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Jan 28, 2012 03:34PM

220 Jennifer wrote: "Otis wrote: "This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For wrote: " "I was wondering is Open Library ok to use ..." I was wondering is Open Library ok to use as a source? "

I had this exact same ques..."

I think so.
Jan 28, 2012 10:48AM

220 Helen wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Hello all,
Just wanted to give you all some perspective. Over 99 percent of all books on the site already have an alternate data source. Ultimately, we believe that being able t..."

The script is still running to check. So I would advise to check one more time in a couple hours.
Jan 28, 2012 10:48AM

220 WeaselBox wrote: "Sara ♥ wrote: "Will ASINs go away after this? In that case, will we just have blank ISBN Kindle editions?"

I tried asking this earlier and not a whisper. And I think it's particularly significant..."

No, ASINs will not go away.
Jan 28, 2012 10:06AM

220 Hello all,
Just wanted to give you all some perspective. Over 99 percent of all books on the site already have an alternate data source. Ultimately, we believe that being able to link to all retailers is best for our users, and using the Amazon API was also limiting our mobile app development.
Jan 27, 2012 09:57PM

220 Brixton wrote: "Thanks for the update, Patrick. Sorry to hear the news is not great.

I have a question: when and where will the volunteer appreciation party be held that goodreads is going to throw for us? ;o)"

Hi Brixton,
I really like that idea of a "volunteer appreciation party." I'm going to chat with Otis and try to figure something out. It may be in virtual form, and probably not tomorrow, but we all need a little more appreciation in this lifetime. And you guys certainly deserve it. :)
Jan 23, 2012 10:52PM

220 Hi, everyone! Besides World Cat, I was able to find a bunch of really obscure books from my shelves on this website:

Hope this is helpful.
220 Hi there, I thought I'd weigh in on this one. I checked with one of the copy editors at the Los Angeles Times and she says that when you create an author's name you should eliminate spaces and use periods, i.e. J.R.R. Tolkien or J.K. Rowling. Not that the newspaper way is absolute, but it seems like a good standard that has worked well. Why don't stick with Rivka's suggestion? Best EK
Jul 17, 2007 06:04PM

220 On a side note, I really like this idea of a Libraian Manual. What do you all think? O-should we make it?
Jul 10, 2007 12:42PM

220 I have to respectfully disagree on this one. I like to listen to audio books and I've found that when I'm reviewing an audio book, I want to know what people thought about the print verison.

For example I listened to On The Road on tape, and I think that Kerouac's style of prose makes great audio. However, I'm not interested in knowing about different audio versions just because I listened the book on tape. I want to know what people thought of the plot, writing style, character development.

I may be in the minority on this, so I'd like to hear a few other people weigh in on this.

Have people found the inclusion of audio books distracting in the reviews listing?
Jul 01, 2007 07:19PM

220 I agree as well. I couple of times I've wondered if I missed a book by a favorite author (particularly with children's books). I think it's helpful when you find out that the two books are the same, just under different titles. E
Jun 21, 2007 11:26AM

220 My thoughts are that you should combine both clean and annotated books together, but if there is an additional short piece, you should keep that book separate. What do you guys think?
Jun 20, 2007 09:32PM

220 That's a really tough question.

My initial thought is no, but I could be convinced otherwise. Do you think that people use dual-language books for a different purpose than single language books? If so, I guess it's probably better to keep them separate, but if the majority of this group thinks that they are used interchangeably, let's combine.

Right now, because I'm so conflicted on this, I'd rather err on the safe side by keeping them separate. Conrad, what do you think?
Welcome! (5 new)
Jun 17, 2007 04:33PM

220 Welcome everyone!

Occasionally information on Goodreads is just plain wrong - or missing. We've found misspelled books & authors, missing cover images, different editions of books that aren't combined or are incorrectly combined, and other problems. For example, sometimes a book or an author is missing a description or url.

At first we allowed anyone to fix and fill in these pieces of data. However, over time we've noticed that while most people can be trusted to do a good job, sometimes this process didn't work out.

Now we have a new category of people: Goodreads Librarians. These members can fix all of the above issues, and are known to be committed to Goodreads and to keeping its data clean. Becoming a Librarian is simple - you just have to have 50 books shelved, and then use the 'contact us' link in the footer and tell us you'd like to be a librarian. We keep track of all changes Librarians make, so if someone is abusing the system we can always fix things.

We're hoping that this group will be a way for members of Goodreads (not just Librarians) to find and fix book inaccuracies and collaborate to make Goodreads even better!

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