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Apr 03, 2012 12:47PM

220 Ack. Some prior confusion, sorry.

Well, I thought we were going to call Playaway Views by that name. After all, they're a special format, just as Playaways are, in that they're self-contained and the reader does not need a CD or DVD player, or an e-reader or a computer. They're also different in that they often have collections of titles, as do, I believe, some of the Playaways. They often are *not* alternate editions of existing books, in other words.

And I suspect they'll become sufficiently popular that, even were we not super detail-oriented, we'd want to agree on standard terminology. My library is in love with both regular Playaways and Playaway Views.

Maybe somebody with librarian training wants to look at how my public library is handling them:
playaway view (18 new)
Apr 03, 2012 12:38PM

220 This issue has come up again here: and I've realized that using the term 'ebook' is misleading. Cait and I are thinking about changing it...
Apr 03, 2012 12:35PM

220 (Ok, rereading this as it's come up again, here: - I typed carelessly in msg 8. I actually was talking about Playaway Views. These are self-contained pre-loaded devices similar to Playaways, but they have several picture-books on them.

Clearly calling them 'preloaded digital audio player' doesn't work... and I'm not sure it's quite right & sufficiently accurate to even simply change 'audio' to 'video.'

If interested, see the linked thread. :)
Apr 03, 2012 12:01PM

220 Ellen Datlow and Teri Windling

Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

need to be deleted, but since we can't delete but can only merge, can someone please explain how we'd do this?
Apr 02, 2012 06:06PM

220 Wait - are we talking about the format field? I hope you're not going to call it simply an audiobook. Maybe "DVD picture-book" or "picture-book on DVD."

This discussion reminds me of when I entered a Playaway View title, and we discussed how to list it. I see somebody changed it to 'ebook+audio' which is totally inaccurate. School Days: Stories for Early Learners.

Can we have a consensus on what to call these two formats?
Mar 29, 2012 04:46PM

220 Thanks all!
Mar 29, 2012 07:24AM

220 Ok, I haven't been adding to the awards list for the ones I fixed in the past. Sorry. Maybe one of you can do it for these two, and next time I encounter a similar, then I'll figure out how to do it or ask for help? Thank you!
Mar 28, 2012 06:38PM

220 Please don't fix this book until we've had a chance to look at it!

I'm finding several books that now have information about awards in their titles. I've fixed several, but am leaving this book and George Hogglesberry: Grade School Alien (Golden Kite Awards alone so maybe someone can look into what's going on. (I don't know how to examine the change log.)
Mar 24, 2012 07:00PM

220 I have lots of unknown covers and dates in my shelved books if you want to take a look, if you run out of things after you take care of Kim's and Lobstergirl's suggestions. :)

On behalf of all of us here, thanks!
Mar 18, 2012 09:06AM

220 Jim, you'll get more attention if you start a new thread for that book. Also, if you can direct us to a more complete source of information that would help. We're just volunteers, doing the best we can for many many book records ... and that's why this thread is focused on hints to help us, not on specific assignments.
Mar 13, 2012 11:26AM

220 Thanks for this. And if someone wants to list a bunch of big valid sources for covers, please do so. I've seen mentions elsewhere, but nothing really good collated.
Mar 08, 2012 07:19PM

220 I shouldn't try to advise, but if you don't mind me asking - is this cover, with the two arms bound by a kind of aqua ribbon, the new cover? Because it has gotten voted onto a Listopia of beautiful cover art - so I hope it's not the cover you're trying to eliminate.

Btw, I would imagine that in your specific instance, since the original cover was never actually published, you should be able to eliminate it. I hope that's what's decided. But of course we appreciate that you respect GR librarian policies and conventions. :)
Mar 08, 2012 04:16PM

220 But the publishing date would have to be compared to the other editions' publishing dates every time someone wanted to check, no? Whereas if the field that asks us to fill in "x# edition" is filled in, then one only needs to look at the book description for the edition of interest to determine which edition it is.
Mar 08, 2012 07:13AM

220 Sandra, I opine that as much as possible we should have guidelines that suit all books, whether they're MMP or not. When there are options, we get librarian's changing each other's edits, and we get confusion from new librarians.

Editions (not print runs, that's a different thing) totally matter. Think of the 109 editions of Roughing It. Some have lots of additional material. Some have language excised. Some include illustrations by one artist, some by another. Some of course are in other languages.

Anything that is data that can help us distinguish among them, and avoid the challenges Experiment faced with Price's books. If you don't like to see redundant information, don't fill it in yourself. But please don't excise others' work.

Cornelia, that's really cool information. And I certainly wouldn't change any of your edits. But those of us who are working on English books don't generally have that information available. So we couldn't use the edition field for that data.

I guess I err on the side of what some would call clutter and redundancy because the way I see it is, the field is available, so use it. Or at least let those who care do so.
Mar 07, 2012 06:13PM

220 I'm afraid I have to agree with Kim - but I do see your point Sandra and empathize with your intentions.
Mar 07, 2012 05:11PM

220 Well, in my opinion, fwiw, data is good. I don't think data is clutter. And, I think it's fine to go ahead and be pre-emptive about 1st edition - after all, I don't want to go back and fix it later, when the second edition does come out. That's my 2 cents.
Mar 05, 2012 09:35AM

220 Thank you!
Mar 04, 2012 04:33PM

220 It looks like some of the works have that attribution of 'both names' - but I don't really understand that pseudonym thing, nor am I familiar with the works, so I don't dare mess with this guy...

He's a science fiction author, and apparently he does write under these two similar names. But my library lists, for example, Kirinyaga: A Fable of Utopia as by Michael D, whereas goodreads lists it as by Mike. So, could someone with plenty of experience please merge these two names correctly?

Then I'll have better information and be able to choose which of his books to read first! :)
Mar 04, 2012 10:45AM

220 Huh - that's tricky. And apparently there are optional fields and functions I'll have to get used to... but it does seem like it will be quicker once I get the hang of it... Thanks!
Mar 04, 2012 08:37AM

220 I tried to create series for Lynne Reid Banks three books about Jane Graham, starting with The L-Shaped Room and Brian Earnshaw' 7 Dragonfall 5 books and 3 Starclipper books (Star Jam Pack according to my source).

I thought everything was going smoothly, but I see no evidence of success.

(I tried to look through posts here, esp. the tips topic, but all I saw is that the author page would be a caching issue - the series link should be immediate?)

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