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Jun 25, 2012 08:06AM

33864 Heidi wrote: "I am looking for a recommendation for a general place/time period: Scotland/Wales either 17th or 18th century. I loved Outlander (read multiple times), but not that whole series. I'm looking for a..."
Victoria, I haven't read Genevieve Graham, but both books look intriguing. I had Laiden's Daughter on my radar already since Emory was reading it, but didn't know the setting worked so well. It's only .99 cents on Kindle!
JUST FOR FUN (68 new)
Jun 25, 2012 08:01AM

33864 Thanks for all your effort with these. I haven't read any of these. I'm so excited to get reading! I almost have too many choices now (a good predicament). I've been checking Kindle prices and I'll head out to my favorite used book stores this week.
JUST FOR FUN (68 new)
Jun 24, 2012 12:45PM

33864 I am looking for a recommendation for a general place/time period: Scotland/Wales either 17th or 18th century. I loved Outlander (read multiple times), but not that whole series. I'm looking for a summer read that captures a similar feel for adventure, history, and romance.
I also loved The Winter Sea, Susanna Kearsley, set in Scotland 1708 and present day. So, I'm looking for a "if you liked that, you'll like this" kind of answer. Thanks in advance.
Mar 30, 2011 08:48AM

33864 I just finished Lian Hearn's series of 5 books - Tales of the Otori that take place in feudal Japan. They were fantastic and full of historical background on the culture and ruling systems. Each book has a romantic element to it that is fully a part of the story. You don't need to read all, but I urge you to try at least the first - Across the Nightingale Floor. It's a great escape read.
Jan 27, 2011 03:51PM

33864 Emery wrote: "Link to trailer for Horatio Hornblower. You'll love it!

Hornblower looks so familiar, yet if I've seen it it has been too long ago. I'm definitely going to watch that again. So many great actors in it. Goes well with M&C if one is looking for a high seas theme.
Jan 25, 2011 02:08PM

33864 What else is Richard Armitage in?
Jan 21, 2011 07:39AM

33864 Hey all of you North & South fans. I just finished the series and LOVED it. Thanks for suggesting it. I don't know how I missed it. I have to read the book now, which has fantastic reviews. I've read Austen and the Brontes', but never came across Gaskell. I want to read Cranford as well.
Jan 13, 2011 03:21PM

33864 Gaile wrote: "Where do you all get these movies? There is always the same selection on my TV even with the 400+ channels these days! Certainly I never see very many BBC movies. The only ones I have seen are the ..."

Gaile, you can order many through the library. It's a great resource. Netflix is worth checking into as well if you don't have it.
Jan 12, 2011 04:40PM

33864 I love getting all these new ideas for movies to watch! YES, to Gosford Park, M & M, Cranford, and most everything that the BBC puts out for period pieces. I will list some I don't see here, but are worth checking out.
Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant;
The Forsyth Saga;
The Buccaneers (both of these are BBC);
Duchess of Duke Street, starring a young Gemma Jones.
Then two of my favorite films: Charlotte Grey with Cate Blanchett as a French resistance fighter (novel by Sabastian Faulks);
The Horseman on the Roof with Juliette Binoche (subtitled) is a French Revolution/Plague story. Both have great romance elements.
Jul 04, 2010 04:15PM

33864 If you become a Barnes & Noble member for $25 a year, you get free express shipping on ANY amount you spend all the time. Plus, there are 30% -40% off coupons and specials through email regularly. You always get 10% off in stores - including cafe purchases.
Jun 28, 2010 05:59PM

33864 Emery wrote: "Heidi wrote: "I find myself wondering about the group definition of romance and whether it's pretty flexible? I'd like to put Octavia Butler's cult classic Kindred out as suggestion. It's a great..."

Yes, that helps a lot. So, something like Cold Mountain would work? Great book.
Jun 28, 2010 06:52AM

33864 I find myself wondering about the group definition of romance and whether it's pretty flexible? I'd like to put Octavia Butler's cult classic Kindred out as suggestion. It's a great inside look at an 1800s slave plantation in Maryland. The cool thing about this book is that the main character, Dana (a black feminist), travels from 1976 Los Angeles back to this plantation every time her white ancestor there is in danger of dying. If he dies, she won't exist. She gives a unique perspective on slave life because she must live as one while there. Romance comes in because back in Los Angeles she is newly married and the book also chronicles how her relationship endures. Her husband follows her back in time to try and protect her and gets stuck there too for many years - only he's white. I've taught this book and almost everyone loved it.
Jun 28, 2010 06:22AM

33864 Emery wrote: "Hey Heidi!
So glad to have you. This group is also new - only established last month and our reading list is slowly growing with some great recommendations from our members. We have books on our s..."

Thanks Emery for hosting. I joined two other groups, different genres, and there is no organization to them. I had to email the moderator of one to ask how to offer suggestions for the bookshelf; there were no topics! And it is several years old. So, from one organized person to another, thank-you.
Jun 28, 2010 06:15AM

33864 Sandi wrote: "hi Heidi..the bookThe Canterbury Papers: A NovelbyJudith Koll Healeyalso has a sequelThe Rebel PrincessI just got them today!"

I'm so excited that there's a sequel!! I'm going to go out and find it right away. I'm more than half-way through a good, but not fantastic Swedish mystery, and just finished the Stieg Larsson series before that - which I loved. So, I am so ready to leave the Scandos and go back in time to England : ) Thanks for the tip off.
p.s. yes, I thought of Christie too.
Jun 27, 2010 09:24AM

33864 I would like to recommend The Canterbury Papers by Judith Koll Healey. I has a great pace, is suspenseful, and romantic. The back cover reads, "Alais, the king of France's sister, is abducted while on her mission for the wily Eleanor of Aquitaine...to retrieve hidden letters that...could bring down the English king." The leader of the Knights Templar gets involved - an old friend/love.
Jun 27, 2010 09:12AM

33864 Sandi wrote: "have you triedThe Ruby Ring: A NovelorI, Mona Lisathese are done in the renaissance time. the ruby ring is about renaissance artist raphael I love this artist! and a keepe..."

I have read The Birth of Venus and In the Company of the Courtesan by Dunant and enjoyed both. They would fit nicely on our book shelf.
Jun 26, 2010 08:23AM

33864 Just joined Goodreads 6 days ago and am having so much fun! This group is a perfect fit for me. Historical Fiction is the genre I gravitate to the most, and I seem to pick the books that involve relationships. I like getting lost in another time period and feeling like I've learned a few things when I leave a book. I also like mixing historical fiction/romance with time travel. Diana Gabaldon's Outlander had me hooked. So, I'm happy to be on board and look forward to finding some great reads and sharing my favorites.

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