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Jul 12, 2015 04:37PM

3124 You could try the gods and monsters series (2 books so far)

Gods and Monsters: Mythbreaker

Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits

I found them a bit uneven but they did have some interesting ideas
3124 The immortal series was fun - always a plus - as Adam had to use his wits to survive and still stay in engaged with the world. A lot of other book characters could learn a lot from him:) (a la night at the museum with urban fantasy characters:)

I agree, the Hellequin chronicles are continuing good so far though for some reason that I'm not quite sure of I haven't kept up with the Iron Druid series though the character was both intelligent and funny.
3124 I'm not thrilled by the change of protagonist either and prefer a single viewpoint main character through a story (especially with urban fantasy) but I've coped with it in the Demonspawn books and be warned in some of the atrocity archives later books you do get different people narrating. It was a bit disconcerting but I'll probably stick with it because I want to see what happens to the main character Bob.

Its hard to find a decent urban fantasy series that doesn't go off the rails a few books in or has a powerful but really dumb lead (in order to simply give the character angst).
3124 Willoughby Swarthington wrote: "Just looking for recommendations where the reality/history/society is basically what we live in, and the paranormal or fantasy parts are hidden from/not a part of the society at large. When all of ..."

We have similar criteria I think for UF series.

You might enjoy the following:

Demonspawn - first in a series of mixed main characters called "damned and cursed"

The Demon's Apprentice - the main character here is 17 years old - but more grown up than his actual years due to a horrible childhood. I'm not a fan of the 14 year old who saves the world stories but this has got 2 surprisingly good books in the series so far.

Dead Things - the main character in this series is a necromancer (no teens here) - 2 books so far and I enjoyed both

Dead Harvest - the main character here is a reaper. 3 books so far and I'm hoping there will be more.

Generation V - I'm currently reading this series and enjoying it. The main character is an adult in human senses but only just on the verge of moving into vampire adulthood (these are not normal vampires and are born and are not immortal. An interesting take on the genre and the books are not full of sexy stud muffin vampires thankfully)

The Atrocity Archives - UK series about Bob Howard who works for the Laundry the UK defense against the supernatural. The books are a bit uneven (book two is not a favourite for many) but if you push through it they really do have their moments.
Constantine? (17 new)
Nov 18, 2014 01:47PM

3124 Its good so far. I don't know what the comics are like, but this is enjoyable so far.
Grimm (218 new)
May 22, 2014 08:43PM

3124 Will wrote: "They didn't drop the zombie effects for example when the verat attacked the captains apartment nick used his zombie hearing to hear the guys coming up the stairs."

That was actually from when he got blinded in the earlier episode, though the zombie period did seem to make his hearing work even better afterwards I agree. Its weird though that the just ignored the going grey and slightly dead and the improved stamina etc afterwards. Its like they were building them up for use later on then changed the story.
Grimm (218 new)
May 22, 2014 04:20PM

3124 JackieR wrote: "By the way, although I really like the new girl, cannot stand the name they gave her. It just sounds dumb."

I totally agree here. Its a silly name though in many ways it only a shortened version of her full name. However it would be awkward to use in public "come over here Trouble and help us?" They really need her in the show now or it would be the Grimm-less show and she's a good addition to the cast I think.

I was annoyed by the finale though. It seems like we will be going though a Nick version of what happened with Adelind (deja vu anyone?). I hope they don't drag it out too long like they did Juliette's memory loss or Adelind's power recovery. I'm also annoyed how they simply just dropped the zombie after effects as they looked like they could lead interesting places.
arrow (24 new)
Apr 23, 2014 10:10PM

3124 Its a series based on the comic book hero Green Arrow. I never read the comic book and while I enjoyed season 1 I've drifted away from the show in the current season. I think the relentless angst and doom and gloom is what got to me in the end.
Aug 14, 2013 12:45AM

3124 I reccomend A Madness of Angels (Matthew Swift #1) by Kate Griffin and Midnight Riot (Peter Grant, #1) by Ben Aaronovitch as being two books where the city really is another character in an urban fantasy story...the city of London in this case. It has so much history you can do wonderful and nasty things with it.
3124 Robot wrote: "Definitely waiting for The Big Reap and Broken Homes the most. I find the wait most unbearable for these two."

I'm onto the second book of the "collector's" series by Holm now and have to say I'm adding The Big Reap onto my must buy list for July as well. I don't know how I missed this series before but its a good read.
3124 Rich wrote: "Can t believe I didn't realize there was a new Peter Grant book coming out too! June is looking even better!

Has Conroe set a release date for the next Demon Accords?"

Conroe had a note on facebook earlier this week saying it was in editing and was still due at the end of May:) along with a really nice cover for the book.
3124 I'm looking forward to :

Broken Homes - 4th book in the Peter Grant series.

"Falling stars" by John Conroe 5th in the Demon Accords series which is due out soon and

The Glass God by Kate Griffin, the next in Matthew Swift universe series.
Apr 29, 2013 01:34PM

3124 Rich wrote: "Carol wrote: "I just started Sweet Silver Blues. Fantasy-PI mish-mash. A lot of people love Glen Cook's style. It's been moderately amusing."

I think you described these books perfectly, "moderate..."

Glad I'm not alone with my assessment of these books. I thought they were ok, but not good enough in the end to keep. I've got to the point where I only keep books I'd read twice, due to space constraints, and these books never made the cut.
Apr 26, 2013 01:58PM

3124 Kindle-aholic wrote: "Have you tried Stephen Blackmore? I have City of the Lost by Stephen Blackmoore and Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore on my shelf to read."

I also have Dead Things by Stephen BlackmooreDead things on my shelf. Its the next thing I want to read. I haven't read City Lost though..
Apr 18, 2013 05:34PM

3124 Stephen wrote: "Underrated series? I think the Laundry FIles is an excellent series but I don't ever see other folks talking about it. Or is it there in plain sight and ..."

I love this series, and you are right it is underrated. Its a clever mix of Yes Minister, the supernatural and James Bond with spells and Squid Gods in the background in a super secret branch of the British secret service. Out of all Stross has written this is the only series so far that I'd read twice.

according to Wikipedia there's a new book out sometime next year.

Another book along these lines you may enjoy is: The Rook
Apr 17, 2013 06:09PM

3124 I'm reading the Joe Ledger series by Jonathan Maberry at the moment - the first book is :Patient Zero which has really impressed me so far. It has a well written lead male character which may interest you.

I also enjoyed Rivers of London, Felix Castor, Hellequin and the Demon Accords series (which you already have on your list).

You might also like A Madness of Angels - but its one of those books you either love or hate I think but once I got past the first rather somewhat confusing section I really loved it.

Monster Hunter International might also be something you enjoy.

There's tonnes of interesting books in the urban fantasy genre these days though not all writers can do a whole series of equal quality with good character development.
Jan 21, 2013 02:20AM

3124 Ashley Marie wrote: "The Devil You Know - Felix Castor is an exorcist who definitely qualifies as an anti-hero."

I agree. This is a very good British series. Also good if you are looking for urban fantasy without the romance.
Nov 19, 2012 08:37PM

3124 You might Hounded - the iron druid series has a 1200 year old main character who is both funny and sarcastic.

You might also enjoy (or loathe) A Madness of Angels

There seems be more UF for YA than adults sometimes....It can be very frustrating if you actually want an adult character that isn't all mushy and romantic throughout the entire book.
Nov 01, 2012 03:55PM

3124 I just finished reading the 'demon accords' series by John Conroe and the main male character, Christian becomes increasingly kick A* as the series progresses. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this series. I has a strong central character in world populated with vampires, wares, witches etc.

Now I'm waiting impatiently on book 5 to be published as I really want to see where this story goes.

The first book in the series is God Touched
Grimm (218 new)
Oct 28, 2012 09:40PM

3124 Of course, Renard *was* involved with a hexenbeast..."

Unless of course that hexenbeast was a relative of his....Hexenbeast and the Captain seem to be murky waters.
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