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2802 Gay Gene Rising (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #1) by Jeffrey Jude

Here is the direct amazon link:

Gay Gene Rising, Book I of the Distiples of Goedric Trilogy will also be free on Oct 11th and Oct 27th
Feb 13, 2012 09:28AM

2802 You are quite welcome. The entire trilogy is currently up on Goodreads as giveaways for the paperbacks as well..

Here is the link for the single volume set (5 lb tomb) if anyone want to enter the contest.

The Disciples of Goedric A Trilogy by Jeffrey Jude

Abrazos a todos!
Feb 13, 2012 07:53AM

2802 I would also like to introduce The Chronicles of Abigoth, an ongoing series of novella length paranormal thrillers... each one a little thrill ride in a paranormal amusement park.


Keeper of the Grey, The Chronicles of Abigoth 0.00 by Jeffrey Jude
Feb 13, 2012 07:50AM

2802 Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know that Gay Gene Rising kindle version is available for FREE on Amazon today if anyone would like to give it a read.


Gay Gene Rising (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #1) by Jeffrey Jude
Feb 10, 2012 09:16AM

2802 You think you're weird with your kindle.... check this out.

I of course write on my computer but I find proofing very difficult on a screen... its not the glare but for some reason i just cant see the errors or awkward passages. so i print out the pages and edit paper and pencil... lots of waste, dead trees and costs.

Enter the kindle. I find i can see the errors and awkward passages on the perl ink sccreen. So now i read my kindle while sitting at my computer. when i find a mistake, etc it goes into the word processor. So no more wasted paper.

For actual reading for pleasure I still prefer a book when at home, but love the kindle when i am out and about... and its the cheapest lightest one for me (and i have both the little touch as well as the big DX whatever it is).

Feb 07, 2012 03:39PM

2802 Yep, all about the coffeeshop and atmosphere. And honesstly i do like buying printed books from time to time so I would buy more than coffee. Would also be nice if they supported some of their local indie authors with readings and promotions... god knows they have all the lists then need to make that work
Feb 03, 2012 02:42PM

2802 How odd. It could also be the margins. If its an ebook the author can do all kinds of crazy things to make the book page could look longer. Some people wont buy an ebook for more than 0.99 if it isnt a full length book.
Feb 03, 2012 12:38PM

2802 Pretty much just length, but with length other things change like the level of complication of the plot and the degree of character development.

Some people define a short story as anything less than like 7,000 words. I have seen definitions upto 20,000 words. A novel tends to be at least 50,000 words with most near or over the 70,000 mark. So that space between short story and novel is the wrelm of a novella.

So a title that is between say 20,000 and 50,000 words would pretty much be considered a novella by most people. Thats like 70 - 175 pages which the author can do a lot more with than less space.
Books for $0.99 (897 new)
Feb 03, 2012 11:18AM

2802 Ok, I admit these are mine... and if you are short on dollars there is a 100 page preview of Gay Gene Rising at the end of Keeper of the grey!

Gay Gene Rising (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #1) by Jeffrey Jude Gay Gene Rising
Keeper of the Grey, The Chronicles of Abigoth 0.00 by Jeffrey Jude Keeper of the Grey, The Chronicles of Abigoth: 0.00

Both available on Amazon

My Author Page on Amazon
Feb 03, 2012 11:05AM

2802 Hi all, glad to have found you.

My debut "book" is an epic fantasy trilogy called The Disciples of Goedric...

Book 1: Gay Gene Rising

Gay Gene Rising (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #1) by Jeffrey Jude

Book II: Guardians of the Blood

Guardians of the Blood (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #2) by Jeffrey Jude

Book III: SoulFire and Tears

SoulFire and Tears (The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy, #3) by Jeffrey Jude

It begins with the discovery of the Gay Gene and a cure, followed by a suspicious plague that kills more than 500,000 people in the matter or hours, leaving millions upon million with an impossible choice...

Take the cure or die!

Abrazos a Todos!
Feb 03, 2012 10:53AM

2802 Hmmm, as an author I find this question very interesting. It takes a special gift to write a good short story... not sure I have it. As a reader I prefer a novella length to full length novel.

That being said, I love shorter dialogues (like plato) as well as shorter mythological stories or proverbs, so maybe i need to think more about short stories.

I think a poll would be intersting with this question to get some quantifiable info.. ok so Im goint to toss a poll out there. Hit the poll section about 5 minutes from now if you want to cast a vote!


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