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233 Wow! So many people here are actual authors. I am only a high school student trying to get started in poetry.
Jun 17, 2009 01:30PM

233 Wow! I wish I was half as talented as half the people here. I am just getting into writing. I just started a group for writing. "Largest Writing Group on Goodreads." I am trying to help it grow to a prosperous writing group where we can just talk about writing of all sorts and decriptions. I have not written much though. I have six stories posted here on goodreads. Ivy, I think that was amazing! Marcy, yours was marvelous as well! It is much better than anything I have ever written.

The Enemy (1 new)
Jun 17, 2009 01:26PM

233 Okay, I wrote this series of poems called "The Enemy" about a Jewish girl at the time of the Holocaust. It describes her journey from when soldiers arrive to when she escapes to freedom. It is eight separate poems that fit together to make the one story. If anyone has a chance, I would love constructive critisism.

I will just post the link, since it is eight "chapters" long.
233 Love Forever?

When you said you’d love me forever,
Did you mean what you said?
I lay down every night,
And let it wander in my head.

How can it be forever
since I know there will be an end?
How can we stay together
with so many bends?

As we walk down the road
You ask what is wrong
If only you knew
What was going on

You bring me to town square
Romantic and bright
Kneel down on one knee
And I can now see your fright

You take my hand
So I can’t move for whatever
And then you ask me
Will you be with me forever?

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