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May 20, 2010 03:58PM

3124 I just adore my nook. The ipad is neat, but reading an entire book on their screen would kill my eyes. So I have my Droid phone for all those extras and my nook for books. Recent update added web browsing support and chess & sudoku to the nook.

I think in the end they're all good choices. Its just which one is right for your lifestyle.
3124 I guess I just wish the ardeur would become like any other 'handicap' the protag may have. Its something they need to be aware of, but it shouldn't rule their every move. Its been way too many books of her figuring it out and it still running the show. I kinda feel like LKH is intentionally not having Anita come to grips because she likes writing all the sex and its an easy excuse. If that's really the case, its rather sad, imo.
Apr 15, 2010 01:34PM

3124 I think for some people things happening so fast wouldn't be normal, but Rachel is so emotional. She so often forgets to stop and think with her head and just lets her heart drag her off stupidly.

So I think for Rachael the timeline works. Crap for brains was a mistake and she got over it fast. She fell fast and hard for Kisten. She used Marshall to help her grieve for Kist. Her emotions were all over the place and she used him to help her feel better, which let her get on with living. And now there's Pierce. I think it only seems fast if you think she was in love with all of them. She was crushing on Crap for brains, In love with Kist, in love with the IDEA of Marshall and now infatuated with Pierce.
3124 I think as an author (or really in any job that gets public exposure) you have to be able to take criticism and have thick skin. You need to look at what people are saying and decide if that's what you want people seeing when they see your work. If it is, then fine, keep on doing what you're doing. But in this case she's getting a lot of people who feel her stuff is more like erotica with a paranormal short story attached and that doesn't seem to be what she's aiming for. So her anger at the criticism is doing her work no good.

I feel like she either needs to shift her focus from UF to PNR or shift her style back to being more UF centric. I don't really care which it is. I enjoy her books, but when I read a book that's UF, I expect a good story, strong plot and a little steamy stuff. When I read PNR I still want a good plot but I expect the steamy stuff to be more frequent. Its all abotu expectations.
3124 Exactly! ITs fine when they think and reason like a teenager. But not when they think and reason like a teenager who is so sheltered and blind that they can't actually think OR reason at all. That's just annoying and you stop hoping they win. LOL

These are definately on the good end for YA books imo.
3124 They are definately YA books. THe characters think and reason like teenagers. But not to an annoying degree. Its set in the same universe as her Otherworld books, and that made it all the more enjoyable to me.
3124 OMG You can't hold Bubba's name against him!! Trust us!! Go back and finish there is a VERY legitimate and HILLARIOUS reason behind it all! One of my favorite bits of the Sookie-verse!
Apr 09, 2010 09:27AM

3124 I like Moore but his books are kinda all over the place in terms of how funny they are, imo. PRactical Demonkeeping was only meh. Not that interesting or funny. Dirty Job was really good. It was his vampire books that I thought were the funniest. Though I think the story in Dirty Job was better, I didn't find it quite as funny. I do really enjoy his style even when he isn't living up to my humor standards!
Mar 18, 2010 09:07PM

3124 I got a Nook from the hubby for Valentines Day and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have had one minor lock up problem that was easily fixed (had to take out the battery-which was easy to do- and turn it on with it attached to the power cord, then put the battery back in) Other than that I've had no problems at all. I like the size and weight. Its durable- lives on my desk and I'm not nearly as carful as I should be but its still in great shape! Shopping on it is really easy and if I want to I can browse on the computer instead. Overall I'd give it a 9 out of 10, with it losing the 1 point for the software issue andthe minor inconvenience of the fact tha twhen DH bought it none of the cases/covers were available!
3124 How about Tainted by Julie Kenner
Jan 12, 2010 08:25AM

3124 ******SPOILER ALERT (couldn't think of a way to be vague and make sense)******

I think the death people are upset about made sense. I also somehow saw it coming. Though it wasn't his fault. I think the bigger thing was to teach Ivy a lesson, two-fold. For her refusing to play vampy office politics and by using you know who's death to do it.
Jan 08, 2010 09:37AM

3124 definately read in order. There are things that would be spoiled or not make enough sense reading out of order.
Jan 03, 2010 06:35PM

3124 Bob continues to be a hillarious core character. One of my favs.
3124 I suppose there is that, Laura. But I figure with the tramp stamp chick they are assuming the sex even though it may not be there. At least with the half-dressed men, their assumptions are correct.
Dec 29, 2009 11:26AM

3124 No. But I did get around to playing with a Nook at BN. Seems VERY cool. I want!
3124 haha, interesting point there. I think as a woman it tends to go the other way. Topless men is less embarrassing than tramp stamp chick in leather pants.
Dec 23, 2009 08:21PM

3124 Not every series works for every reader. And this one definately isn't on my 'must read immediately' list or anything. But I do enjoy them enough to keep reading.
Dec 22, 2009 08:16PM

3124 I find Rachel fairly annoying. But I find the stories really good, and the other characters entertaining.
Dec 22, 2009 07:23AM

3124 It definately gets better. And like a lot of series, the first is weaker than future installments. Stick with it. there is a lot of good stuff.
Dec 20, 2009 08:52PM

3124 For some reason I keep thinking its along the lines of Nathaniel in the Anita Blake series. Some extreme dom/sub.
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