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Nov 14, 2011 07:34AM

31471 Gwen, Tried to leave comment, but got confused by having to sign into Blogger. Anyway, it's a lovely blog. Have you tried going into classrooms to give presentations? That seems to work for another children's author I know.
Nov 14, 2011 06:58AM

31471 Gwen wrote: "Hi, I'm another newbie to the site. I've just published a children's rhyming picture book called 'The Champion Hare' and look forward to meeting other indie authors and swapping tips. It's comforti..."Gwen, which is your blog? I saw your website, but didn't see a place to leave comments. is there also a blog?
31471 Thanks, Jenn. I see what you mean, now. My twitter url is @sulerner. I think that's what you mean. I'm not on your list. I'll follow back. I follow Steve Martin. He's pretty funny.
31471 Jenn, I retweeted a post about my upcoming blog tour and then tweeted my blog post, but I realized I used #ebooks twice (and tried #shortstories and #kindlebooks). Sorry if that is overuse, but I promise not to do it again for a loooong while.
I really appreciate your explanation, though. Happy to retweet your tweet if you like. Do I just add your twitter name or something? If your sale is over, you can give me a different tweet. Your book sounds very entertaining.
Why do we write? (149 new)
Nov 10, 2011 07:09AM

31471 Thanks for sharing that, Amy. I think that many of us write for that reason. Someone recently asked me whether I always wanted to be a writer. I never thought of it that way, like I was making a decision. I just wrote.
I wish I'd started writing fiction when I was younger. I kept diaries and was a prolific letter writer and wrote essays and creative non-fiction (and was a lawyer). It was probably a good background in some ways, but I had a lot to learn about developing a plot, and that has taken a few years.
If you have a natural talent you should develop it.Good luck on your writing career!
31471 Jenn wrote: "I did a little experiment of a one week s

Jenn, Where did you put out the word of the sale? On Twitter? I am still trying to figure out how to tweet, exactly. Could you share the tweet you sent out? I set up an acct but I never use it.

31471 Bridget wrote: "I'm far from an expert myself, bi>

Hi Bridget,
You make some good points! I thought the same thing,initially, about the $.99 price, there were just too many books at that price, and it seemed a bit demeaning. Recently, though, I came across a self-published author and I liked the opening of her book but wasn't sure. However, I figured for $.99, why not? It's the first in a series and her next one is $3.99, so I see her strategy.
I have the short story collection (which is fairly short) and then some novels in the pipeline, but not yet published, so that strategy won't exactly work for me. Hmm.

31471 Amy Renée wrote: "Hi S.B.! I'm not an expert in publishing and pricing, but I am an expert in reading and buying. If a book is priced at $1.99 and I have never heard of it, I would hardly ever buy it. The descriptio..." Thanks, Amy. I think I agree, as a reader it's psychologically easier to take a chance on $.99, and since my collection is short, it might make sense. Still...
31471 My question is whether you think there is a big difference between selling for $.99 versus $1.99? I put my short story ebook collection out at $1.99 thinking it was worth at least that, but I've noticed that people often say they've read a book only becaues of the .99 price, and then discovered they liked it. I'm doing a blog tour soon, so I'm wondering if I should lower it, or if that makes it seem worthless?
Nov 01, 2011 07:08AM

31471 I got some friend/readers for a novel, and it was interesting that they often, separately, picked up on the same problems. They weren't line readers, just commented about characters, pacing, the story line, the writing in general. It helped. But it's nice to have a professional eye, if you can find a good one. I had a bad experience with an expensive and highly recommended editor. She found little to criticize, so it wasn't helpful at all.
I find that one of the best things to do is to put the manuscript aside for a few weeks, as long as you can, and then go back and reread it. Getting away from it will give you a new perspective.
BTw, there is a website that does allow people to post their work and get comments. If I think of it, I'll let you know. I decided not to do it, but it's just what you are asking for.
Oct 29, 2011 07:29PM

31471 S.B. wrote: "Sabine wrote: "S.B. wrote: "Sabine wrote: "S.B. wrote: "Delaney wrote: "Sabine wrote: "Hi. I have done a post on Do Author blogs sell books?
And I..."

Sabine, sorry, I read your post again and saw you meant print books, not ebooks. then I went to your blog. I have had the same experience you described in one post, that many people want a printed version of my book. The ebook is a good way to test it out, though, and maybe make changes before going to print.
By the way, I would read your book based on your blog, but I don't generally read fantasy. If you write any short fiction in fantasy, I'd be game to try it. I like short stories, and will venture out of genre for them.
Oct 29, 2011 08:34AM

31471 Sabine wrote: "S.B. wrote: "Sabine wrote: "S.B. wrote: "Delaney wrote: "Sabine wrote: "Hi. I have done a post on Do Author blogs sell books?
And I would love som..."

I have that book. It's called "In the Middle of Almost and Other stories." That's the one I want to publicize. Thanks again!
Oct 29, 2011 08:13AM

31471 Sabine wrote: "S.B. wrote: "Delaney wrote: "Sabine wrote: "Hi. I have done a post on Do Author blogs sell books?
And I would love some feedback on this? Are you ..."

That's a fabulous idea. I may actually use my FB Book page to do it, maybe pose questions about how to handle a similar situation or something like that. You know, what's funny is that I only published an ebook, but I keep wishing there were a print book to leaf through to spark ideas. I guess they will never go out of style. Next project is to do POD, if only to have copies for myself!
Oct 28, 2011 12:12PM

31471 Jenn wrote: "The main blog tie-in with my stories/novel is my humor blog. I've been writing on that one for over three years now and have done a combination of free fiction pieces, song parodies and general per..."
Thanks, again, Jenn. I'm thinking of using a FB book page for the short stories, and the blog for information about Poland and my other book which is about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Heavy stuff, though, and arouses too much passion, not always in a good way. Humor, fantasy has definite advantages. But you make a good point about starting early. I can see it is a long, slow process to build an audience. Is your blog the one listed on your page? I'd like to follow you!
Oct 28, 2011 07:24AM

31471 Jenn, Thanks for your input. Just wondering, did you blog about the subject of your short stories, as well? I have a friend/reader who has very exotic interpretations of my stories, that involve Jung and the Kaballah. I wonder if I should have him guest blog, or post questions about the stories or something. Also, do you have a Facebook book or author page? Are they useful, do you think? (You are becoming my mentor. Congratulations!)
Oct 28, 2011 07:01AM

31471 Delaney wrote: "Sabine wrote: "Hi. I have done a post on Do Author blogs sell books?
And I would love some feedback on this? Are you an author who is using your b..."

Sabine, I think you have the right idea. I would like to use my blog to give information about the subject of my books. It's a bit confusing, because I just published a collection of short stories about women who meet the wrong men, never quite get it right, and it's contemporary. My novel, not yet published, takes place in mid-1930s Poland. There is more to talk about on that one, but it's not out there, and the other one is an ebook. Hmm. Your post makes me think I should write about it anyway. Any thoughts?
Do you blog? (76 new)
Oct 16, 2011 03:55AM

31471 Jenn wrote: "For me it was joining blogger communities-- particularly ones involved in the niches I'm also passionate about-- and commenting on forums. Getting to know folks and letting them get to know me.

That sounds like a good system. I just find it overwhelming sometimes because there are so many blogs to slog through. Do you establish feeds to ones you like and just stick with a few?
Do you blog? (76 new)
Oct 16, 2011 03:53AM

31471 Virginia wrote: "@S.B. I surf blogs if I have a few minutes. Just click that 'next blog' thing. They see you visited, and if you comment they may hit your blog. Also mention new posts on twitter and facebook. Make..."

That's good advice. I looked at your blog. I like the name. What was the post that brought all the traffic? How do you track traffic, btw? I have a plugin on Wordpress which gives me some general stats, but I still find it confusing.
Do you blog? (76 new)
Oct 13, 2011 01:10PM

31471 I'm just curious about how people have built their blogging audience. Has it come about from searches, or more aggressive tactics?
Do you blog? (76 new)
Oct 12, 2011 12:32AM

31471 Reading this, I am thinking that it's too bad all authors are told they should blog. Truthfully, I originally only planned to to a website, just to have a place people could learn something about me and read a story. The website had a free blog, so I thought I'd post updates there. But somehow, I felt pressured to keep up the blog. It's fun, once in a while, to write something, but it has been a couple of months and I feel as though it has a life of its own (one of my blog posts...). The web is now cluttered with blogs that exist solely because we authors are 'told' we must have blogs. Something is wrong with this picture.
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