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Oct 12, 2016 04:33AM

220 GR does not change covers on published books, alternate cover editions are created

ACE created

Use the instructions in msg 4 in the link below to set the default edition
Oct 11, 2016 03:09PM

220 Since I have done all the quotes in the main thread, I dont know which of the new threads have duplicate requests that have already been done. Someone would need to go through each individual new request you have made and check and since most where changes to text it will take time.

If you want to go through them, check and then delete the duplicate thread then thats fine, just leave the ones that where not done in the main thread.
Oct 11, 2016 02:56PM

220 They will not find out until they have done some work, which is a waste of time, unless it is a deletion then they will get a message saying the quote does not exist, if it is a change / edit to the text then there will be work to do before seeing the change
merge author (3 new)
Oct 11, 2016 02:53PM

220 Done
Oct 11, 2016 02:40PM

220 Fixed

Changing it on amazon may not have any impact, since GR and Amazon use different conventions, and the auto imports just put the books on the default profile for the name.

You will either have to request here each time to have books moved or add the books your self once you have an ASIN/ISBN putting the correct number of spaces in, then the imports will not import it as the edition already exists
Oct 11, 2016 02:13PM

220 If they are single issue magazines then they should be deleted, we only NAB things that are not books if they have ASIN/ISBN to stop them being re imported by the auto imports
Oct 11, 2016 02:00PM

220 If you have already posted requests in the main requests thread please indicate in the threads you are now creating to save duplicate work
Oct 11, 2016 01:58PM

220 Done, in other thread
220 Got that one
Editing Quotes (113 new)
Oct 11, 2016 01:52PM

220 Sorting out popular quotes can take a while, there are a lot of duplicates that require merging, merging of quotes for some reason takes longer than books.
Editing Quotes (113 new)
Oct 11, 2016 01:29PM

220 104 - needs a member of staff
105 - done
106 - done - correct version existed - merged
107 - deleted since Anonymous is not a notable person
108 - done
109 - done
110 - done
111 - needs member of staff since it has been Quote of the day
112 - done in other thread
113 - done
114 - done
115 - done
118 - deleted since Anonymous is not notable
119 - deleted since Anonymous is not notable
120 - deleted since Anonymous is not notable
122 - Done
Oct 10, 2016 12:07PM

220 Moved
Link to Amazon (14 new)
Oct 09, 2016 11:47PM

220 When the link does not work, which Amazon site is launched?
.com, or other?
Link to Amazon (14 new)
Oct 09, 2016 11:32PM

220 Only on the edition with ASIN and the paperback which alreDy works

Amazon does not sell the smash words edition so the Amazon link will not work.

The Smashwords edition will stay on GR even if you unpublish it on Smashwords.

If you want the Kindle edition to be the default edition use the instructions in Msg 4 in the link below to set it
Please help! (7 new)
Oct 09, 2016 05:27AM

220 If it was not published outside of the box set then yes it should be deleted / merged in to the boxset
Oct 09, 2016 05:24AM

220 Reviews and ratings are cached it can take 24/48 hours for them to sort out.

If they are not sorted by then, you need to post in the GR Feedback group

In GR terms you combined the books not merged. Merge on GR indicates deleting a book
Oct 07, 2016 03:06PM

220 Merged
Oct 06, 2016 06:04AM

220 4- Removed videos
Oct 04, 2016 11:30PM

220 The kindle edition works using the Amazon link

The BN edition you link to is not on GR so it needs adding. You will need to supply the new BNID and other publishing info I.e date and publisher.

The kobo edition you link to is not on GR so you need to supply the data to have it added

The iTunes edition you link to is not available in uk store so cannot check that one
Oct 04, 2016 11:24PM

220 A) GR policy is to list books under the first published name which in this case appears to be Rebecca Norinne Caudell.
B) if the user has book links set up for the stores you meantion then then are selecting the correct edition for the store and the store has the book for sell the links work.

If the user has the BN edition selected but is selecting the Amazon buy link it will not work since Amazon does not stock the BN edition and vice versa.

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