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Feb 03, 2014 06:32PM

37584 Melissa wrote: "I may be a little behind but I'm going to try to make it! 8:30 is right smack in the middle of Supernatural though lol"

HaHa! I'll be watching it too. No worries!
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Feb 03, 2014 05:32PM

37584 Jane wrote: "I am so excited to be rereading this wonderful book--my third time--but I have to miss tomorrow night's chat (going to see Alton Brown in Colo Springs!).

At any rate, I wanted to share this Goog..."

Thanks for the map, Jane! Yeah, I think I got that far in the book previously and I remember that about it too.

Oooh, Alton Brown! Love him! Have fun. =O)
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Feb 03, 2014 05:31PM

37584 Melissa wrote: "Ill read with you guys!!!"

Yay, Melissa! Are you still going to be with us? Hope so!
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Feb 03, 2014 05:30PM

37584 Rosina wrote: "First time participating. Not too sure how to do the twitter on Tuesday. Could someone let me know."


Have you ever chatted on Twitter with a hashtag (a word with the # symbol in front)? Basically, you just type in #TuesBookTalk into the search box on Twitter and it will bring up all the tweets for our chat. Then, when you respond or post a tweet, be sure to include #TuesBookTalk on every tweet so we see yours. The time is 8:30pm Central Time/9:30pm Eastern Time. Not sure what time zone you're in.

I hope I explained it well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I will be putting up separate discussion tabs for each week for people to discuss in the group too.


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Feb 01, 2014 12:49AM

37584 I'm SO excited! And so pleased that so many are joining in. We will definitely have some discussion here on Goodreads so be sure to stop by and share if you can't make it to the chats on Tuesday nights.
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Jan 31, 2014 08:13AM

37584 My copy has 627 pages, just for reference.

Week One (Feb. 4) - Ch. 1 - 5
Week Two (Feb. 11) - Ch. 6 - 10
Week Three (Feb. 18) - Ch. 11 - 16
Week Four (Feb. 25) - Ch. 17 - 22
Week Five (Mar. 4) - Ch. 23 - 24
Week Six (March 11) - Ch. 25 - 29
Week Seven (Mar. 18) - Ch. 30 - 35
Week Eight (Mar. 25) - Ch. 36 - end
Jan 20, 2014 05:31PM

37584 I wanted to put this note in here just for your information. For the sake of fairness and all.

For any poll we have in the group, I always vote randomly. I assign each answer in the poll a number based on alphabetical order and I use random.org to select my choice randomly. In a case where there are a few books, or genres, with a much higher number of votes then the others, I will randomly select between those. I also sometimes use my vote as a tie breaker and I also do this randomly.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Jan 02, 2014 09:46PM

37584 Andi wrote: "Hello everyone! I found this group via Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity blog. Our face-to-face book club is reading Possession in January, and I need all the support I can get on t..."

Welcome, Andi! We're glad to have you with us on Possession. We read a new book each month (sometimes longer if it's a terribly long book). We choose by first voting on genre and then I compile a list of books from my extensive home library (I have 3000+ books) and we vote on which book we would like to read. Sometimes we have themed reading, like during Halloween...always a scary read...and Christmas.

Again, thanks for joining us. I have participated (a bit silently) in a few of your read-a-longs at Estella's Revenge. Also, congrats on your upcoming wedding!


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Jan 01, 2014 08:51PM

37584 Melissa W wrote: "I am going to try my best to keep on schedule for the book, but I don't have the book yet in my possession (picking it up from the library tomorrow)"

Glad you'll be joining us, Melissa!
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Dec 29, 2013 11:04PM

37584 Lucy wrote: "Michelle/ wrote: "Lucy wrote: "Thanks, Michelle. I read Possession years ago, but I will try a reread and drop in for Tuesday twitter chat. :) Best to you in New Year!"

I hope you will! I voted fo..."

It probably will. I've reread books I read 20 years ago and it has been almost a new experience, or an enhanced experience for books I really love. You're making me very excited to read this one...yay!

I'm still working on Winter Solstice, if you can believe it. Christmas is always so busy. My reading really suffers. =O(
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Dec 28, 2013 11:49PM

37584 Lucy wrote: "Thanks, Michelle. I read Possession years ago, but I will try a reread and drop in for Tuesday twitter chat. :) Best to you in New Year!"

I hope you will! I voted for Bel Canto, but Possession won out in the end. I don't really mind though because every book I put on the polls are books I own and have been wanting to read. HaHa!

Best wishes in the New Year!
Dec 28, 2013 02:23AM

37584 Share your thoughts...
Dec 28, 2013 02:22AM

37584 Share your thoughts...
Dec 28, 2013 02:22AM

37584 Share your thoughts...
Dec 28, 2013 02:21AM

37584 Share your thoughts...
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Dec 28, 2013 02:21AM

37584 My copy has 555 pages, just for reference.

Week One (Jan. 7) - Ch. 1 - 7 (ending on page 141)
Week Two (Jan. 14) - Ch. 8 - 13 (ending on pg. 284)
Week Three (Jan. 21) - Ch. 14 - 19 (ending on pg. 413)
Week Four (Jan. 28) - Ch. 20 - end of book
Sep 01, 2013 09:40PM

37584 Aleksandra wrote: "Hi, I'm Aleksandra, a book blogger from Macedonia, and my blog is Aleksandra's Corner. Although I'm new to the group, Michelle here knows me ;)"

Welcome to the group, Aleksandra! So glad to see another of my friends in the group. =O)
Apr 02, 2013 10:54AM

37584 Lucy wrote: "Greetings! I am grateful to be invited to join your discussions of classic books! I'm already enjoying revisiting Rebecca.

I'm new to Goodreads discussions, but not new to Twitter (as Jane will t..."

So glad to have you in our group and that you will join us on Twitter. We're pretty laid back in our chats so I hope that will be okay with you. Welcome to the group!
Jan 20, 2013 11:19PM

37584 Welcome, Lori! Great to have you in the group. Hope you'll join us for some read-a-long chats. =O)
Nov 04, 2012 04:18PM

37584 Please join me in welcoming Heather as our new moderator. Heather has been a member of TuesBookTalk for a long time and she's my loyal partner on the Tuesday night chats on Twitter. She will be manning the discussion threads now so we should have some more lively discussion there from now on. =O) You can visit Heather here on Goodreads (look for her in the right sidebar of the group as moderator) and you can visit her blog, Between the Covers here: http://btweenthecovers.com/

Thanks, Heather! You are a big help and a great friend!

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