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Dec 06, 2010 05:42PM

40899 I posted a review of "A Sceptical Medium" to my GoodReads bookshelf tonight. I'll reprint it here:

I have to admit that my review is a bit prejudiced because I know Lorraine, personally. Now let me tell you why. I met her on Authonomy and, like every person she's probably encountered at one point or another -- I wanted to ask her about my dead son. I warmed up to her, complimented her writing and then sent her a picture as a "test." Next thing I knew, I was talking with my mother, my son and our dog, Simon. I can hear you laughing...even that little snicker in your voice that sounds like a kid wondering about Santa Claus or Father Christmas -- "...really?" Yes, really. She didn't charge me a red penny, not a pound, a farthing, nothing. She didn't ask for anything from me. And I'm not saying that mediums should do pro bono work to prove themselves out. I'm saying that the only thing this woman was concerned about was that she knew I was still in quite a quandary about publishing or not publishing my book. She knew that I was looking for my boy. And I don't have the abilities that she does. So she gave me nearly an entire morning of her heart - her generosity, her talent.

A Sceptical Medium is a harsh book in a lot of ways. Lorraine doesn't pull punches about how she feels about "spiritualists" or people who charge for the same knowledge she was given, naturally. She does not suffer fools gladly. Realize, as well, that this book is a compilation of blogs -- so some of the lessons are repetitive. I felt like I was being "told" in a lot of respects. In that same breath -- I learned about how to test myself to see if I could feel my aura. I can't. I learned that there are mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, and not all of them are the same. I learned that she was scared out of her mind to face what she was -- what she could do -- and wondered if it would cause her serious problems in the church...not to mention her friends, her family, complete strangers...and she took the chance to do good -- anyway.

What I learned about the main character in “A Sceptical Medium” is that I'm grateful she walked smack dab into my life because she knew I was looking. Ha - and I thought I conned HER into helping me.

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