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Aug 18, 2014 09:03AM

36157 This sounds like something I would be interested in. Google Earth gives us the chance to visit the whole planet without leaving home.
36157 Watch lightning strikes mapped like a real-time.

36157 Things have been quiet around here lately so here is

40 maps that explain food in America

The distribution of hogs in the first map helps explain the current feral hog problem. The introduction of Russian boars in the 1930s helped as well.

I have always liked the Waffle House scale, they just need to add some locations down the Texas coast.

36157 8 Maps That Will Change the Way You Look at Africa
and not just Africa but any area

36157 Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2012

An interactive map from the Pew Research Center of the flow of remittances around the world.

36157 A map of how much snow it takes to cancel school.

I live in one of the green areas of Texas and we had two inches January 24 and they did in fact cancel school. I drove my dad to a meeting that morning and we went past four schools in different districts and they all were closed.


Redditor atrubetskoy created this map that shows how much snow, on average, it takes to cancel school across the United States. Atrubetskoy also shared some other facts:

The lightest green says "any snow" but also includes merely the prediction of snow. Also, this is snow accumulation over 24 hours/overnight.

In much of the Midwest and Great Plains, school closing often depends more on wind chill and temperature than on snow accumulation ("cold days"). Thus, this map may be misleading in those areas.

Many jurisdictions in California and other western states have significantly varied snowfall, depending on elevation. This makes it difficult to find an "average" number, or often makes it misleading.

Urban areas like Chicago and New York have more resources to clear snow and often need more to cause closings.

To everyone saying "I grew up in so-and-so and we never closed school," policies have changed in the last 20 years to make closing a much more common occurrence. Just because schools stayed open back then doesn't mean they do these days.

Hawaii does get snow! Just… not where people live.

Data was taken from hundreds of various points from user responses and interpolated using NOAA's average annual snowfall days map. Any corrections/additions are welcome, just give a decently specific location.
36157 I like it, but I can not tell if I would end up in Houston or the Big Thicket. The 50 states and 50 metros map was interesting, it took me a long time to locate San Antonio and Austin because they are one hole in Texas.

Nov 23, 2013 02:05PM

36157 Here is an article in The Guardian

36157 How opting out of Medicaid expansion punishes the poor

The only state lower than Texas is Alabama.
Nov 16, 2013 11:27AM

36157 It sounds good to me.

36157 European etymology maps of various commons words

Watch the Hungarian word it is usually nothing like their neighbors.

36157 Here is an interactive map of migration in the USA.

36157 The first time it put me in Vermont, which is one of the few conterminous states I have never even driven through. The second time Washington. Of course as they say Oklahoma is OK.

36157 Here we have a map showing the most visited web site in each country.

Another map showing the media access in the USA (sort of)

36157 From the decline of the Roman Empire to World War II, a YouTube channel of map animations of history.

36157 Click on Carna Botnet which will bring up a larger and slower map, the legend is in the lower left corner.
Wikipedia says "The Carna Botnet was a botnet of 420,000 devices created by hackers to measure the extent of the Internet in what the creators called the “Internet Census of 2012”."

36157 GeoGuessr click on the map to guess where the image is. I hope you do better than I did.

36157 From Huffington Post, Mapping the Dead: Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook

Feb 17, 2013 04:52PM

Feb 17, 2013 02:03PM

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