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May 07, 2012 04:18AM

29342 Although i think Cavill would make an excellent Alexander i'm still not sure about Tatianna. . .The books describe her as a beautiful, aetherial creature. . A blonde pettite girl. . Sweet, innocent. . living in her own world. . . trying to be positive beside the fact that there's war and death all around her. . bright, smiling. . romantic. .. loving Shura with all her heart. . pure and kind.. although it is very easy to find a beautiful actress to play the role. . i personally find it really hard to think of someone that could portray Tatianna perfectly . . like she is a dream . . like she is too perfect to come to life!! does that sound too crazy ??
Feb 07, 2012 01:45PM

29342 Kelly wrote: "Annie wrote: "Girls! What do you think of Paul Walker as Alexander. . .? I really like him! he is really beautiful and something in his eyes reminds me of Alexander. . .Although they're blue but w..."

Thanks. . .:-)
Feb 07, 2012 01:44PM

29342 Laura wrote: "I'm so excited! I squealed when I read that! She also posted a question asking if fans would prefer for it to be a series as you mentioned Kelly or movies. I have mixed feelings. Would love to se..."

Yeah! You may be right. . :-/
Feb 07, 2012 11:20AM

29342 Girls! What do you think of Paul Walker as Alexander. . .? I really like him! he is really beautiful and something in his eyes reminds me of Alexander. . .Although they're blue but we always have eye-contacts! :P By the way I wanted to ask you. . The Summer Garden is the rest of the story . .? or something between? cause I just finished Tatiana and Alexander and the epilogue covers so many years of their lives. . .Until they're at their thirties. . . So I'm a little confused!
Jan 23, 2012 05:33AM

29342 uhm...who's Jamie??
Jan 22, 2012 01:15AM

29342 Milena wrote: "Another thought just occurred to me... what kind of movie can they make based on Fifty Shades? Porn? ;-)"

ohhhh yeah!!! ;-)
Jan 22, 2012 01:14AM

29342 Guys! what about Joseph Morgan as Alexander??? I really like him!
Jan 18, 2012 02:26AM

29342 Yeah !! Fifty Shades is considered to become a movie!! how awesome is that!!!??! And yes there's a third book and i already bought it!!! :P As for Shura . .well yeah! I believe that only Cavill would be the best for this role!!! But i think it will be really hard for them to find a Tatia!
Jan 17, 2012 01:50PM

29342 Megan wrote: "I have really gone off Robert Pattinson - I don't find him at all attractive. Actually, I lie - he has (or shall I say HAD) great hair, it is his redeeming feature, and now he's gone and shaved it ..." Well I personally think that he can bring emotions. . like he did in Breaking Dawn for example. . but I like Hanry Cavill too anyway so I'd love to see him as Alexander! Just . . we're not only want someone that's beautiful ..we need someone that can bring Alexander to life and do it right! so we need a good actor . . And Efron . ? yeah that's all he can do . . play the handsome and popular guy at school!
Jan 17, 2012 06:06AM

29342 As an appearance i would say Kristen Stewart but i don't think she could capture Tatia's character . . .
Jan 17, 2012 06:03AM

29342 Hmm . . what about Karynn Moore then??
Jan 17, 2012 02:23AM

29342 They should definitely make 3 movies!!!!
Jan 17, 2012 02:22AM

29342 Sorry guys but if Zac Efron plays Alexander I don't think i'll even see the movie . . For Alexander I would prefer Henry Cavill or Robert Pattinson . . And for Tatiana I would say . .. maybe Felicity Jones??
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Jan 11, 2012 01:25PM

29342 thanks :-) i wish i had them so i could start reading right now!
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Jan 11, 2012 12:19PM

29342 It's been two days since i read The Bronze Horseman and honestly i just can't get over it . .everything reminds me of Alexander and Tatiana . .everything reminds me their love and what they've been through . . these two days i have cried my eyes out! I ordered Tatiana and Alexander and I can't wait to read it . . .This story breaks my heart but it's the greatest story of them all!

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