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Jun 07, 2011 06:18AM

40089 I'm always reading 2-4 books at a time. Usually different styles. At the moment it's fiction, a short story collection, and a book of interviews.
May 25, 2011 12:41PM

40089 I read The Paris Review Interviews Volume I, The Paris Review Interviews Volume II and I've started on the third one - they've been excellent. Varied, and fascinating to see what certain writers focus on, and what's important to them.

I've also learned I have a mad crush on Highsmith's Talented Mr Ripley, a shame, as he's not one much for women.

Ruth Roach Pierson's third collection of poems, Contrary was fabulous, as was Jim Johnstone's Patternicity.

Virginia Woolf, a biography by Julia Briggs, was an insightful look into Woolf's process, and the effects her life and history had on her books.

I've been more surprised by the books I've found, well, mediocre. Anna Karenina is supposed to be a timeless classic, but I was frustrated by the gross amounts of space devoted to Russian farming techniques. The Master and Margarita was rather bizarre, but perhaps I just don't understand the period enough to appreciate the satire.
May 24, 2011 08:17AM

40089 I set a goal of 100, which should be easy to top as I've already read 56 books this year.

I've had the same goal for the past two years and always topped it, with 102 in 2009 and 110 in 2010.

As 2011 is YOSS, Year of the Short Story, so I'm planning to make short story collections a noted feature in my reading list. Which, again, shouldn't be difficult, as I read quite a few of them each year anyway. (More details on this on my blog:, if you're interested.)

I read widely: fiction, contemporary and classics, poetry, non-fiction, philosophy, psychology, mythology, theory, graphic novels (which I omit from my count as I tend to go through them quickly), and almost anything I can get my hands on, really.

I like that GoodReads has a tracking system. It tells me that I'm 17 books ahead of schedule for this year, which sounds impressive, until I have to crunch down at work and get behind, heh.
May 22, 2011 07:55PM

40089 Very much into the paper book deal.

It's how books were meant to be read. Typesetting, design and the look and feel of the book - no e-reader can compare.

Book City has it right:
May 21, 2011 06:53PM

40089 I'm more likely to pick up a book if it's set in Toronto, where I live. I like reading stories about places I know. There are more now than there used to be, but it still seems novel, somehow.

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