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Jan 15, 2015 01:15PM

26915 Just popping on to share my condolences with Lisa as well. I pray that you can find strength in whatever it is that you need. I understand the know it's close and no more suffering - but until you reach that moment - it doesn't sound hard to "go through".

Please reach out to family members, friends, us - I realized that I didn't do that properly with Sheila.

Love you!
Jan 13, 2015 06:39AM

26915 Lisa - Praying all goes well today!!
Jan 12, 2015 07:01AM

26915 Good morning everyone! We woke up to a little snow this morning. I overslept as I wanted to get to work at 6, but didn't get up until 5:50. Only got to work at 6:50. Looks like I may have to come back this evening and work a couple of hours. MY goal was to come to work early every day this week, so hoping I can get with it the rest of the days.

I have one box packed. Haha! That's sad, but between everything else I feel like I don't have much time to do any actual packing or sorting. At this rate, we may be ready to move once Nat graduates :)

My week is FULL and just typing/thinking about it, makes me tired. Today Hallie has a game at 2pm and then Natalie has archery from 5:30-7:30. It wouldn't be bad if Natalie was of age where she could drive 24/7, but she can't. (Speaking of which I am anxiously awaiting that day, but at the same time NOT because then she'll be 16!) So I will get off work at 1:30 this afternoon and go to the game and then come back to take Nat to archery. If I don't work, the kids and I will get groceries while Nat is at 4H. Tomorrow I will get off work at 3:30 as Natalie has a game at 4. Luckily the kids can ride the bus to Chappell so I don't have to stop and pick them up on the way home. I am hoping the games don't last too long as I would rather either go home and try to pack another box OR I would love to get my huge butt back to running! Wednesday I will get off work at 4:40 to make it LP so I can pick up kids for Awanas and hopefully Natalie will be done with basketball practice as well so I don't have to make two trips to Sidney after work (she has youth group from 7-8:30 and Awanas is from 6:15 to 7:45.) Thursday I leave from work at 2:30 as Natalie has another basketball game that day, kids will ride bus to Chappell again. Friday is the only day I have nothing planned!!!! Marcus will come home that night and we will do some sorting & packing.

I may come to work just to get a break. haha!

Much love to you Lisa as you go ahead with your situation with your mom. Still praying all goes well - and who knows, maybe she will love it there :)

Pam - Have fun with your friends & cards. Hopefully you will get more unpacked this week.

Janet - I have never had bread pudding. I am not sure I would really like it truthfully. It just sounds weird. LOL! Glad your weekend went well with Hayley and your football party.

Cheryl - Good luck to you and Stephan. Hopefully he will start to feel better. There has been so many people sick around's ridiculous!

Okay all, better get to work. TTYL and have a lovely day!
Jan 07, 2015 07:03AM

26915 Morning girls. Our very busy life has started up once again. Yesterday was the first day of school back and Natalie had a game. Why they schedule basketball games on Tuesday nights is beyond me. Tomorrow afternoon Hallie has a game. Tonight is Awanas and youth group for my oldest. I get to get off work to drive home to pick up my kids plus two others and come back to Sidney. It's not a terrible drive, 20 min. each way, just going to suck doing it so much now without Marc here to help. So Wednesdays I will be gone from home from 7ish to 9ish. Can you tell I am not looking forward to it?

I must get some boxes now and start to go through things and pack up stuff we don't use (hmm maybe give that stuff away?!) or that we aren't using at the moment.

Lisa - Still praying about your situation. Hopefully it will be a smooth process.

SJ - I have no idea how you can be so uplifting in times like these. You meet obstacles and hurdles almost at every turn, and you just keep plugging along. I had a bad 6 months and I feel like throwing in the towel. I have so much left to learn obviously!

I did well on drinking water the last few days. Water always seems to be hard for me to drink until I really get into the habit. Monday I had 60 ounces of water and yesterday I did 80 ounces! :) I am aiming for another 60-80 as well with 80 being what I am "supposed" to drink.

Deborah stay warm today and Diane - I will give your link a click to see what you have to offer. I have never been to Ohio so maybe that should be a goal sometime. Aaron have a great day!

Have a lovely day my friends.
Jan 05, 2015 08:00AM

26915 Howdy GR friends! Wow, Monday already and my kids go back to school tomorrow. It's a tad crazy how time flies.

Our weekend was okay, nothing to write home about. Marc got home Friday around 4ish I think and then we went out to eat with another couple. I had fun, not sure if he really did or not. Saturday was HORRIBLE weather-wise. It was a blizzard and just nasty. We stayed indoors all day. Sunday was better weather-wise. Church and lunch mainly. Took a nap and felt weird/off all day. Stayed up until about 8:30 then went back to bed. I did however get up at about 5:25 AM this morning which is a plus.

Liz so happy to see you posting. I believe you are correct - however things turn out are the way they are supposed to be.

Lisa - sorry about your decision that you are having to make. I don't think being put in a home (I am not sure if that is the right word or not) is a horrible thing. I think being close to others who are in the same "era of life" as one is comforting. I pray that you have peace about your decision.

To everyone else - glad you are up and about. May you all have a lovely day.
Jan 02, 2015 07:04AM

26915 Good morning girls and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I am going to believe that 2015 will bring wonderful things!
Dec 31, 2014 09:27AM

26915 Morning ladies. At work for now. We may get to be told to go home in about 4 hours which would be around 2-2:30ish...that would be perfect!

The weather is nasty again. When Marc went to work it was -24 on his truck, not counting the nasty wind that always is around.

I will have to say that I for one, won't be sad for 2014 to end. I am believing in God that 2015 will be a grand year.

Janet - Have fun at your lunch as well as your other company tonight. Hopefully you and Halley get to have some fun bonding time too.

Diane - I really want the Kindle unlimited, but haven't decided yet. Maybe that can be a gift to myself once we move and get the houses sold.

Lisa - Good luck on the un-decorating. LOL :) We only put up the small Coke tree so taking it down will be a 5-10 minute job. We actually were invited to three people's houses for tonight, but Marc works today and tomorrow. So we are going to Pine to our friends' house (where Marc stays during the week) and will spend the night there. Then Brian will take our kids sledding because they have really wanted to go and Marc doesn't have the time now. Plus our CanAm is down at Brian's anyway.

I have been going back and forth on this whole move. One minute I'm okay and looking forward to it - the next I'm sad to leave all the friends we've made here and don't want to move. How can I be that crazy??

Praying you all receive His blessings throughout 2015.
Dec 30, 2014 11:09AM

26915 It is freezing. It is about -2 and it feels like -11. Tonight it will drop even further below and at sometime, it will be -13 but feel like -30. I hope my husband is keeping warm while he has to work outside in this!!!

Not much for me. I went home after 7 hours of work, and SLEPT. I feel much better today, even though I am still tired. My limbs feel like they weigh a lot which is weird. I feel like I am going in slow motion.

Diane & Cheryl - I too don't have any book stores so I love the Kindle. Has anyone done the Kindle unlimited?? I am thinking of doing it, but then I think that is another thing to distract myself from getting ready to move and I know I don't need any more distractions.
Dec 29, 2014 08:18AM

26915 Morning girls. Sounds like you all had a great time for Christmas -glad to see that.

I am at work and hope to work all day, but not sure if I can. We were leaving Marc's sister's house late late Saturday and all the way home, all three of the kids were throwing up!! Talk about the longest car ride ever. Yesterday they were a bit better and today guess who has it.

Today is my husband's birthday and we are getting snow so I am not sure if we will meet him for dinner or not. He is now working at the new job, so lives about an hour away at the moment. When he was in the military, I really didn't care he was gone, but this time is very different.

Take care everyone.
Dec 23, 2014 07:27AM

26915 Deborah - Awesome sauce on the appointment :) I need a haircut badly. It has already been 18 months since the last time I cut my hair. That is beyond crazy uh?! The last time I cut it was when all of us girls cut our hair because Sheila went bald.

I am at work all day today. I am then off for five days :) I am kind of excited about that one. Hopefully this will give us a chance to work on organizing and cleaning up the house a bit before we leave to my parents. Originally we were going to my SIL house first, then my parents- but now it is switched as Marc is working Wednesday.

My parents flew my aunt in to have Christmas with us. It is the first Christmas we will have with her and probably the first Christmas she will have since moving away from Nebraska when she was 18/19. (Almost 50 now) My family has never met her before. It will be good I think.

I have presents left to buy and wrap. Just because I go overboard. hahaha! Very true. But this year just seems so off. I am hoping next year I won't be working this time of year and maybe we could (GASP) have it at my home! Luckily, we have sort of stopped having the big Christmas meals so whatever I did do, would probably do well. :)

I probably won't stop by until next week so hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Dec 19, 2014 08:08AM

26915 Isa - I actually prefer to read books that make me cry. Weird, I realize lol.
Dec 17, 2014 06:44AM

26915 Good morning ladies! SJ - SO SO SO glad it seems like things are going well for you with Tom at that place. Sounds like they know what they are doing!! Praise God :) I hope it continues to go in your favor.

Not much to report on. Marcus actually starts his new job Monday. He will have training Monday/Tuesday then he gets off Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and then begins Saturday - we think.

I am still sad that we have to move the kids though. If it didn't break their hearts, it wouldn't really matter to me. I received Nat's transcripts yesterday from the school and here she is first in her class. Which broke my heart!

So the next five months will be busy as we try to pack and go through things/ full-time job/ and being both parents for 8 days at a time. Hopefully we have the energy/strength!!

We get to go shopping for Christmas tomorrow. I don't know how much we will get with all the changes we have, but we are going to try.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!
Dec 16, 2014 06:30AM

26915 Morning ladies! I have been trying to think of a new couple of ideas for my parents for Christmas. They live very simply and don't like too much clutter - so any knick knack I give my mom, I kinda feel badly about sometimes because it obviously just sits around and they usually don't like that! Anyone of you like that by chance so you can help me out? haha!

Cheryl - I don't even have my shopping started! Says the girl who is usually buying presents and counting down in July. Just been a hard year I guess.

Janet - How fun that you were able to see the clip of your son and grandson. I bet the grandson was pretty excited to see himself on tv!

Have a great day everyone!
Dec 15, 2014 01:37PM

26915 Hey all. Marcus got an email stating that he was cleared for employment. Now he has to take a few online courses before he can officially begin. I guess they are truly covering all the bases! We are waiting to hear back on the start date.
Dec 15, 2014 08:37AM

26915 Morning ladies! We are still awaiting news on the job for Marcus. He had his physical test last Thursday and they send the results to a third company to review. We are thinking/hoping in a couple of days of hearing something. He also had to do a couple background checks and I don't know how long those take to get back.

Marc brought back both his mom's trees, but really only wanted to put up her small one. So we have her small tree loaded down with is a two foot tree I think...well maybe three. Hallie and Tyler decorated it.

We have freezing temps and snow and are in a winter storm warning until noon. My kids have no school today so everyone but me is home :( Ahhh well. There is also a big power outage north of us, but luckily our own town does our electricity so we are fine. Well Marc just texted that our power is flicking off and on. Haha!

We had basketball over the weekend. Friday we got beat pretty bad, 16 points. There was something wrong with our varsity team so Natalie and the others got to play a lot. Which was nice to see.

Saturday we had another game and it TOOK FOREVER!!! If anyone knows basketball - let me tell you, this was a stupid game to go to. The refs called EVERYTHING! The total game had 67 fouls and 93 free throws were shot. The entire game took 2.5 hours and the last quarter (8 min) took 40 minutes They called six fouls in the last minute alone! Both teams had a technical called and five of our ten players fouled out - three of the other team's players fouled out. IT WAS CRAZY and we lost by 6 points.

Anyway, this week is busy yet again and I am taking a day off of vacation because we have not yet gone Christmas shopping. Usually I have started my shopping in July, but this year has been so different that I am ready for 2015!

Pam - So glad to see pics of your house on FB. I LOVE gray :) Shelby - glad to see that you are enjoying your Christmas gifts already. SJ - hopefully continued good news on Tom and hopefully you hear back from Nathan at one point. Deborah have fun at Kohl's - our closest one is two hours away, however if we move - it will only be about 45 minutes away :)

Have a beautiful day
Dec 12, 2014 08:15AM

26915 Gretchen - Your place sounds like mine, but supposedly we have 350 people :) Also five of us at our house.
Dec 09, 2014 07:18AM

26915 Good morning ladies. SJ - I agree with Janet's comment about your strength and dedication. If I had that, I probably wouldn't have been so lost since Sheila's death!

I think we are bringing home Sheila's trees. Or I hope so. She has a really small Coke tree that she would put up (they have a big house) and then they found an old one in the attic of their house when they moved in - and it's like the one she had growing up! It is silver and uses a wheel light to "light up" the tree. Then we will decorate it with a mixture of hers and our ornaments. (I highly doubt my FIL and Ruth would want any of it.)

Marc has started to go through some of his stuff - which is good because he has more than I do! And now with keeping some of his mom's stuff, even more than he did before.

Deborah - Marc had to fill out an application packet after doing the interview and giving them his resume. They know will do a couple (2-3) background checks on him. I am assuming after they come back, he will be offered the job. (Or we are sure praying that they do. He did just go buy some steel-toed boots for the job!)I believe at the moment, our plan (which can change at any time of course) is that Marc will go down first and then we will follow after school is over for the year. (It sounds worse than it will be - he will only be a little over an hour away.)

What our "dream plan" would be is to fix up our house in Pine (renters are there until the first of the new year) and then sell it. Fix up our current house (cosmetic, it is like 1978 in there ha!) and then sell that as well. Then start all over. We shall see what happens I guess.

We have about two gifts each for our kids and a few for other people, but I have no idea what we are going to do for the rest of it. I believe God will be providing our Christmas, yet again!

Janet - I need to do Christmas cards as well. Thanks for reminding me!

Have a beautiful day!
Dec 08, 2014 07:58AM

26915 Morning girls! We are on the fast track now until Christmas break with basketball. Friday was the first game and it didn't go as smoothly as we hoped. (We had a bit of drama with the coach, but luckily, Marc said he was going to put up with anything this year and got it squared away.) We had to drive 2.5 hours for the game, I think that is a bit ridiculous! Kids didn't get home until about 12:30, and most didn't get to sleep until 1. On Saturday the teams had a home game, but had to be at the gym by 10 so they were very tired. We got there at 10:30 and didn't leave until 5 that night.

I do not know when or if we will get our tree up this year. If Marc gets this job, we will start to pack and go through things in January whenever we are home. Although Tyler keeps asking when we are going to put it up, so I guess we should. Sheila always had the kids help her make candy so I am thinking we need to do it ourselves this year. Marc will have to help out as he has much more patience for that type of thing.

I don't have much to say, except have a great day!
Dec 05, 2014 06:37AM

26915 Oh Shelby! That doesn't sound like much fun at all with your hubby and his toe. A lot of people say that when men get sick/hurt it's like having a child. I have to say that Marc has never really acted like that. There has only been one time where he asked me to go get him some medicine, Gatorade and soup and that was about 10 years ago! He really is self-sufficient with everything; if he could have had kids by himself, he would have!

Not much at the moment. Natalie starts bb today with a game 2.5 hours away. Tomorrow is a home game that starts at 11 AM. The other team has to travel just as far for tomorrow's game as we do today. Yippee!

Cheryl - I actually had a friend who would get her husband's plate at every meal and then get her sons' plate (they were 14, 10, 3) and then her plate. Sadly their marriage didn't work out, but I always thought that was crazy! Sometimes is a nice touch, but when they can't or won't get their own food, then I think it's too far. Especially since she would get them seconds too! And then she could finally eat her first plate.

SJ - great news on Nathan. Will continue to pray that he keeps it up! Hopefully just a quiet day will await you definitely deserve it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Dec 03, 2014 03:11PM

26915 I saw an informercial this morning about a new coffee maker that I would really like to get! It's by Nestle and called Dolce Gustavo. It looks good and I would never stop drinking coffee :)Here's the link if anyone would like to see it!

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