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Jan 02, 2012 01:49AM

41453 Amalia wrote: "I'm entering Year 10 (14-15 years old) this February (schools in New Zealand start their year in Feb). I think that's 10th Grade in the US..?

Anyway... the subjects I have are English, Science, Ma..."

You would be a freshman 9th grade in the US, and you're schooling is sort of similar to mine. My last required year for PE was also when I was fifteen.I love English and Science too. :)
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Dec 31, 2011 04:43PM

41453 Firestormkittycat wrote: "Hey Kaitlin, we have remarkably similar classes!! To be expected, since
I'm a sophomore too. Honors Alg 2, honors chem, and am studs (which is like a pre-AP English/history class), but then I've go..."

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It builds leadership and business skills (including public speaking). We also compete in competitive events at regional, state, and national levels.
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Dec 31, 2011 04:22PM

41453 Asiyah wrote: "I have 9 classes incuding gym. I'm in 7th grade even though my school asked me to move up to 8th grade, which (thanks to my parents) i had a choice in and i denied (long story :)) They I'm super sm..."

Wow, 9 classes! I still get amazed whenever people say that they have that many classes in one day. I have 5 periods a day, and we go by trimesters instead of semesters.

I'm a sophomore, and I take AP world history, Algebra 2, Honors English and Chemistry. I also take a class for my FBLA club. My school doesn't have a lot of options due to budget cuts, especially in languages (only Spanish), but I'm glad that advanced classes are available.
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Nov 29, 2011 04:19PM

41453 Hi everyone, I'm Kaitlin. I just joined a minute ago. :)

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