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Jun 09, 2013 02:35PM


Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Right now you can download a FREE copy of the Audio-book version of "The Choosing", Book One of my Best selling Blood and Brotherhood Saga. Just follow this link:
and Sign up to download it free.
After that, if you do not wish to say subscribed, simply follow the directions to unsubscribe.

Audiobooks are a great way to pass time on a long road trip, a flight, or even during your morning workout or run. I do hope you will take the time to download your very own copy, and enjoy it free of charge. Have a great summer!

Please feel free to share on your social media or blog, and you can also invite your friends to Download their own copy.

Thank you all!
Oct 13, 2012 06:04AM

36506 FREE TODAY - The Choosing - over 60 reviews 4.2star fantasy compared to series like The Hunger games and Twilight. See for yourself.
Apr 15, 2012 09:10PM

36506 OK Got everyone in this post...Likes...tags...and helpful reviews...tomorrow I will tackle the original post.

Thanks in advance for any who might reciprocate!
Apr 15, 2012 08:25PM

36506 Caron wrote: "Hey, I'm new but would love to participate! I'll be happy to tag and like other authors' books too."

I would be interested in a little exposure on your blog.
Apr 15, 2012 08:23PM

36506 Count me in too.. Meanwhile I will log into Amazon and go on a liking and tagging spree :)
and for you facebookers
and I can always use more friends here on Goodreads :)

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