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Feb 01, 2011 08:05PM

220 Hi Cait! Thanks for replying and clearing up the series thing.
Just to double check, though, this would mean that the series name in the series indicator (format "(InuYasha #2)") would need to be consistent, no? As in, I can't use the Japanese text for it.
... Unless, I disregard the series info when I make the book record, and instead, combine editions, and just let GR handle adding that book/edition to the series?

re: authors names in Chinese and Japanese (I know zero Korean so I left out checking Korean stuffs):
Apparently, anything goes.
If the name has a romanization, they are mostly First-space-last format, but a good 40% are Last-space-first instead. -__- Occassionally a few Last-comma-space-First get sneaked in.
If they are left in the original words of the language, (non-romanized), it's even worse. They range from last-space-first to first-space-last, or LastFirst to FirstLast. T___T
Feb 01, 2011 06:33PM

220 And with regards to manga/manhwa, etc -- no, I should say, comics originating in a non-Latin alphabet language, with regards to title, do we:
Step 1: "[nonLatinSeriesTitle], Vol.2: [nonLatinVolumeSubtitle if applic] ([nonLatinSeriesTitle] #" / ie. InuYasha would be: "犬夜叉, Vol. 2 (犬夜叉 #2)"
Step 2: link this book as an edition of the english verion on GR
Step 3: add this book to the series page (unless it transfers over automatically? I haven't done that part yet, so i don't know)

The issue with that is that the series title in the (seriesTitle ##) designation is not in English, so I don't know if that would still transfer over? Or should it be: "犬夜叉, Vol. 2 (InuYasha #2)" -- series title (in the brackets) is in English)


I'm also not sure what to do with the AUTHOR field for the original comic. Am I supposed to type it in in English despite it being a volume in a different language, or "as it appears", as the manual says?

Then, if I put it in English, what has been the agreement in terms of surname/first name, first? In GR manual it says First-Last, but with a non-English volume/book's data page where names in that culture is customary to be Last-First, which should we follow?
And no matter what case we follow (English rather than orig.Lang, or First-Last, or Last-First), because we know there is that First-Last/Last-First consideration, would we make any indications for non-readers of that language, to know where the first/last names are?
ie. Takahashi is the last name, Rumiko is first name.
Culturally & language-lly accuarate: "高橋留美子" - notice no spaces between names; this is in the accurate LastNameFirstName format, but you can't tell unless you understand it.
Culturally accurate, with English indications, following English 'last,first' format: "高橋, 留美子"
Standard English format (first-space-last) but culturally inaccurate: "留美子 高橋"

With regards to the author names, it would be really helpful not just for comics, but as a general idea for non-Latin-language books.
And yes, I know GR is primarily English, but hey,we already have a bunch in the system, might as well figure out a pattern for them? ^_^
Sep 11, 2010 04:23PM

220 Hi hi. Can these two authors be combined, please?
Jin Yong:
and Louis Cha:

"Jin Yong" is his pen name, which he uses almost every time, but "Louis Cha" (his actual name) appears on certain English versions of his publications, rather than his pen name. Hence both are accurate, but don't need 2 separate people pages. ^_^

The other tricky thing is: Is there a way to indicate to a person who is editing the author field or creating a new book, that they are supposed to use a certain version of his name on GR? (so like, if the GR name we use is "Jin Yong", when someone enters "Louis Cha" into author field is there a prompt or something to say "use 'Jin Yong' --- the way it prompts/lists for when people enter titles?)

And how do we make sure that people who SEARCH for one name gets directed to the same/GR name? (sorta similar to the above outlined issue, but in the search engine, rather than the book data entry field...)

Aug 10, 2010 12:36PM

220 rivka wrote: "Got it."

Thanks rivka!
Aug 10, 2010 11:35AM

220 Geh. Please delete this newly added book.

I was concentrating so much about its alternate ISBN I accidentally searched for the book by the alternate ISBN - which turned up nothing so I created it. Only to see my mistake when I was putting in the actual ISBN as the alternate, and GR kindly prompted me with a "silly you! I already exist!" lol.
Aug 08, 2010 09:17PM

220 My, thanks for the quick answer!
And so sorry, I missed that part in the manual when I was looking for it (how??!!). I'll be sure to try to be more thorough when I look at the manual before asking next time. Thanks!
Aug 08, 2010 08:54PM

220 Thought I'd borrow the title of this thread for my purposed.
Robert Alexander of "Geometry and Discrete Mathematics 12" ( is NOT the Goodreads author. How do I indicate/unlink the name to the listed GRauthor?

Please and thanks.
Jul 02, 2010 10:21AM

220 I see I see, thanks! I was worried that my detail-paranoia might've ended up making a bigger problem. XP
Jul 02, 2010 08:14AM

220 Oh, I was wondering what "series objects" meant (sorry, wasn't specific enough) -- at the moment I'm assuming it's "things about the series function". In any case, I think it will be taken care of in time, since it's being worked on (yay!).
Thanks for the followup to my initial inquiry, and everything else!
I would still like to ask, however: when other people do a search for either book title (ie "Crime and Disrepute") or series name (ie "Sociology for a New Century"), does it also not show the series name next to the book titles, or is it just me? Because I know it's supposed to show up....
Jul 01, 2010 07:32PM

220 rivka wrote: "Series objects are a to-do item."

mmm? I'm not quite sure what you mean...?
And, I've fixed the series title.
Out of curiosity, how come when it contained "series" in the series name brackets, the entire series name showed up with the title (ie. "This and this (Sociology for a New Century Series)") when listing search results, but now the title doesn't show the series name at all in the search results (now it's just "This and this"), but will show, as usual, in the actual indiv. book page...? To my knowledge, the series name should show next to the titles when being listed even as search results, no?
Jul 01, 2010 03:40PM

220 rivka wrote: "There is no way to do all of them at once, but yes please do edit out the redundant word "series". Search links like that don't work as links. But when I do the search I get 24 results, at least a ..."

Lol, alright, good to know about the link not linking and the must-do-manually. I'll weed'em out myself. Hopefully there is a way to edit series titles soon. ^_^ (a suggestion to GR?)
Thanks, Rikva!
Jul 01, 2010 01:21PM

220 Hi! I have noticed that the series called "Sociology for a New Century" is listed in GR as "Sociology for a New Century Series." Which is redundant, doesn't use the series functionality of GR properly, and no where on my book does it have the world "series" in the series title, anyhow.
I was going to go edit all the books' titles. But there's quite a few of them. Is there a super that has the ability to do them all at once, somehow? (change the series title, I mean).
I did a search for the series and ended up with this (for a sense of my inability to do them all one by one).

Thanks in advance for any answer I get. XP
Jun 26, 2010 09:13AM

220 Cait wrote: "Got it, Rui."

Thanks, Cait!
Jun 26, 2010 08:33AM


I created this one, then I couldn't find it (and because I have crappy internet I seriously thought the creation didn't go through) so I made a new (and more updated) version. Thus, this first one can go.

Thanks! Sorry for the trouble. >.<
Jun 19, 2010 02:19PM

220 I know GR recommended that only English books be enlisted, because it hasn't expanded to include other languages yet. However, I know there are some examples of books in other languages already up (which I contributed to, XP), so in an effort to make it less chaotic, I'd like to ask, if the book title is in another language and has no corresponding official English translation/title, do we need to/should we add our own translation of the title anywhere? (I recall GR librManual says to keep all info in the language it appears in.)
Thanks in advance.
Jun 19, 2010 02:08PM

220 Argh, ok, so question 3. (Sorry, wanting to make things as accurate and standard as possible makes me have all these questions.)
I'm told ISBNs are unique for each edition, publishing session, and publishing format. So, what would I do in the situation where the ISBN of the hardcover book in my hand is listed as paperback on GR? Everything is the same as my book, except for format, and other editions of the title are paperback and different ISBNs and publishing years, so I know it's not any of those. Is there a thread or something where I can post a "can someone please check if this book is..." question? Or, is it safe to change the book listing from paperback to hardcover, because I'm staring at it in my hand...?
Jun 19, 2010 02:01PM

220 Alright, so it seems to me that the "anthologies with different authors in one collection, under one editor, but where only the editor appears on the cover" situation has no definite resolution, so before I apply changes to the current book listing for the book in my hand right now, I'd like to pose the question again.
Specifically, I would like to add the individual authors of the individual 'chapters'/papers in "What is History Now?" ( into the author section. In fact lots of history and literature anthologies have this situation, where only the editor is on the cover, but there are indiv. authors for each section, and listed on the copyrights page as well as down the table of contents.

Booyah, question 2: Do we put "#nd edition" in the title or in the edition line? Because I've seen both on GR.
If it's on the cover, stuck to the title, I assume it goes in title line, but I'd like someone who has authority to tell me I'm right.
And, if it's not right up and personal with the title, or it doesn't even appear on the book cover (perhaps appears on the title page instead), I assume to forego the title line and stick it in the edition line.
Thanks in advance.
220 Chinese (Mandarin) - traditional only - fluent (pinyin, Taiwan/chu yin)
Chinese (Cantonese) - basic

Japanese - basic/intermediate, depending (hiragana, katakana, romanji, kanji)

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