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Feb 15, 2013 07:31AM

33903 Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ wrote: "??? (In)visible by Anyta Sunday maybe?"

Nope. Thanks!
Feb 14, 2013 07:47PM

33903 Sandra wrote: "If all else fails, you can post in the Group - What Book is That?"

Great idea! I didn't know there was a group like that. Thank you!!!
Feb 14, 2013 07:37PM

33903 Sandra wrote: "Good luck Zaanodes :)"

Thanks! I think I am going to need it!! lol
Feb 14, 2013 07:36PM

33903 Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ wrote: "I was more thinking along the line of a cape or being a ghost."

Thank you. I didn't explain it well enough.
Feb 14, 2013 07:35PM

33903 Jean wrote: "Is it Nobody? "

Nope. Thank you, though.
Feb 14, 2013 07:30PM

33903 The line is not paranormal in nature. Not ghosts or superpowers or anything like that.

It epiphany? Sort of. It is a realization that a person has to see their own self worth before others can acknowledge or recognize them. Kind of the kid who nobody remembers from school realizing that s/he was worth something then others begin to see it as well. It is not others ignoring you that causes you to be invisible, it is you ignoring yourself that causes you to be invisible to everyone else.

Damn, this is bugging me. I don't remember if I got the book or not. I don't remember if it was from this thread or not.

I do remember it was within the last week. This thread and the Amazon 100 free list are the only two places it could have been. I have checked a lot of this thread and haven't found it. Of course, the Amazon 100 free changes who knows...the ones I have looked at weren't the right one.

But I have gotten A LOT of freebies in the last day or so trying to find the right book! lol
Feb 14, 2013 01:55PM

33903 Thanks for trying. Blood Destiny isn't it.

What other few that aren't YA are you thinking of?

It is the line about being invisible that I am looking for. The book could be PNR or Horror or...
Feb 14, 2013 01:00PM

33903 Help, please.

I thought the book blurb was from this thread but I haven't been able to find it.

The blurb says something about not being invisible when others don't pay attention to you but when you stop seeing yourself.

I thought it was from a YA book from a females POV. I may be totally wrong though!

Thank you!
Bushfires!! (25 new)
Feb 04, 2013 04:05PM

33903 Sandra wrote: "Thanks Zaanodes :D"

You are most welcome.
Feb 04, 2013 04:03PM

33903 Stephanie wrote: "That is pretty awesome about the Terry Goodkind book. I have been wanting to give him a shot. Lame that it isn't book 1 though =("

The first was free in June, 2011...Two more years and the 3rd one will be free???

It is a great series. I highly recommend it.
Introduce Yourself (1009 new)
Feb 04, 2013 11:37AM

33903 Sara wrote: "Hi, my name is Sara..."

Welcome, Sara!
Feb 04, 2013 10:21AM

33903 Wow, Valerie! Your dedication astounds me!

Thank you!!!!!
Bushfires!! (25 new)
Feb 04, 2013 10:20AM

33903 From one extreme to the other...Dang! Thoughts are with everyone!
Introduce Yourself (1009 new)
Feb 04, 2013 07:52AM

33903 Ya'll just give me the warm fuzzies ;)
Introduce Yourself (1009 new)
Feb 03, 2013 08:54AM

33903 Awww. Thank you!
Introduce Yourself (1009 new)
Feb 03, 2013 06:08AM

33903 lol, Sandra! I am well. Glad to be back.
Introduce Yourself (1009 new)
Feb 03, 2013 05:54AM

33903 Thank you, Steph! The best for the New Year to you and yours!
Introduce Yourself (1009 new)
Feb 01, 2013 08:13PM

33903 How have you and yours been?
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Feb 01, 2013 06:42PM

33903 Sandra wrote: "Welcome back Zaanodes :DDDDDDD

Lovely new avatar as well!"

Miss Sandra! Hallo!!
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Feb 01, 2013 04:25PM

33903 Well, I am not new. I have been inactive for a long time. I chose this thread to jump back in.

My name is Zaanodes, also known as Sedona.

I have thought of all my good friends on GoodReads often. Thinking of all of you brought many smiles. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you.

Thank you to everyone for all the smiles!
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