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MishMash 2016 (15 new)
Jun 27, 2016 04:05AM

21857 1. Reread a book that you've been meaning to reread for years but keep putting off

2. Read a book with an easily identifiable architectural icon of a city on the cover (e.g. Big Ben, the pyramids, Eiffel Tower)

3. Read a book with a name and a surname in the title

4. Read a book with food mentioned in the title

5. Read a book set in South Africa

6. Read a book that was published in the decade you were born

7. Read a horror book set before 1900

8. Read a book recommended by a friend (on Goodreads or off)

9. Read a book with a one word title

10. Read a book that has a title that is 4 words long or longer
than 4 words

11. Read a book set in South America

12. Read a book with an alliteration in the title

13. Read the first book published by one of your favourite authors

14. Judge a book by it's cover: Read a book you chose based on a beautiful or interesting cover

15. Read a book in which the main character has to spend some time in jail. (They don't have to be in jail for the whole book, but it must have significance to the story. Or, if the book is about children being grounded or being in detention, that works too)

16. Read a book that was given to you as a gift in 2016

17. Read a book with a colon (:) in the title

18. Read a book that's title starts with a vowel

19. Read a book with pirates

20. Read a book with someone wearing something purple on the cover

21. Read a book with soldiers

22. Read a book that features a flower on the cover

23. Read a book that was first published in June (of any year)

24 Read a book by an author who was born in Africa, excluding South Africa

25. Read a book that has two or more authors
21857 Thanks, I'll move 1 down
21857 Can you update mine, not sure how far along I am
21857 completed:
Reading a book where Gods/goddess are the main character(s).
Read a book that has no A's in the title. Zoo City
21857 1 right, 8 down, 1 left
21857 Dice roll please
21857 Thanks

Dice roll please
21857 I'll move 6 right, 7 down, 3 right, 1 down
21857 Dice roll please
21857 Completed my tasks

1.Read a book that has something to do with religion. For example a cross, star of david, an angel, a demon etc. in title or on the cover.
Crave (Fallen Angels, #2) by J.R. Ward (angelwings on cover)
2. Read a book where one of the main characters is a nurse/doctor. The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Dice roll please
Jan 02, 2016 08:53AM

21857 E - The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards
M - Bloodlines - Richelle Mead
A -
RIP Chrizette (8 new)
Dec 14, 2015 04:28AM

21857 this is such sad news.
21857 thanks
21857 I'll move 3 right, 1 up, 3 right, 1 down and 1 left
21857 Yes please
21857 I'll move 4 right
21857 Read Mr Mercedes for task about a new series

Dice roll please
Nov 11, 2015 02:38AM

21857 Thanks for the heads-up, I managed to save about R1300 on the books I bought. :)
I generally don't use takealot for books unless I know what I want since their search functionality is not great.
Nov 02, 2015 09:41AM

21857 image: description
What a Cliche! (7 new)
Nov 02, 2015 09:39AM

21857 1. Chosen one
✔ 2. Love-Triangle The Great Gatsby
3. Mary-sue main character
4. Protagonist endangers everyone to save the one they love
5. Evil Twin
6. Beautiful main character but doesn't know they are that pretty
7. Is a mythical creature (vampire etc.) but never knew
8. Stoic warriors
9. A female character is killed or horribly injured to motivate a male character
10. Hooded bloke with a sword on cover
11. Silhouette in alley cover
12. Characters describing themselves in mirrors
13. Knocking characters unconscious for plot convenience
14. Girl in ballgown/water/field etc. and her head is cut out of the picture on the cover
15. Tribal/shamanic native gives wisdom to protagonist
16. Character with a dark secret in their past
17. Boy next door romance
✔18. Sexually naive/virgin - bad boy sweeps of feet The Fiery Heart
19. Unusual eye color
20. Girl goes through trauma and moves to new school
21. Monolithic alien/fantasy races. I.e. Everyone speaks the same language, has the same beliefs, looks the same, etc.
22. Amnesia
23. Creative person can't create (writers block etc.)
✔24. End not real (all a dream, all virtual reality, insane) We Were Liars
25. Children are threatened or have terrible things happen to them to evoke sympathy from reader because is too lazy/untalented to write characters/plots you can really care about
26. Children get kidnapped/tested on because of their special abilities
27. There is a prophecy
28. Main character's eye color change according to her mood
29. Hero dies and comes back to life
30. Learns a skill in days, that should take years to master
31. Main character has unruly hair
32. Main character has an Achilles heel
33. Opposites attract
34. Character doesn't realize they were holding their breath...
35. Book has ancient civilization mythology (egypt etc.) but it doesn't work for the plot, so makes up something that society never knew about (another old god etc.)
36. Character is a secret master forger and can create passports/IDs at the drop of a hat
37. Main character was targeted by a serial killer in her past and is now a cop/law enforcement
38. Main character is being bullied and ultimately stands up to the bully
39. The Wise, Old Wizard, Mentor/Teacher
40. Good = good looking, Bad guys = ugly
41. AI becomes self-aware and takes over
42. Long lost monarch restored to the throne
43. Mystical artifact that can save or destroy the earth/world
44. Team of hero's who don't get along, but eventually do and save the world/themselves
45. Main character's father turns out to be the villain
46. Siblings/Twins separated at birth
47. Love at first sight
48. Identifying birthmark
49. Pantheons based directly off of Greek, Norse or Egyptian religions
50. Villain is evil for the sake of being evil (i.e. has no real motivation, is just a bad guy)
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