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Jan 10, 2012 08:09AM

3551 This is a little late, but I agree with Tatiana and Annalisa. I have stopped halfway through the book because though the book holds a special meaning for me, I just can't seem to get engaged by the narration. It is different from usual narrations, but different in a way that isn't exactly good. It sometimes falls a bit flat, and yes, I am also starting to think he may have a disability. Perhaps a disability that prevents him from understanding how the world works, aye? I really really wanted (want) to like (love) this book.. Maybe when I finish the book, I'll snap the book shut with a happy sigh. But so far... it's pretty disappointing. Gosh. I feel like I betrayed the book just by putting "the book" and "disappointing" in the same sentence. I really hope it'll turn out to be a good book that I'll love in the end.
May 29, 2011 04:14AM

3551 It said mine was 250 - 300 words per minute. But applying that to the type of books i read isn't that fair since I read YA, and there's hardly any heavy reading to be found there unlike the provided text! I can burn through a book, even two, in a day but that's only if I have the whole day free.
With school, probably two to three days, but I no longer can achieve that-I no longer even read when there's school.
May 29, 2011 04:02AM

3551 I'm not so sure this is considered dystopian, but it features a end-of-the-world sort of theme: So This Is How It Ends by Tui. T Sutherland - the AVATARS series.

I haven't read many dystopian-themed books before, not even the famed The Giver (I'll get to that someday!!) but my favourite so far is The Hunger Games. Nothing beats it!!

Oh and I also LOVE The Chrysalids as mentioned by Stéphanie. I think it's wonderful. The Knife of Never Letting Go is also an amazing series!

So far, I've also read Matched and Delirium.. Mhmmm. They're fine I suppose, but they just aren't as forceful as THG.
Worst YA books (536 new)
Nov 16, 2010 06:11AM

3551 Delia wrote: "I never really cared for Gossip girl ... I just don't find it interesting and it's always the same in the end. People break up & get back together, and are backstabbing each other. Cool story, bro."

I really wanted to read Gossip Girls because it was that popular (kind of) but later I decided it just wasn't worth my time.
Worst YA books (536 new)
Nov 16, 2010 12:27AM

3551 Rose wrote: "Amanda (Cirque Du Freak Freak) wrote: "That's not even cool! An author is suppose to write his/her own books not profit from someone elses writings!"

You'd be surprised by how many authors have gh..."

V.C Andrews is/has a ghost writer?! Okay. Let me go Wiki that right away!!
Sep 03, 2010 07:59AM

3551 Mahina, yeah, right?! It was such an irony that

Katniss volunteered to take Prim's place, went through SO much just to see Prim killed in the end, all the same.

It's actually a pretty nice touch though... If it was just all happily ever after.. I think I'd be touched but after a while, kinda scorn at it.. I agree with Lisa.

Great great GREAT series all the same. Had me crying on and on.
Vampire Academy (46 new)
Sep 03, 2010 07:55AM

3551 Lori wrote: "VA is one of my top vampire series to read. I would say it is tie between VA and the Blue Bloods sereis. I likethe both for different reasons.

One of the reasons I like VA so much is that Rose..."

Hmm.. I find that VA is so much more better than the Blue Bloods series.... Maybe 'coz I feel like the BB well.. just not as well written.. pretty good storyline but really, just too draggy for my taste. VA is in a world of its own.. :) Great writing, awesome characters, flawlessness personified. (Sheesh)
Stolen (15 new)
Sep 03, 2010 07:52AM

3551 Yeah, I agree with you, A.T.! It made me feel.. I don't know, all mixed-up.. It was a pretty wondrous book.. I liked it. :) And of course, I liked (loved?) Ty.. Sheesh. Which is why Lucy Christopher definitely deserved to win that award (can't rmb the exact name right away)! :)
Vampire Academy (46 new)
Jul 23, 2010 06:56AM

3551 It's so much more than just a teen read kinda book!! Its series name: Vampire Academy can be pretty off-putting, especially with all that hype about vampires and all but thing is, once you start, YOU CAN'T STOP.

VA is truly breathtakingly, fantastically, wonderfully, AMAZING. One of the best best BEST series I ever read. To be honest, the idea of anyone disliking the series or finding it boring is pretty much inconceivable. It is definitely not a series to be missed; I just can't WAIT for Last Sacrifice!!!
Jul 23, 2010 06:44AM

3551 I love Yelena. Period.
Jul 23, 2010 06:36AM

3551 Kinda reminds me of the Blue Bloods series; fallen angels etc. The story was not too bad.... but just not enough to really get me hooked and yearn for more though I know I will definitely read the next book. It was alright, I guess.
Favorite YA series (208 new)
Jun 24, 2010 02:19AM

3551 Vampire Academy is really awesome in my opinion. So long since I went pretty gaga over a series. Twilight series wasn't bad but since the huge hype.. it doesn't hold much appeal anymore.
Chaos Walking-I'm in the middle of the last book now but I can safely say that the first two were REAL GOOD. Really unique series.
Graceling.. not sure if it's a series since Bitterblue isn't published yet.. but Graceling was GOOD. Fire by Kristin Cashore is great too.

That's about all that came to mind. :)
3551 "In one hand, he was holding a book with a blue velvet cover, and he kept gesturing to it and asking her something."

-Vampire Diaries: The Struggle by L.J. Smith
Worst YA books (536 new)
Jun 16, 2010 10:04PM

3551 The House of Night series was good the first time round; you know, an ordinary girl who is visited by this goddess who blesses with kick-ass powers with which she goes on to get in goals for the 'good' side. The plot can be pretty good and the story sometimes intense and usually the series was un-put-down-able for me but I have to say that I REALLY REALLY hate that the authors seem to be dragging their way through the books. I never read any series more so than this; it's like one book only serves to further the story by a little. The rest of the book was just filled up with worries from Zoey about her many boyfriends. Sometime earlier I reread the series and found the series real annoying. Burned is out but according to the reviews, it's just (yet) another of their fill-up-the-list books. Not gonna be spending my money even to RESERVE (not buy!) the book from the library! But it has to be admitted I will probably follow the series through.

Another series I really thought bad was Skinned. Or whatever the series' name is. I know the first book as titled Skinned, the second Crashed and let me tell you I could BARELY make it through Skinned. Really. One of the worst books I ever read.

Evermore really did feel like a rip-off from Twilight (which I liked a lot but since the hype? uh, not so much) - at the start. In Blue Moon and Shadowland, it kinda gets better (for me at least).
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Jun 16, 2010 09:38PM

3551 Hey everyone, I'm from Singapore and am a recent member of Goodreads. Like many, I too, wish I'll never grow too old for YA!! I don't usually buy books so the library is one of my favourite places in the world. And I think this group will be one of my faourite groups too:D

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