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cookbooks (45 new)
Mar 06, 2008 02:41PM

2996 Has anyone read this http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41... I know its not a true cook book but it has always caught my eye
cookbooks (45 new)
Mar 06, 2008 09:26AM

2996 So, other than reading I love to cook. Not that Im a great cook but I still enjoy it. I especially love trying new recipes and always check out the cooking section of my library. Currently I am cooking from the Texas Home Cooking Cookbook and I love it. I have made a few things from it that are Yum-a-licious!
What cookbooks do you love? Have you ever cooked through a cookbook? I think that may be one of my goals if I can find the right book. Any suggestions?
Mar 06, 2008 09:04AM

2996 I found this at history.com and thought id share. Ill try to post one here daily. I dont know I just think its kinda cool - call me strange.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is born
Gabriel Garcia Marquez is born in Arataca, Colombia. As a child, his grandmother told him fantastic stories of magical events, relating them as if they were fact. These early stories helped shape his own signature writing style, later known as "magical realism."

Garcia Marquez studied law and journalism at the National University of Colombia at Bogota and later at the University of Cartagena. In 1948, he became a reporter for the Colombian newspaper El Espectador and worked as a foreign correspondent in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Caracas, and New York during the next decade. He also began writing short stories during this time. His first important fiction collection, Leaf Storm and Other Stories, was published in 1955 and introduced the fictional Colombian village of Macondo, where many of his later stories and novels are set.

In the 1960s, Garcia Marquez moved to Mexico City, where he worked as a screenwriter, journalist, and publicist. In Mexico, he wrote one of his best-known novels, One Hundred Years of Solitude, published in 1967. He moved to Barcelona in 1973 and also made many trips to Cuba, where he became close personal friends with communist dictator Fidel Castro. His friendship with Castro and his left-leaning politics made him politically unpopular with the U.S. government, but his books continued to sell well. Garcia Marquez won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. Other major works include Love in the Time of Cholera (1985) and The General in His Labyrinth (1989).

In 1999, Garcia Marquez was diagnosed with cancer. He began writing his memoirs, the first of which, Vivir para contarla, was published in 2002. The English translation, Living to Tell the Tale was released the next year.

Anyone read his work?
2996 i would love to do this but with my belly it would be a dance unto itself. Id move one way and it would move another.
thinking ahead (35 new)
Mar 06, 2008 05:56AM

2996 For everyone who is dreading a poetry read I did a bit of a search on the book and hopefully you will be happy to hear it is not a pure poetry read. The book is actually a collection of letters between Emily and her Sis-in-law that have not been released before. It is more of an insight into Emily rather than a discussion of her work. She is a pretty fascinating person on her own. A recluse even in her own home and very mysterious. I think we have some great suggestions and wouldnt mind at all if someone stands up and says "i want to lead the next discussion on ________ ". I think its good to rotate it as much as possible.
Sara you said that you wouldnt mind leading this discussion. When did you want to start with this book and a recommended end date? Anything we should look for or at as we begin this book?
Mar 06, 2008 05:46AM

2996 I always do this to myself. I bet now that I have sat on my thumbs long enough I actually would get more out of this book than the Secret *insert gaggy face*. Someone who is reading it do you like it or love it ?
2996 Oh fun! I always wanted to take the pole dancing exercise class. Im just not sure how I would explain a big stripper pole in the house to my kids. "we are practicing to become firemen"?
Mar 05, 2008 07:00AM

2996 Dont wear a white shirt and pick up a baby. It is a beacon for spit, puke, and snot.
2996 I didnt love it but i didnt hate it. I was more 'into' it as I read it but now im feeling pretty indifferent about it. I like how you say the "i just finished my book high" I do the same thing and should really learn to not rate a book until 3 days after I have finished it. I inevitably go back and change things later after I have had time to really let it settle in me.
Mar 04, 2008 12:01PM

2996 shaving your legs a half an hour before you have to be somewhere in a skirt will guarantee a nick no matter what you do
Mar 03, 2008 03:06PM

2996 Im stumped too. I looked through my list of books and most of them has some depressing factor to them. I will go back to the classics. Emma is just pure fun and a wonderful read.
Modern day lit though...thats a toughy. For some reason anything that is too happy gets put in the fluff or chicklit catagory which isnt fair at all.
2996 LOL rachel now there is a great way to deal with some pent up hostility!
Any Bloggers? (70 new)
Mar 03, 2008 09:54AM

2996 Kristen I actually keep two blogs. One a bit better than the other. One I keep is for my family like a type of family history. The other is mine. I post about what im working on or recipes I tried and hopefully will develope it more so in the near future.
The blogs here are great take a look at them and you will see all diferent types of uses for their blogs sharing, venting, self discovery. I think its a great tool. For some reason putting something down in words and letting it out to the world is theraputic for me. Even if its just a post about making cookies.
2996 Amanda you totally got me thinking with the hard pit imagery and i think you are SO write. Inside she wasnt hard she wanted everyone to think she was but neither of these women were inside. I'm so glad you brought this up because it was a point I totally agree with but totally missed.

Joanne I was wondering about the spells too. I dont know enough about seizures but I sure wish she would have told us later on what was the cause of them.
I also really wish she would have told us about Reinette and what became of her other than up on a hospital with demensia. Why? how? did she get over being raped? so many questions there.

Jwave thank YOU. I tried thinking about that dumb old pike and what it represented and you totally nailed it. For some reason I didnt make the connection but thank you for making it for me. Seems so obvious now. I guess i had a hard time equating a fish and childhood together.
Mar 02, 2008 03:08PM

2996 Hmmmm... I looked over your list about bit but not all of it. You have a lot of books :). Have you read Ella Enchanted? My sis in law said it was great. Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one I keep wanting to pick up. Do you read a lot of the classics? I loved Emma and Pride and Prejudice and all things Jane Austen.
Fluff Books (56 new)
Feb 29, 2008 03:01PM

2996 Thats what I get for asking a dumb question huh? ;)
I just finished the last ya-ya book and it was good fluff for me. I like those stories. I dont have to think, I can put it down to cook dinner and not feel like Im missing something and they are fun.
But that is the last one so I may need to try these other suggestions now.
NonLit (11 new)
Feb 28, 2008 04:11PM

2996 Good grief you poor girl!
I prescribe ben and jerrys ice cream and american idol or survivor tonight ;)
thinking ahead (35 new)
Feb 28, 2008 08:56AM

2996 anyone else have thoughts, suggestions, violent abject protests, fleeding wandering thoughts, randomness to share on the subject?
Fluff Books (56 new)
Feb 28, 2008 08:51AM

2996 I've never read the shopaholic books but i see them all the time. What is the premise? and if you say shopping im going to feel really dumb.
2996 okay all of us are reading/read this book and im the only one with thoughts on it?! cmon get the comment box open and let it rip!

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