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Aug 13, 2010 09:15PM

31471 A lot of publishers and agents are starting to see self-publishing as a way for a writer to prove themselves, particularly with paper editions and all the marketing effort that goes with them, but what's their general view of e-books?

I've been doing a lot of the technical work for a self-published writer, and we're a little concerned that unleashing electronic versions at this stage could permanently sour any chance of picking up a traditional deal for this series. Electronic rights are going to be very important in the future, and easily pirateable pre-existing digital editions might put off a publisher... but digital copies can generate additional exposure and sales, and we've already had queries from people who wanted to buy a Kindle edition.

So... is a DRM-encumbered Kindle edition, and the ability to withdraw it from sale when the time comes, likely to put a publisher off?

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