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Jan 01, 2014 07:18PM

220 Since it is pre-publication, I updated the cover.
220 Got 547 and 548.
Jan 01, 2014 04:51PM

220 Oh, bah. I forgot there's a rule in the system that keeps similarly named authors from being added as secondary authors.

I got around it by changing the author to A.J. Hartley, combining and then changing the author back to Andrew Hartley. Should be all fixed now.
Jan 01, 2014 01:58PM

220 You'll want to add A.J. Hartley as a secondary author to each book, then move it into the primary author position. Once you've done that, you'll be able to combine it with the English editions.

After you've combined them, make "Andrew Hartley" the primary author again but leave A.J. Hartley as the secondary author.
Jan 01, 2014 01:55PM

Jan 01, 2014 01:54PM

220 Hah! I just responded to Nick about this, didn't realize you had both posted. Here's the link to my reply to him:
Jan 01, 2014 01:53PM

220 When GR authors join they have two layers of their account. Their regular user account and the GR Author profile that overlays that account. It looks like she's tried to edit her USER account and not the author overlay.

Have her go to her author profile and click on "edit data". This is on the right hand side middle of the author profile box. From there she will be able to edit the data for her author profile.

Librarians can't work with GR author profiles - so if that doesn't work you will need to wait for Rivka to show up or contact GR support.
220 okyrhoe wrote: "When using forward slashes, what happens in the "sort by title" field, when the titles begin with articles in the separate elements between the slashes?

For "The First Work / The Second Work / The..."

The title doesn't know that it's actually multiple titles, so the only article that causes issues for sorting is the first "The." The usual sort by rules apply, so:

First Work / The Second Work / The Third Work, The


First Work, The / The Second Work / The Third Work
Combine Request (1039 new)
Dec 04, 2013 09:12AM

220 Elizabeth wrote: "Can I get an update on message 430? Kindle and ebook editions are the same book."

The two editions have different identifying numbers (Kindle ASIN and the ISBN) so both should stay on Goodreads. They are correctly combined.
Dec 04, 2013 09:10AM

220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 09:09AM

220 Cleaned up!
220 Monique wrote: "Forward slashes for works that are bundled but do not have a "collection title". Commas for works that have a "collection title"."

In a perfect world, I like this as well.

But in practice, I feel like we should have one rule for all collections to follow. I'm a fan of the forward slash because it's less likely than a comma to be misconstrued as part of the title.
220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 08:47AM

220 I got the books switched over to your profile. You are Tim^^^White, where ^ is a space. If you add books in the future with the extra spaces they will show on your profile immediately.

Is the copy with the ISBN 9780985917728 erroneous or just a second edition? I want to make sure before I delete it!
Dec 04, 2013 08:36AM

220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 08:36AM

220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 08:35AM

220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 08:34AM

220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 08:32AM

220 Done
Dec 04, 2013 08:31AM

220 Done

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