Mieville. Hopefully the goodness continues
Jul 11, 2014 06:58PM

4170 Finished Blood Song by Anthony Ryan on Audible. My favourite read of the year so far.
My review

Going straight on to the second book in the series Tower Lord also on Audible
Jul 09, 2014 04:26AM

4170 Finished China Mieville's Perdido Street Station
My review

Moving on to his next book in the series The Scar
Jul 08, 2014 02:17PM

4170 That was a massacre
Jul 08, 2014 02:00PM

4170 Rabindranauth wrote: "Reading Robin Hobb for the very first time with Assassin's Apprentice. I'm regretting not having done so sooner. "

I think you'll have many moons of enjoyment ahead of you. I love Robin Hobb.
Jul 05, 2014 05:37PM

4170 Jenny (Reading Envy) wrote: "I was in Brisbane in 1994. Honorary member! Or should I say honourary...."

Yes! You need to be able to spell properly to be an honorary member.
Jul 05, 2014 05:35PM

4170 Trike wrote: "I visited Sydney last October. Lovely city. Saw South Pacific in the Opera House, which seemed appropriate. No idea how anyone can afford to live there, though."

I don't think anyone lives in the opera house.
Jul 04, 2014 02:52PM

4170 Rob wrote: "David Sven wrote: "Rupert Degas also narrates Patrick Rothfuss King Killer chronicles. One of my favourite narrators."

Not in the US."

That's just criminal!
Jul 04, 2014 01:45PM

4170 Rupert Degas also narrates Patrick Rothfuss King Killer chronicles. One of my favourite narrators.

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