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Feb 13, 2008 06:18AM

2500 I just heard yesterday that they are going to make a movie of this book and that Julia Roberts is going to be the main character. What does everyone think of that?
Feb 06, 2008 06:01PM

2500 Cassidy - I took my time with the end too. I enjoyed this book much more than I anticipated. It was great to see the authors progression from depression to where she ended up. Very interesting and enlightening book.
Feb 03, 2008 05:27PM

2500 I just finished part one and I am enjoying this book much, much more than I anticipated.
Jan 30, 2008 04:55PM

2500 I didn't read any of the other comments before posting this one. I just picked Eat,Pray,Love up from the library and as soon as I get a chance I'm going to start reading it tonight. I was on the waiting list for a few months I think! I'm excited about this new forum. Be back soon.

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