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Jun 13, 2012 04:46AM

26915 Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop in and say HI, and let you know what has been going on with me, Mike went to Israel on May 17th to work for a few months, I went to Florida for our 2 week vacation alone, however it is a time share we have had for years and I have lots of friends and family there on the same 2 weeks, but he was missed bay all and I did have a great time. I am going over to Israel on June 27th and flying home with Mike on July 20th which I am very excited about, then I am having back surgery on August 29th, the doc says I won't be able to lift anything heavier than a telephone for 6 months, it's a very long recovery, I need 3 disc's replaced/fused. I haven't kept up with everyone's posts but Linda has kinda kept me up on the highlights. Have a great day all and I'll be popping in from time to time. ((((((Hugs to all))))))
Apr 17, 2012 05:25AM

26915 Lisa B. wrote: "Hello -

Lisa - we love chili. Liz - hope your day has gone as planned. Janet - I hope the new job is just what you are looking for.

Nothing much new today. I worked. Joe has finished the remo..."

Lisa, I think this night time waking and eating happens a lot with people on sleep aids. My girlfriend would wake in the morning with candy wrappers all arouind her and not remember even getting out of bed, also seeing things (like people in the house) is not unusual. I read about a lady that gained 100 lbs. the year she took ambien and lunestta. Talk to the Dr. about roaming around at night and etc. it could be a fall hazard for your mom being on ambien.
Mar 23, 2012 04:54PM

26915 Hi all, I just wanted to tell you all I took 2 of my grandson's to Hungar Games this afternoon, it was good, but you know when you read the book first the movie kinda loses something? I think they have to do that or the movie would be hours long! Anyway I enjoyed it and so did the boys. I bought them Hungar Games/ Mockingjay Pins and gave them to them before we went, they really liked them and wore them and said they were going to put the pin on their backpacks, so it was a great day at the movies with 2 of my favorite guys! I just called Linda and her son Darrell is in the hospital, he has been sick with a cold and with his COPD, Mike says he is really sick! Prayers going out for Linda and Darrell.
Mar 11, 2012 04:52PM

26915 I added a few pictures of our cruise, they are on page 2 of the photos. We had a great time!
26915 Good morning and Happy Birthday Pam! Have a great time with those little girls this evening! The soup sounds great. Susan Jo sorry to hear about your ribs, OUCH! hope they heal fast. 16 days until we leave for our cruise! I am really geting excited! Saturday is our pre-cruise dinner and I am anxious to see everyone. Getting the dog groomed today, she is so old and it is really hard on her, but she needs it really bad, maybe this will be the last one for her. Well, Have a great day everyone.
26915 My MIL told me not to eat anything on the cruise that is not cooked, because of the fruit,veggies,salad and fresh stuff like that being handled, tell me your ideas on this, I always look forward to the fresh fruit.
26915 Good morning, Susan Jo I can only imagine how scarey that was for you, I agree with Pam a plan B is needed. I was at the Dr. on Monday because I had a sinus/broncitis thing I just couldn't shake and I told him about the noroirus on the cruise ships so he gave me 2 types of meds for it, said it will help immediately if we take it just as soon a a tinge of illness should hit us, I'll share it with the whole group, but hopefully none of us wil need it. 20 days until we leave WOO!HOO! Kimberly, prayer go out to your Mom, hope everything is okay with her. Hi to everyone else, I know I am not on here often but I do keep up with everyone, have a great weekend.
26915 I posted a picture of our daughters wedding with the different dresses, one of them was a 2 piece but I don't remember which one.
26915 Good morning all, I want to jump in on the bridesmaid dresses, my daughter had her girls get their at David's Bridal and they had different styles in the same material and color so they all picked what they wanted (one girl was even pregnant) it looked great! I just looked at David'd Bridal website and they have some pretty nice ones on their sale site. Check it out Becky maybe there is something everyone will like in the same color. Just a suggestion, I did like the third dress but I could see where everyone couldn't wear it. Why are dresses for wedding such a dilema! Makes everyone crazy!
26915 Good morning everyone, great news! I won $175.00 on the superbowl! I bought a square for $10.00 on a football pool thing and won 2 times, I am so excited!!! Going to get a flu shot today, these kinds of bugs hit cruise ships and I want to be protected. Have a great day all.
26915 Good morning, I don't think I told you that Mike's trip to Israel got postponed, he was so disappointed. Another group of "big shots" from Boeing was going there this week also and the security dept. in Isreal said thay can't handle that many people on the same week, so the "little shots" got postponed 24 hours before they were to leave. Probably not a great time to be over there anyway right now there is some fighting going on. Becky prayers going out to your BIL how sad these things are happening to our servicemen! Linda is so AWESOME! Can you all believe how well she has done??? She looks great! WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND! Weather is crappy so we have been in most of the weekend, I did get into a football pool for superbowl so I will watch the game for the commercials and scores but won't pay much attention to the actual plays. Have a great day and be careful if you are going out to a party!
26915 Lisa, Have a fun and safe trip! Nothing going on here, eating out tonight and tomorrow night, I need to make good choices, I have lost 4 lbs and want to keep it going. Have a great weekend everyone.
26915 Oh cool, thanks for getting the cake Pam. I haven't been very motivated either Pam, I finally cleaned my desk off, it was looking like a hoarders desk! That's been about it all week so far. Mike leaves for Ireael Feb. 3rd and we got a rolling garment bag yesterday that will work perfect for his trip. Ordered it from overstock.com, they have some great deals. Hope everyone has a great day and I hope you will be infection free real soon Kim.
26915 Good morning everyone, Mike just e-mailed me that they have set his Isreal trip for Feb. 3rd thru the 10th, he is really excited, and of course the 3rd was the date set for our pre-cruise dinner get together so I have to change it to another date. Good thing I haven't ordered the king cake, I started ordering one yesterday and asked about the baby hidden inside and that bakery told me they don't put a baby in so I cancelled the order WTH? the fun of it is having the baby inside! Susan Jo sounds like you might be on the road of making the shower a routine, I sure hope things get easier for you. Oh how I remember losing my first love, I thought it was the end of the world! and then my Mikey grabbed my heart and kept it for 41 years, turns out the break up was lucky for me! Water aerobics this morning so I better scoot.
26915 Lisa B. wrote: "Hi All!

I have seen king cake, but don't think I've ever eaten it. Good idea for your pre cruise dinner Janet!

Kim - so sorry for your son. Hopefully he will be able to move on soon. Too bad s..."

Lisa, We would love to have you and Tom at the dinner if you can make it, I just didn't know if you could get away.
26915 Kimberly(Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer) wrote: "Janet wrote: "Kimberly(Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer) wrote: "Good Morning..prayers going out for your daughter Dave.
My son and his girlfriend broke up, he is devastated and is so heart bro..."

Kimberly(Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer) wrote: "Janet wrote: "Kimberly(Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer) wrote: "Good Morning..prayers going out for your daughter Dave.
My son and his girlfriend broke up, he is devastated and is so heart bro..."< Well I didn't give any details about the cruise so it would be easy to be confused, sorry.

26915 Kimberly(Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer) wrote: "Good Morning..prayers going out for your daughter Dave.
My son and his girlfriend broke up, he is devastated and is so heart broken. I feel so bad for him. I was up till 2 rubbing his back while h..."

Actually we don't leave until March 2nd, the dinner is Feb. 3rd, Pam, Linda and Me along with our hubby's and another couple are all going, another fun cruise! Lisa and Tom, you will be missed but I am sure we will have many more in our future.
26915 Good morning everyone, had a good day yesterday with 3 of my g-kids, we wemt to see War Horse and all enjoyed the movie, I had already seen it but the kids didn't and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Linda stopped by yesterday, she looks so darn good! Hubby and I went to a good Cajun food place last night which gave me the idea of having a King Cake for the pre-cruise dinner at my house before heading to New Orleans. I found a bakery that makes them so it should add a bit of fun to the dinner. A couple chairs have blown across the patio so I guess it is pretty windy out there. Laundry for me today, have a great day all!
26915 Pam, I still have times that my eyes seem to not focus, especially if I have been looking at my Ipad or Kindle for awhile, they don't stay that way for long but it does happen, still beats wearing glasses. Lisa I hope you are not getting anything, I heard the flu is going around. Becky tell you hubby if they said "why" on the first episode of Alcatraz then there would be no reason to watch anymore and it would be the end of the story. It does seem like something you have to watch faithfully or you'll miss important story line stuff. Don't know hjow long I will stick with it. I ordered a rolling garment bag last night for Mike's upcoming trip to Isreal and our upcoming cruise, can't wait to get it. Well the neighbor dog is here visiting this morning so I better go let her out so she can go home. Later....
26915 Pam wrote: "I don't remember that, I was doing some channel surfing, so I probably missed that whole part. So was her 'uncle' (the bartender) really a guard there? I think that I am going to have to go back ..."

I assume he was they haven't mentioned that he wasn't a guard.
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