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Needs Fixing (24 new)
Mar 25, 2012 05:48PM

220 Yeah, I've got nothing by way of explanation, just theories. It's got to be something to do with the source of the file--I expect B&N ePubs are slightly different in formatting since they'll be optimized to be read on a Nook, whereas other sources are going to be optimized differently. I have noticed an ePub file from B&N a friend has versus an ePub I get via the library will have different formatting/pagination, though. Was a bit frustrating to find that one out when we were comparing what page we were on...

It's nice they usually are within 30 pages, normally, so the page count isn't off as grossly as it could be. Still annoying to deal with, though.
Needs Fixing (24 new)
Mar 25, 2012 01:46PM

220 I actually have this edition as an ePub from B&N and it's 288 pages, as I originally added to the edition back when this was published. ISBN's match, yes it is an ePub edition, and yep 288 in both Adobe Digital Editions and Nook.
Feb 10, 2012 05:56AM

220 Got it!
Oct 29, 2011 08:13AM

220 If you're updating the manual, someone probably wants to take a look at the "edit details" page for books. I noticed this morning it still has the "If this book is in a series, put which book it is in parenthesis after the title" pop-up prompt when you go to edit the title field.

I still prefer to have the series info in the title field, but in the end it's just nice to have a consensus and not do double-work.
Jun 16, 2011 05:52PM

220 Looks like they were already combined on the actual book page, it's just that people had voted for different editions. Unfortunately, some people had voted for both editions, so you lost a couple votes when they were combined on the listopia page (but also gained some for your main edition!).
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Jun 16, 2011 02:09PM

220 That's been my experience as well, Shay: while a Nook edition will never change total pagecount on my nook, or a library edition never will, the two for any given book usually are never the same. I've never once seen an ePub change the total pagecount on a device like Beth has, luckily--that sounds like a bug, and is not how they're supposed to be functioning.

The only time I change pagecounts on eBooks is if the field is a 0, which is unhelpful to anyone. Otherwise I just deal with whatever's there, since it's almost always just 20-ish pages off. It's frustrating sometimes not to have it accurate, but at least it's always been close.
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May 06, 2011 07:22AM

220 B&N's pagecount on the website is pretty off most of the time in my experience, at least when it comes to eBooks. I've noticed it's often the same pagecount as the paper copies, and no clue whether the publishers are giving them bad info or if they're just copying it for simplicity. Either way, I never trust them until I have the book downloaded and can check it myself.
Cover change (9 new)
Apr 29, 2011 06:16AM

220 I wasn't making an argument, I was just laying out my reasoning for it. I understand.
Cover change (9 new)
Apr 28, 2011 06:08PM

220 Since it's a Nookbook I didn't see a reason to keep the old one, since when they roll out new covers like that they go and update everyone's cover to the new one (same ISBN permitting, obviously). It's not like physical copies where they can't override your existing edition's cover anymore. The only way to keep the old cover with them is by never connecting to the internet with your Nook or Nook software.

But, since it's considered necessary to make alternative cover editions for these as well, I'll stick to that.
Cover change (9 new)
Apr 28, 2011 07:29AM

220 Got it for you. You have to delete the current cover in order to be able to upload a new one.
Mar 25, 2011 06:29AM

220 Another placeholder that needs deleting:

Mar 21, 2011 04:13PM

220 ISBN-less placeholder merged with legit editions:
Feb 08, 2011 04:58PM

220 A couple of ISBN-less editions, already combined:

Aug 29, 2010 08:26AM

220 This is a weird one. Somehow the exact same edition of a book was entered here, one with the ISBN-10 and one with the ISBN-13. If you check out's listing, they are the same edition of the eBook:



The first is the ISBN-10 edition with the majority of the reviews. I'm hoping a super will be better equipped to somehow merge the editions. If nothing else, one is needed to delete the extra edition so that the two ISBNs can be combined down to one entry.
Aug 14, 2010 07:11PM

220 Another manually added duplicate, combined with the real edition:
Jul 28, 2010 12:54PM

220 Another manually added duplicate:
Jul 22, 2010 06:58AM

220 Please delete this duplicate:
May 31, 2010 04:14PM

220 Hmm, I don't remember that discussion, Ralph, and personally I would find that pretty irritating when searching for a graphic novel in a series. Since those "titles" are always presented on the covers/volumes as a subtitle (if at all. Half the time they only have that subtitle inside on the title page), and the volume number is more prominently displayed, it just seems confusing to change the graphic novel name that drastically. Using Death Note as an example, Volume 1 doesn't even have "Boredom" on most of the covers, so most users probably wouldn't even think to look for a book titled "Boredom."

What Cait suggested is exactly what I remember us agreeing on in another extensive discussion. What I'm hoping for is that we can get this into the librarian manual, since currently it doesn't address the difference between a regular series and a graphic novel series.
May 29, 2010 04:37PM

220 Duplicate of ISBN 9780380709137, which is already in the system and combined:
May 22, 2010 12:37PM

220 I know this topic has been done a few times over, and recently I've been noticing another library has gone back and changed a bunch of manga editions to the normal series convention naming, in short:

Series (Series, #X)

That format cuts the actual title out, since the volume number is most definitely part of the title, and swapping it to being only part of the series information doesn't make much sense, and also causes more clutter since the series name is there twice.

I've also been seeing:

Series, #X

I remember a discussion where, specifically on manga, the agreed format was:

Series, Volume X
Series, Vol. X

Naturally, different graphic novel series get more complicated with the addition of subtitles and subseries, but for more straightforward series it'd be nice if we had some kind of agreement where we could point people to, and something in the Librarian Manual. There is nothing in the Manual that addresses the issue, which is probably some of what is leading to having so many differing entries.
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